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I Want You To Notice Me


Anime Ace

Pairings: Neji x Tenten, Sasuke x Sakura, Naruto x Hinata, Shikamaru x Ino

Chapter One:

Tenten sighed and looked up at the clouds; they were gray just like her mood. Everything was just muddled, and spilled together. She was depressed, and her feet drug along on the ground. She was on her way home from another day of training. The same old training, that she had every single day of her life, with the same old teammates, who were always better than her. Especially the prodigy, who just seemed to ignore her completely, besides when he was training with her. He would train with her, yes, but she was merely a tool to use to reach a higher goal. He didn't actually see her, but looked right through her. After training was over, she went from transparent to completely invisible in his eyes. 'How the hell could I ever have liked him?' she thought, and looked back down at the mud stained ground. 'And why the hell do I still like him?'

Ino was sitting inside the flower shop, starring outside at the dreariness of the world. People would walk past, but they all looked either grey or black, mixing into the background. Nobody was coming in today, just like no one had come in yesterday, yet here she was just sitting waiting for something to happen, waiting for someone to come. She was over Sasuke, she had realized her crush was childish, and her attentions were on a new man. But all he thought about her was 'how troublesome'. He thought she was a problem in his life; everything she did was something that bothered him. She had tried to stop yelling, and had tried to keep her temper, but she couldn't change her personality. So instead she just acted like herself, and held her secret crush inside of her. Besides she was just 'troublesome' in his eyes, so it really didn't matter what she felt towards him. 'Why him? He is too lazy to even see me for who I truly am.'

Sakura was sitting on the bridge team seven would meet at everyday. Just sitting there looking down at the water, wondering what it would be like to disappear, to be see through. She already felt like that, that and more. She felt horrible, unneeded, a problem, like something attached to you that you couldn't get off. She was attached to Sasuke. He was nicer now to everyone, but he still thought of her as 'annoying' as he put it. She couldn't help her feelings for him, and she had tried hard not to like him. She had even considered leaving team seven, because she felt like a problem for Sasuke and the others. She was weak and annoying, and she didn't want to be anymore. She wanted Sasuke to see her as someone who…she didn't know. 'I just want him to recognize me as something more than an 'annoying problem.' He doesn't even have to return my feelings for him. I just want him to see me.'

Hinata was taking a walk, she didn't know where to, she was just following wherever her feet took her. People pushed into her, and bumped her without even uttering a word, and she walked on. She arrived in front of the ramen stand, but no one was inside. Someone bumped into her hard from behind, and she fell onto the damp ground getting mud all over her clothes. The person helped her up, muttered a quick "sorry" and left. He hadn't even looked at her face. The man that she had liked…no loved for so long hadn't even looked to see it was her. He just walked away. He didn't see her standing there, he never did. He didn't notice her feelings for him, although everyone else said they were bluntly obvious. He just didn't notice her. 'Will I ever stand out to him?' she asked herself as she continued her walk covered in mud, and slightly shivering.