"Hello Princess." A voice called out, making the title sound like an insult, as Kari stormed along. She spun around to face the voice.

Bakura was leaned up against a wall, arms folded, and a menacing grin on his face.

"I'm not in the mood for games Bakura." Kari said, ignoring the oblivious danger.

"Neither am I, princess." Bakura's grin deepened. "So what is the little princess doing out here all on her own in this part of town?"

'Kari, let me take over, you don't know how dangerous the thief is.'

"It's none of your business." Kari snarled.

"Really?" Bakura walked towards her, circling her once, then came to a stop just before her. "Because the shadows don't just come for no reason and the shadows are my business."

Kari's anger surged and she swung her arm with every intention of sending the tomb-robber flying.

'Kari!' Ombre shouted.

Bakura caught her arm, and twisted. Kari found herself with a knife at her throat and her arm being painfully crushed.

Ombre seized control, with her free hand she grabbed Bakura's knife hand, then raised her foot and slammed down on Bakura's instep.

The sudden pain made Bakura's grip loosen, Ombre grabbed for the knife and got her arm out of his grasp.

She started to back away, the knife held in front. Bakura's grin seemed to become wider.

"Care to talk?" Bakura asked.


"The Orb was designed to hold memories, and I don't want the idiot working everything out, at least not yet."

"I remember enough to know I can't trust you thief."

"Trust? Do I need to remind you who betrayed the pharaoh? I never claimed to be his ally."

"I didn't. I wouldn't. Not unless he betrayed me first."

"I know." Bakura turned to leave, walked a few paces then looked back, "By the way, keep the knife, you'll need it."

"I can't…" Ombre began, staring at the knife.

"Think of it as a late Christmas present if you must." Bakura call out as he left her standing there.

It only took Yami and gang ten more minutes to arrive, by which time Ombre had hid the blade, and let Kari take back control.

"Bakura knows about the Orb." Were the first words out of her mouth.

"What happened?" Joey asked, while Tea commented, "At least you're okay."

"I was angry, went for a walk, Bakura found me, then he left." Kari responded.

"He just left? No shadow game, no threats, nothing?" Yami put in, in complete disbelief.

"Oh course there were threats, the day Bakura goes without threatening us on sight will be the day Kaiba declares Kuriboh to be the best card on the market." Kari laughed; her bad mood dissipating.

"But you're okay." Joey put in.

"Joey, I can take care of myself." Kari answers, slightly annoyed.

"Good, so let's go save the pizza."

Tea laughs, "Please tell me you didn't leave the oven on."

Yugi and Joey share a glance, and Joey answers, "Okay, we won't tell you, but let's get back before there's a code eight."

Kari had to laugh when they arrived back in Yugi's kitchen.

The pizza was still frozen, and the oven wasn't working.

"Well it wasn't a code eight." Kari said to Joey's hangdog look.

"But what do we do if the oven isn't working?"

"Maybe grandpa turned it off when we ran out the door?" Yugi suggested.

""But the dial is turnt on." Joey argued.

"Did you check the plug?" Tristan suggested, pointing at said plug which was obliviously off.

"Do you ever get the feeling that grandpa doesn't trust us in the kitchen?" Yugi asked.

"Three words, who cooks chocolate?" Tea asked, smiling at Joey.

"Yeah, I'm sure he trusts you in the kitchen Yuge." Tristan said as he ignored Joey's glare.

"I'll have you know I'm a very good cook." Joey proclaimed.

"Sure Joey." The gang chorused.

Kari smiled, safe in the knowledge that these were her friends; they would never betray her, no matter what Bakura thought or said.

Two weeks later…

Kari was scanning code, looking for the error that had eluded the beta readers; it had to be here somewhere.

A note popped up on her screen.

-Robyn back today, phone after 6-

A glance at the clock showed it to be four o'clock already. Kari smiled, it would be good to talk to Robyn again, and she missed her.

It didn't take much more effort to be finished on time for once, and she narrowly avoided Kaiba as she escaped the building.

Not that she was avoiding him… but she didn't want to be in a mood when she phoned Robyn.

Safe in her small flat, she sank down into the sofa, with her hot chocolate, and watched the numbers on her phone until they read 18:00.

Kari hesitated.

The numbers marched on.

A harsh ringing filled the room, causing Kari to jump, spilling her hot (cold) chocolate, and grab for the phone.

"Robyn?" She asked, trying to keep the surprise out of her voice.

"Kari! How you've been? Got Ash's present yet? Pushed Kaiba out a window yet?"

Kari laughed, "Bored, nope and why would I do that? There's much more fun ways of torturing my boss."

"Good, good. Just wanted to say sorry about being all grumpy when you woke me up, I mean I just got back from one trip and wanted to be up for my kidnapping the next morning."


"Yep, Ash can't keep a secret, but my family decided to have this whole family reunion thing and it was his job to keep me busy enough that I didn't find out and escape."

"Sounded like you had fun."

"I did, even if my family was trying to get me married off again, but anyway I can't talk for long, anything important to say?"

"I… er… I wanted to ask about the orb you sent me."

"You needed it more than me. Byes." Robyn hung up.

Kari glared at the phone. "Robyn!"


Author Note –

Joey Taylor – That's a fun place to leave it, thank you very much Robin : D

Robin Moto - Hey look what Robin Moto did, finsihed the unending mess that was holding up the sequel, which we will love, or I will at least.

Joey Taylor – Hehe, do you realise that was Christmas 2005 that only just got finished?

Robin Moto - Yes, and guess what, we have plans that go into 2007, so we had better hurry up since I don't think we can catch up at this point.