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A/N: Yeah, I DO need to finish Faded Petals. But I had this sudden idea at Chinese School and voila, here is the prologue. The prologue will be rather short, but then again, it is a prologue. I think this idea is pretty used, actually…Sigh…Ah well, I'll just add a bunch of my own ideas and voila-it will be an ORIGINAL story!


His clenched knuckles were nearly white, as his hand held the receiver to his ear.

"What the hell, Kakashi? Why the heck do I need to become a body guard for some stupid girl? I don't have time for this. I don't have time to be some weak, idiotic girl's little guardian angel."

"I've told you several times, Sasuke. This arrangement will only last for several weeks, since I will be on a much needed vacation. You'll only be taking my place. You're the only one of my students capable of replacing me. Besides, the girl is an angel. She's perfectly sweet. And this is not only a favor to me, but it will also be useful to you."

"Oh do tell me how being some spoiled brat's fairy godmother will help me."

"Stop exaggerating. I'm not asking you to prance around in a sequined dress or anything. And I've told you before-the girl's not that bad. Besides, all you'll have to do is follow the girl around to make sure no one decides to kidnap, rape, maim, or hurt her. And I seriously doubt anyone will try to do that at the moment. Pretty easy, isn't it, for our great Sasuke? As for how doing this will help you? Well, let's see. For one thing, the girl's father is a very powerful man. If I remember correctly, the owner of a pretty large company. I'm sure you will be able to get information on Him from the father. Of course, that's if you agree."


"So you'll be the girl's body guard?"


"Ah, such a responsible young man. You'll need to arrive promptly, tomorrow morning, at nine in the morning to introduce yourself to the girl's father. I've already phoned them to tell them I found a replacement for me while I take my lovely vacation in Thailand. Try to have some respect for the father, will you?"

"You bastard. You knew I'd agree, didn't you-to being the girl's bodyguard?"

"….Hmm…maybe. You see, I think ahead before I act. Oh by the way, the girl has a name. You'll need to know it if you're going to protect her."

"And her name is?" Stupid Kakashi.

"Haruno Sakura. And remember, don't be late tomorrow."

A click, and the line was dead.

Great. Just great. More to add to his already-too-hard-life. Damn you, Kakashi, he thought as he hung up and crawled into bed, black clothes still on his body, the start of dawn already in the sky.