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It was late... too late. Kimblee paced the motel room, watching the movements down below the window. Traitor, the word played across his mind, sometimes trying to slip out from his lips, never managing to quite escape his mind. Going with Archer was a willing decision, but he still wasn't sure just why he had chosen it. On the bed behind him he heard a soft squeak of springs and he turned in time to catch the tiny creature on the bed sitting up and looking at him. In the dark its ruby eyes followed his movements and he sat on the edge of the bed, pushing stringy, fine curls out of its eyes. It grasped his hand and guided one of the alchemist's fingers to its lips, first sucking then trying to cut a bumpy, prickling tooth against it. Kimblee sighed, using his free hand to stroke the soft white cheek.

Traitor. The word was always on his mind. Greed had been kind to him, had offered him a place in a world that gave him up long ago. Had taken a murderer and made him into a father.

Or mother, he reminded himself. Technically. Kimblee tried to work up some rage over the incident, tried to use it to justify his betrayal. But he found it to be tiring, and the train ride had worn him out terribly. It occurred to him that he had never needed to justify anything to himself before. The child-thing was looking at him again, before making a pitiful face and a tiny whimper. Without conscious understanding, Kimblee picked up a crumpled but clean cloth diaper off the floor and changed it, it's eyes never leaving his face.

"You're half an orphan." He told the thing and it cocked its head to the side. Kimblee wasn't sure it understood so he spoke again. "He's dead. Gone." He said slowly, then stopped, realizing he was attempting to taunt his own child. "You're a monster." He said after a moment.

"Gets it from you." Someone said behind him, from the door. Kimblee stood and spun, expecting tinted glasses and stale cigarette smoke. Instead he found Archer.

"Yeah." He grunted, sitting back down. "Did you find one?" Archer raised an eyebrow.

"Of course. But why? You don't like motherhood." The Lt. Colonel drew the last word out a bit, leaving it hanging in the air. He watched Kimblee's face for any sign of shame. None showed.

"I was raised to do what's best for a child."

"For a monster."

"Yes." Kimblee lifted the child-thing and wrapped it in a blanket. "If this is a trick, if you turn her over to a lab, I will destroy you. And it doesn't have to be quick." He said slowly, Archer shivered at the tone.

"Its my own sister." Archer assured him, taking it. Kimblee watched him leave with it and turned from the window.

"Traitor." He whispered.