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(Devon walks Raven to her locker and engulfs his arms around her body, as a farewell hug, and than releases her hesitantly)

Devon: We may be departing for 3 periods, but it seems like an eternity. When I am away from you, I then become the endless hope of one lost in a desert, with no food nor water.

Raven: (smiles sympathetically) Aww…you make it sound like I am the foundation of your life.

Devon: You can put it in that terms, boo (he says getting closer to her).

Raven: Well, just know that we're together in spirit. Now, I'm supposed to meet Eddie and Chels by the water fountain.

Devon: Alright, that's cool. I'll see you around?

Raven: You betcha, cutie face!

(Devon walks away, smiling dreamily at Raven until being knocked in the forehead by an oncoming locker door when turning around)

Devon: Man, am I embarrassed! I'm alright, Rae! Just a little tap on the forehead….that made me come this close to becoming unconscious. I can handle a little pain.

Raven: Alright, if you say so (she says worriedly). 'Cause you know I got the ambulance on speed-dial. I've always had a fear that the man would knock himself silly due to the passionate love that we share for each other.

(Raven walks away from her locker to meet Eddie and Chelsea at the water fountain)

Chelsea: Well, finally Rae!

Eddie: Hey Rea! How are doin' today? Lemme guess….fine! Because you are fine alright! Finger-lickin' fine. I can put some Barbecue sauce all over you and just gobble you up.…well, not realistically. Man! Why am I talking to myself? Next thing I know, I'll be dragged to an asylum!

Raven: Well, your use of terminology is freaky, yet true. I'm doing good, and how about you Chels?

Chelsea: Well, besides dealing with the fact that today's lunch is chicken and not a salad or some sort of vegetation, I'm doing alright. You here that people (saying aloud, purposely trying to gain publicity)! You are the people who prey on the flesh of innocent little animals who didn't do anything to anyone to deserve such a persecution, and still you feel no remorse whatsoever. You should be ashamed, you blood-sucking leeches!

Raven: You know what Chels (saying into Chelsea's ears)? I wouldn't publicly name call everyone, unless your looking to be chased by a mob.

Chelsea: Oh, good point!

Eddie: So…Rae, are you doing anything tonight after 6:30? 'Cause I want me and you to catch that new movie 'Night Creepers.'

Raven: You can count me…… (she says, before getting interrupted by a vision)

vision begins

(Raven is seen in a movie theater, sitting next to Eddie)

Raven: God, this movie creepy, yet it excites me to the fullest!

Eddie: Not as much as the presence of you does to my life.

(he takes a hold of Raven's free hand and looks deep into her eyes)

Eddie: I'm getting stranded in that little island in your eyes.

Raven: Oh… (she says shocked).

Eddie: Look, Rae. We have been friends from first grade on up and over the time, I'vev developed feelings for you. To tell you the truth, the Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry could be desperate to want me, but I would turn both down just to be with you.

Raven: Eddie…..

Eddie: Don't say anything Rae (he says in a soft voice)

(then he takes his pointer and middle finger, and put them together to lift Raven's chin so that their eyes would meet)

Eddie: You just don't know how special you are to me, Rae.

Raven: Well, that's sweet Eddie but….

(before Raven could finish speaking, Eddie lets his lips come in contact with Raven's and they share a lip-locking kiss)

vision ends

Eddie: Did you just have a vision, Rae!

Raven:…NO! I was thinking on if I had anything scheduled or planned that would cause me not to come.

Eddie: Well, is there anything that would cause me to cancel the plans?

Raven: You know what, me and Devon was supposed to go out for pizza tonight. Maybe another time!

Eddie: Oh (Eddie says saddened). Ok…yeah, maybe another time.

Raven: You could take Chelsea instead.

Eddie: No, that's alright. I suddenly feel sick anyways. I have to go Rae. See you around.

(Eddie walks away with his head down)

Raven: Ok. See…you…later. Eddie….like-likes me! I feel like such a whammy. He loves me but I don't want to turn him down. But, I am in a relationship with Devon that started about 2 years ago. Oh man! Time for me to take some of my antidepressants!

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