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Chapter 01.

Snape was not in a good mood, the day so far had been dreadful and things were not looking up. In a few moments Malfoy and Avery would be arriving to assist him in to taking a particularly large batch of potions to the Dark Lord. Why did Voldemort have to ask him of all people to prepare potions that a first year could do was beyond him.

It was summer for crying out loud. He should not be at Hogwarts brewing potions, he should be at home enjoying a well deserved break from his teaching activities.

A small noise behind him made him stand on his toes. Someone was coming, not apparating, coming from the woods... that was not good, it could be a trap from the Ministry, or from the Dark Lord, one never knows, or just an unlucky wizard who decided to go for a stroll and now would pay the price for walking in to the Death Eaters.

Snape cursed as Trelaway stumbled from the woods. She appeared to be drunk, barely able to stand by herself.

´Excellent, I can convince her to go someplace else and she will never remember meeting me here.´

"Sibil, what are you doing here? Been drinking, haven't we? What could you possibly want to gain with this? Is it a desperate attempt to gain a vision?" Snape snarls at her, hoping to scare her enough to send her away as soon as possible.

"Snape, hahaha, Snape, oh, Snape... so alone, alone in the woods." Giggles Trelaway hugging a tree to keep herself steady "they talk you know, shh, shh, listen... they tell me secrets, oh, secrets, so many secrets, they were not talking to me, I had to sneak, I'm very sneaky now, hide, so they speak to me".

Snape sighs, this may take longer than he though. "yes, well, lovely to know, why don't you go listen to what the castle has to say to you, hummm?"

"No, not there, no, no" She seems to be scare at the idea.

Snape raises a brow intrigued, what was that about?.

"They don't tell me secrets there, they take the secrets away from me, no whispers, no dreams, no, not there, just the foul taste and mist, the mist... I can't see there, not there... I can see here... yes, I can see... oh, you are not alone anymore," Trelaway is suddenly serious, almost standing strait while still holding the three to balance herself, "the delivers of fear have arrived".

Just when his interest was beginning to pick up he hears two loud cracks and turns around to see two figures clad as Death Eaters standing near.

"What have we here?" Snape recognises Avery's voice. "Did you decide to bring the entertainment as well, old friend?"

"Damn it, you idiot, keep your mouth shut. She is the so called teacher of divination at Hogwarts and got here by accident. They will be expecting her back at Hogwarts any moment now. We will have to obliviate her and send her in her way, fast, before we are too late to see... to the meeting." Snapes snaps at the hooded figure.

"I'll do it, get moving with the potions" says the second figure – Malfoy, Snape knows that voice all to well to be mistaken.

Malfoy grabs Trelaway by her arm and points his wand at her, but before he utters the spell, Trelaway begins to talk in a strange deep voice, her eyes unfocused and her aura glowing with unsuspected power.

"Angel of no faith, bringer of pain, you who shad the blood of so many... your blood will keep its flow through time, a bright path of light for your blood, so much power, pleasure and pain, all your dreams within the grasp of your hand. And the biggest one of all... yes... you need not to fear, your family will not been forgotten and the future has a bright spot for the Malfoys. The balance of power is about to be tipped by the flow of life, flow of blood... The path of blood, take care of the blood, don't turn your back. Blood and snakes are dancing in my mind..." Trelaway faints in Malfoys arms.

The three man were stunned with what they heard. The amount of magic dancing around them left no room for doubt, that was a real vision. Snapes curses under his breath, he knows that nothing short of a miracle will save Trelaway now. The Dark Lord has been looking for a seer for too long and the damn woman had to come here of all places and have a vision, now, of all times.

Malfoy is frozen in shock, not three hours ago he had used those very same words while talking to his wife expressing his fear that the Malfoy line would end and be forgotten, disappear in the heat of the war and leave no heirs to carry on the name. It was too late to change sides now and things were not looking good for their side, and all of the sudden this woman coming out of nowhere, this fraud, according to Draco and Snape... How as that even possible?

There was really nothing left to say, they all knew how hard Voldemort was looking for a seer, leaving her behind was not even an option. Gathering everything they appareted away. Trelaway firmly held in Malfoy's arms.

Chapter 02 – The Dark Lord

The apparition point was a small clearing in the woods. Snape briefly wondered if the surrounding darkness would provide enough protection to attempt a rescue. A movement cought in the corner of his eyes convinced him of the opposite. Two masked figures came in the clearing already pointing their wands at the new arrivals.

"Who goes there?"

"Faithful servants of our lord." Announced Avery, as the three of them pulled their sleeves to show their marks. Trelaway fell in the ground giggling.

"and what about her?" asked one of the apparition point guards.

"Oh, her" said Avery already picking up one of the crates with potions "just someone our lord might like to meet"

"Did you check her for tracking spells?"

"Not really" said Lucius in his usual bored tone.

"Oh! Great, I will lead a raid from the ministry strait in to the presence of our lord. We really should stop this nonsense before it goes too far. She is a teacher at Hogwarts, the old fool will be keeping tabs on her, you know" Snape said in hopes that it would work on everybody's fear of the Dark Lord and of being discovered by the ministry.

"Not necessarily. You, after all, are here, are you not, dear friend?" Lucius said somewhat amused "Gentlemen, if you would be so kind..." he added gesturing the giggling woman on the ground.

One of the guards approaches Trelaway and casts a few spells.

"Hum... very interesting. There are no tracking spells, but there seems to be a very powerful spell tempering with her magic... quite old too I believe"

"Yes, yes, lovely, but this is becoming very tiresome and I am afraid we are being expected." snapped Lucius.

Not wanting to miss any changes that presented themselves to get the woman out of there, Snape made sure he was the one holding her on the last part of the journey. Too bad the tracking spell routine didn't work but maybe something else would come along and he would be spare of having to kill her fast to save her from suffering too much.

Holding Trelaway close, Snape began to make his way to where the meeting was being held.

"Severus, oh, Severus. You naughty dog... full of secrets, so full of secrets aren't you? Master of secrets and truth untold. Secret life... secret mask... secret loyalty... so many shining secrets... shining in the dark, I can see them all. Even the ones that shy no more."

´Uh-oh´ Though Snape ´Now it s not the time, you silly cow. Shut up already or we are both dead. How in hell I am going to get this woman back to Dumbledore? and Merlin help if she really can see for real, this will be a whole new world of trouble for...´ but his lines of though were cut short by Trelaway s words.

"He did hurt you too, but that is a secret that shies no more. Is a secret secret. Not even you know, he stole your secret from you. He stole your heart and your memory of that heart... poor Severus, your heart is bleeding and you don t even know why... but I'll tell you: Its because he tore your heart apart."

"What did you say?"

"Secret, secret. You have so many secrets. Don't you get tired of keep them all? yes, you do. That is why you forgot to add the salamander eye..." babbled Trelaway holding and caressing Snape's right hand, where a few hours earlier a nasty burn could be seen after a caldron explosion that Snape only now could see how it came to past.

Snape's mind was running a thousand miles per hour, could she be the real thing? But why now? After so many years being the laughing stock of the school. Why now? Lost in this thoughts he never realised his short journey had come to an end and before he could came up with any kind of plan not to bring Trelaway in to the Dark Lords presence there was the man... standing not six feet way from him.

"Well, gentlemen, I'm glad you finally decide to join us in this fine evening. I do hope I haven't spoiled any other plans you may had..." said the Dark Lord ironically upon their arrival.

"Our apologies, my lord" said Malfoy knelling before the Dark Lord's throne "but something came up and we thought you would be most pleased if we brought it to your attention." He made a quick gesture for Avery to bring Trelaway forward, she still seamed to be very dizzy and pretty out of it.

"And why would I be interested on this poor excuse of a witch?" asked Voldemort with a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

"She is not even attractive!" Bellatrix said approaching from the side and holding Trelaway by the hair to look at her face.

´Oh, yes´ Though Snape ´Trust Bellatrix to go out of her way to make sure no other woman gets anywhere near the Dark Lord. Was she ever faithful to her husband?´

"What a poor judgement of our Lord's taste the three of you have... to present him with this..."

Bellatrix was cut off. Trelaway suddenly snapped her head strait, looking her in the eyes and speaking with a strange and deep voice.

"Your song has change, little bird, but I still can see your feathers. Sing some more, little bird, and the translation will became clear. "

Bellatrix backs up screaming at the top of her lungs. "No, not you, not again, I've killed you. "

She draws her wand taking aim at Trelaway but her wand suddenly flies out of her hand landing at Voldemort's feet.

"And what is the meaning of this?" he asks.

"My lord. I had reason to believe this woman is a seer, but now I see she is merely mad. I'll get her out of here." Said Snape in one last desperate attempt.

"No, wait. I do sense power in her. Seer's power, but is all out of control. Her power seems to be out of control. What happened to her?" He demanded.

"We don't know, my lord. We found her wandering through the woods near Hogwarts. The guards at the apparition point however, noticed a powerful spell tampering with her powers." Added Lucius.

"A spell, you say?" Asked the Dark Lord becoming even more intrigued by the babbling witch before him. "Let me take a look at that."

Voldemort raised his wand and started to cast spell after spell. Trelaway fell shaking and screaming while several bands of bright colours appeared around her and lingered for a moment before shattering.

"Now, child, tell me what that old fool Dumbledore has hidden away in that pretty little head of yours" Said the Dark Lord in a voice that was almost gentle.

Snape shivered, he knew that voice all too well, that was the voice the Dark Lord used when he was seconds ways from using a obscene amount of violence. Behind him Snape heard Bellatrix begin to giggle.

´This one likes violence a little too much for anybody's good, and what does Voldemort means by Dumbledore hiding something inside Trelaways head, she doesn't even have enough brains to assimilate information in the first place, let along hide it away!´

Meanwhile, Trelaway was still shaking and crying.

"No, no, he will hurt me again, he will find me and hurt me..."

"No, child, no one will find you here. You will be safe by my side. Tell me what he has been hiding" insisted Voldemort.

"No... please... no" she sobbed quietly.

"It's alright, child, here, take my hand and let me help you to your feet" said Voldemort still using his gentle voice, he moved close to the fallen witch holding out his hand. Trelaway hesitated for a moment and then took it.

As soon as she was standing, Voldemort grabbed her firmly, forcing her to look him in the eyes.

´legitimency´ Though Snape ´he is just going to read her mind, Merlin. I hope she doesn't know about me.´

The Dark Lord held Trelaway for a few minutes before he let her go. He had a large grin in his face.

"Well, our good headmaster has been keeping the goods to himself, so it seems. A true seer! This," he said holding Trelaway's chin so she had to keep her face up "is going to be very interesting."