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Fuchsia colored graduation caps are tossed into the air as the students of Bevelle High begin to celebrate graduation day. The school anthem is played as the seniors begin to depart from the school.

Yuna stepped through the crowd as she adjusted her cap upon her head. She then looked around at the people before her. Thoughts quickly flooded her mind as she watched many of them cry and hug each other where others were full of joy and ready to head out and celebrate. Would she ever see her friends again? Where would life take them and what would they be doing after this very day?

As Yuna's thoughts lingered on in her mind, she was startled by a tap on the shoulder. She gasped, turning quickly only to find one her closest and dearest friends, Lenne.

"Didn't scare you, did I, Yuna?" Lenne giggled.

"You could say that." Yuna replied with a slight chuckle in her voice.

"What's going on?" Lenne questioned, crossing her arms over her chest. "You seem sad when this is suppose to be one of the happiest days of our lives. It's our graduation day, girl! What's not to be happy about?"

Yuna smiled though it quickly faded as she looked around at all of her friends. "It's just that we'll never see them again after today. Maybe some, but not all."

"That's true." Lenne agreed with a hint of sadness in her voice as Yuna turned back to her. "But look at it this way, you still have me."

"YUNIE!" chirped a voice from off in the distance.

"And Rikku." Yuna and Lenne said in unison with a hint of a laugh.

They turned around only to see Rikku heading straight for them with her hair in her usual braids, but without the headband. Rikku wore a lavender, off the shoulder crop top with grape colored sequence along the trim of the top and bottom, white pants with amatching lavender sash, and white sandals that has six straps looping over each other on the top.

"Yunie, I'm so proud of you!" Rikku said a little overly excited, throwing her arms around her cousin and spinning her around in a circle. Yuna gasped quite loudly, looking at her hyperactive cousin as she adjusted her cap to make sure it was still upon her head.

"Thanks." Yuna said

"Let's ditch this place and go celebrate!" Rikku suggested.

"What do you have in mind?" Lenne asked

"Wait!" Yuna nearly yelled. "Lenne, we can't go out tonight."

"Wh- -" Lenne started to say until she came to realize what Yuna was talking about. "Oh, my! I completely forgot!"

Yuna lowered her head down, looking at her feet. "I don't want to go through with this, you know."

"Then don't!" Lenne said a little angered. "Yuna, it's your life. Live it the way you want to live it."

"You sound like my father." Yuna said, raising her head and meeting Lenne's eyes with her own. "He tells me the same thing, but it would make him happy and that's what I want to do."

"But what about yourself, Yuna?" Lenne asked "Are you happy with this arrangement. . . at all?"

"No." Yuna said, shaking her head. "But it's what my father wants." A soft sigh slowly escaped her lips as she looked away. "I'll see you two at the Bevelle Sanctum tomorrow morning." And with that said, Yuna turned and walked away.

"Not if I have anything to say about it." Rikku said, crossing her arms over her chest as Lenne looked at her with wide eyes.

"What are you planning, Rikku?" Lenne pondered cautiously.

A sneaky grin snaked its way across Rikku's face. "You'll see."

That night. . .

After having dinner alone as usual, Yuna worked her way upstairs to her room, which was the third one down the main upstairs's hall. Her room was decorated beautifully. Her queen size bed sat in the center of the room with dark sapphire satin sheets and matching pillow cases and a light sapphire satin quilt and blanket with a pearl accented diamond shape in the center. Two redwood end tables sat on both sides of the bed. Her lamp, a picture of her father and a basket of flowers sat on the right table where a porcelain angel sat on the other end table. Her 10 drawer dresser sat against the wall to the left of the bed, which had a huge mirror standing behind it. A 32 in flat screen TV sat off to itself near the front of the room, which has a good angle from the bed for all to see. Her surround sound stereo system sat near the window at the back of the room. The walls are painted pearl white and the floor is made of hardwood.

Flopping down into her bed belly first, Yuna grabbed her pillow to rest her head upon. Lost in thought, she wished that her father were there with her like other fathers were there for their daughters. How she longed for him not to be one of the most powerful and richest men in Bevelle. What would her life be like if she were just like a normal, teenage girl without all the money and fame that had been bestowed upon her unwillingly? Throwing the pillow aside with a sigh, Yuna pulled herself up from the bed and walked over to the front of her mirror, glaring at her own reflection.

"You always have to make everyone else happy before yourself." Yuna spoke to her own reflection. "If tomorrow is meant to be, then it will happen, but if it isn't meant to be, I pray that something will happen so that it doesn't." She slowly turned from the mirror only to find her father watching her from the doorway who's wearing a very expensive yet dressy suit. She wondered if he had heard what she said.

"Are you excited about your big day, my daughter?" Braska asked her lovingly as he approached her.

"Yes. . . father. I am." Yuna lied

"I am so proud of you." Braska said to her with a warm embrace. "I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your graduation today."

"It's okay." Yuna said with a slightly trace of disappointment in her voice. "I understand."

Braska looked at his daughter in slight disbelief. "Are you sure?" Yuna assured her father with a nod of her head. "Very well. Get some rest. You've an even bigger day ahead of you tomorrow than what today was. The tying of human and Guado will be a sure fire thing once your marriage to Seymour is complete. It will be the beginning of many blessings to come for Spira."

"Okay." Yuna said. And with that, Braska smiled and kissed his daughter on the forehead, leaving her room.

Morning. . .

Yuna stood in the back room of the Bevelle Sanctum clothed in a long, white satin dress, for today she is to be wed. Her dress looks like the one she wore in FFX. She gave a nervous sigh as she heard the band strike up the wedding march. She then slowly left the room. Upon exiting, her father looked at her in awe. Never had he seen his daughter more beautiful than she looked right now.

"You look as beautiful as your mother did on our wedding day." Braska said proudly.

"I wish she were here." Yuna said

"She is." Braska said with a smile and Yuna returned one to him. "Come, my daughter." He held out his arm and they linked them together. "Your future husband awaits."

Yuna had not seen the inside of the Sanctum yet, however, as she entered her eyes widen at the display that awaited her inside. What seemed to be thousands of people from all around Spira were there. The inside's totally white with pink roses spiraling the posts that help hold the building up. Flowers of tiger lilies, snapdragons, and roses are decorated throughout the Sanctum. Yuna's greeted by many smiles and flashing cameras as she slowly makes her way down the isle. Upon reaching the priest, Yuna looked over at who was to be her husband. Seymour smiled at her with great pride. Yuna softly sighed, looking away with the turn of her head as the priest prepared to speak.

Suddenly, as the priest was about to speak, the doors to the Sanctum flew open as three Bevelle guards came staggering in backwards and falling to the ground. People began to scream and run amuck. Braska wrapped his arms around his daughter's waist as they looked around at the hysteria surrounding them. Seymour himself doesn't know what to think as he sight on Yuna is lost in the rabid crowd. Three men fully clothed in black enter the Sanctum, each speaking to each other in Al Bhed.

"Veht Yuna! (Find Yuna)" the Al Bhed in the middle ordered the other two to do and they headed off in different directions. The mid Al Bhed then grabbed a smoke bomb from her side holster, throwing it before her, which exploded upon impact. Smoke quickly filled the room, blinding everyone instantly.

What appeared to be harpoons are shot through the side windows of the Sanctum as several more people dressed in black slid down the ropes connected to the harpoons and entered the building, quickly searching for the bride to be. Harpoons are shot through the other windows of the building as people clothed in black continue to enter the building.

"RINNO IB! (HURRY UP)" the female Al Bhed ordered as several Bevelle guards entered the building as well and that's when its on.

The female Al Bhed is quickly taken into custody, however, she broke the hold that was upon her, stomping the guards foot. The one in front of her was met with a kick between the legs.

Braska is blinded by the smoke before his eyes. Yuna wiped her watery eyes when she then felt herself being jerked from her father's arms. She screamed as Braska called out her name.

"Fa kud ran! (We got her)" a male Al Bhed called out to the female Al Bhed.

"SUJA UID! (MOVE OUT)" the female Al Bhed ordered and they began to move out.

"YUNA!" Braska called out, trying to see where his daughter had been taken. Seymour saw Yuna being pulled towards the exit and proceeded to fight through the crowd to her.

"Let me go!" Yuna cried out as she tries to fight off who had taken her. She then grabbed the mask, pulling it from his face and her eyes widen once she laid eyes upon his face. "GIPPAL!"

"In the flesh!" Gippal stated in his usual cocky manner, throwing Yuna over his shoulder and heading out the exit with her.

Upon heading outside, Yuna looked only to see the Celsius awaiting outside. The Al Bhed and several others exited as well, boarding the ship. And as the Celsius took flight, Seymour and the Bevelle guards ran out of the Sanctum only to see it take off.