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Couples: Kurapica x OC, Gon x Killua


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A/N: Need I say from the writing…first time. I'm also only 13 years so don't expect a lemon soon…unless I research but,that no gonna happen!

Chapter one

His blonde hair was drenched in sweat as he laid in his dirty, little cell. He had been working for a while cleaning the bathrooms in the pound. He was one of the

favorites there, so he was never put up for sale. Yes, it was a human pound were people would drop off and sell there own children for the money. That or they were just annoyed by them. People always came to buy and sell humans.

The rooms the kids had to stay in were less than comfortable. A little cell with a blanket. Comfy. It looked exactly like a dog pound. Kids were huddled together begging to be taken from that Hell hole.

All except one.

The boys name was Kurapica. He was among many children dropped off by their unloving parents. His cage was hidden in the back of the building. No one went back there since they found their little "toys" in the front. The people who worked in this little, eh, "pound" took a real liking to Kurapica and decided to keep him for their own enjoyment.

Kurapica heard the door to the front of the building open, meaning either a customer, or an employee. He tried to see if it was anybody who worked there but he didn't see anybody.

'Maybe it was just my imagination…I mean living here long enough can make someone go insane.'

It was true, Kurapica had been there for more than 4 years. He is now 16 years, so when he was 12 years he came to the pound.

He soon saw a man with black hair and glasses. He had two people following him, which he suspected to be his purchases. He recognized them as Gon and Killua.They were his only friends here. Many liked Gon and Killua for their unbelieveable cuteness.

The man was about to walk to an employee when he spotted Kurapica. He turned to walk toward Kurapica when he was stopped by one of the employee's.

"Umm, sir, I'm sorry, but that boy over there isn't for sale."

"And why is that? You keepin' him all for yourself? Does the manager know about this? Let me talk to him, or her."

"No, sir. The manager doesn't know. Please don't tell him."

"Then I expect to see him outside by my feet within the next 3 seconds. One…"

Before the man said two the employee was off to fetch Kurapica. With much regret the employee took Kurapica out and handed him over to the man.

"Yay! Kurapica is coming!" shouted an excited Gon.

"Shut up, Gon. You don't want to get punished do you!" warned Killua.


The man took Kurapica, Gon, and Killua, paid, and left. He then turned to them and said he was Leorio. He pointed to Gon and said he would be incharge of making him food and washing his clothes. Killua was incharge of cleaning the house. Kurapica… would get something different.