Author's Note: Hi guys! Sorry about my unfinished Raven story….God, I can't even remember the name of it. But, maybe this story would make-up for it and, hopefully, no future events will cause me to do an unfinished story again! So, here goes. R&R

(Raven is having a hot pursuit argument with Corey, a few minutes before Devon is appointed to pick her up and drive her to school)

Raven: (says panting, slowing to a lazy jog) You little nasty! Come here Corey, right now! I know you have my #47 Peaches 'n' Cream lip gloss, you thief. Give it to me this very instant, before I make you wish you were 8 feet under!

Corey: (says while running haphazardly) A harsh threat coming from a girl who "devirginizes" her nose and eats her hardened snot like a 5-year-old. And you got the nerves to call ME nasty!

Raven: Once… (stalling to think)…well, maybe twice have I done that and I have more shame than a possum, but who doesn't? Anyways (realizing she was getting off-topic and humiliating herself even the more), back to my lip gloss!

Corey: You know, I am known as an assertive guy, not lineate… but I guess for a sister as desperate as mines, I can make a slight change in personality.

Raven: Thanks lil bro (she says, reaching her hands out for her prized possession)!

Corey: But, not before I violate it, big sis!

(with Corey saying that, he removes the top of the lip gloss and applies some on his dry lips and kisses them in Raven's directions)

Corey: A man has some how got to get in touch with his feminine side. You can have it now. I've done my duty as a little brother. I would advise you to chap your lips up with anything that has fragrance before you kiss Devon's lips (he says, putting the lip gloss in her hands and walking away with a satisfied grin across his face that could seen on the moon).

Raven: Where is Mom and Dad when I'm in predicaments like so (she says with a disgusted facial expression)?

Mr. & Mrs. Baxter: Good morning, baby!

Raven: Oh, there you are. You both always know how to show up after an argument.

Mr. Baxter: We practice on that.

Mrs. Baxter: You know, don't you think as parents that we get sick and tired of you and Corey arguing? Why can't you both just get along for one day and cause less stress on your father and I?

Raven: Corey and I not having an argument in a run of a day? That's just not in the older-sister-younger-brother guidelines. Besides, I am a willing candidate but he isn't willing to cooperate.

Mr. Baxter: Well, just keep trying at it. Keep working at it.

Raven: Am I getting paid by the hour?

Mr. Baxter: Very funny (he says with a smile). If you do what we say for once, maybe a miracle will result from it.

Raven: Sheez….Mom….Dad, do you even know how the system wor….(she starts saying before being interrupted by a knock at the front door)

Raven: That's Devon. My baby is always on time….8:05 A.M. Well, I gotta go. This was a nice&long time-wasting discussion we had here but now I've got to go with my boo. Dad, I'm skipping breakfast this morning so you'll be eating omelet by yourself or with mom, if she's interested in spending the rest of this morning throwing (she says enthusiastically, with a slight smile). See you guys later!

with that being said, she walks out the door to be led to the car by Devon (who gave her a welcoming kiss like he does every morning)

Author's Afternote: Well, this was a short chappie but tell me what you think of it. I'll try to update soon.