Having already made one for DP, I never would have thought to create this fic if it weren't for the fact that I found a picture of Jake's children lying around. To find the picture, visit the ADJL Fanart section of my homepage. I tried to put it on fanart central but they won't let me register. (stupid email address laws!)

Jack's POV

I panicked and tried to wave the fire off my fingers but it wouldn't come off giving up, I stopped screaming and stared intently at the fire.

It grew higher.

"Um dude," said Theo when he had found his voice. "Aren't you gonna put that out?

"I would," I said. "But strangely enough, this doesn't even hurt."

Theo backed away looking at me as if I was some sort of freak.

"Are you sure you're okay?" said Theo.

I nodded, still staring at the fire, making it rise even higher.

"Wow!" said Theo. "Do you think you're somehow descended from the human torch or something?

"Theo, the Human Torch isn't real" I said.

"Well if you're able to do this you must be descended from somebody!" said Theo.

"Good point" I said. "I think I'll ask my dad.



Jake's POV

As we were driving down the hill in my client's spare limo, (I'm a limo driver) I kept wondering if Jack was feeling any sign of Dragon Powers. So far, nothing. I was starting to wonder if Dragon Powers had skipped Jack's generation; a terrifying thought, but a nevertheless possible one. I looked at the backseat at a stoplight and looked at Jack. There was a frown on his face. He must be thinking hard about something I thought. Hopefully it's Dragon Powers rather than a math problem.

"Dad?" said Jack at last.

"Yes?" I said.

"Are there any legends in our family?"

"Well," I said. "Hang on; I have to give your Great Grandpa a call.

And with that he closed the separation screen.

Dialing Grandpa's number, I said in a low voice,

"Grandpa?" I said.

"Yes Jake?" said Grandpa.

"I think Jack might be finding out" I said.

"Interesting" said Grandpa. "I wonder what power is being revealed."

"Who knows?" I said. "Fire maybe?" I said. "Wait, that reminds me!" "Hang on,"

"Hey I just remembered" I said, opening the separation screen. "Didn't we need to go shopping for matches?"

"Oh!" said Jack. "Uh, that will no longer be necessary; I uh, borrowed some."

"Theo?" I questioned.

Jack nodded.

Closing the screen again I resumed talking to Grandpa and said:

"Suddenly he no longer seems to need matches, I'm pretty sure it's fire. Oh god! What am I going to tell him?"

"Hmm," said Grandpa.

"Some advice here!" I screamed.

"Let him have some fun for awhile. By custom, we'll tell him on his birthday" said Grandpa.

"Bye!" I said.

"Good Bye" said Grandpa.

(Call ends)

"Well," I said, opening the screen again. "Not that I know of, but who knows? Maybe there are. Why?"

"Uh, said Jack. "Just wondering"

(Author ideas end here)

I know I'm over emphasizing matches, but as you can see they are very significant to the plot. I had to make Jake a limo driver so there would be a screen to block his call with Grandpa.