The corridors of the Ebon Hawk were choked with dense fumes as grenades exploded nearby. The ship had been boarded by a deadly and determined gang and battle rocked the interior.

The exile charged forward through the smoke and sliced through two Duros thugs with her lightsaber as Atton Rand lay down covering fire. The deep hum of the weapon filled the hall as she awaited a new round of attacks.

Another Duros rounded the corner and fired a dart into the Exile, point blank, the tiny needle puncturing her skin at the neck.

On instinct, she turned and clove her attacker from shoulder to belly, the silver blade sizzling with energy.

Then, the area was quiet except for the hum of the Jedi's weapon.

"Are you okay?" a voice called from behind – it was Atton.

The Exile turned, tried to focus her eyes on him – everything was blurry, unreal. She unpowered her weapon and clawed at the dart, tossing it to the ground. "I…I…don't think so," she whispered and collapsed to the deck.

Indistinct voices buzzed in her head and the world became dark.


The Exile stirred to the whirring of a droid's repulsorlift. She blinked heavily, trying to focus on the sound. A large, spheroid drifted by, seemingly intent on its destination.


She rose up painfully, shaking out heavy limbs and staggered after the mechanical crime lord.

It seemed to ignore her and drifted to a blast door, opening it with its probe. In it went.

The Exile leaned against the bulkhead, feeling fatigued and dizzy, but she gathered her energies and plodded to the door. With a wave of her hand, she opened the portal and stepped in.

Her jaw fell open with surprise and horror.

GOTO's sexy red eye beamed brightly as he and the small astromech droid, T3, exchanged mechanical fluids and data packets. T3's metal covering lay strewn about, exposing its intimate wiring. The hum of GOTO's repulsorlift droned stronger and stronger as he floated behind the little droid.

"Whir whir whir!"

The floating sphere's eye dimmed as he emitted a satisfied sigh.

"Tee Three, that give and take exchange was Galaxy blowing," he declared in his creepy mechanical monotone.


The Exile's face was filled with bewilderment.

Suddenly, the blast door flew open with a hiss and in stormed HK, his metal feet clanking on the floor.

"Horrified revelation: Tee Three, how could you? I gave up meatbags just for us."


"Dejected depression: I thought we had something together, Tee Three. After all we've been through...surviving the Star Forge…wasting meatbags…I so loved your data packets. Pent up aggression: I'm going to unleash my flame thrower to make myself feel better."

With that, HK's eyes dimmed and he tromped off in search of meatbags.

The Exile shook her head in disbelief. What is going on?

Another voice caught her attention.

"She's coming around…wake up…are you okay?"

She felt water on her face and she blinked her eyes – Atton and Bao Dur stood over her.

"Wha…what happened?" she asked groggily.

Atton wiped the water from her face and smiled with relief. "That must have been some poison, you were mumbling some strange things."

She gave him an odd look.

"Yah," continued the pilot, "Something about Tee Three being a skank and GOTO an opportunistic bastard. You better get some rest."

"Y…you mean I was hallucinating?"

Atton chuckled. "What do you think? Droid love…hah."

The Exile raised an eyebrow as the two men pulled her up. As they helped her to her quarters, T3 wheeled by with HK-47 in pursuit.


"Empassioned response: Shhh, it has to be our secret, Tee Three," the killer droid said with a wink of his orange eye.