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A small, dainty hand slowly reached out, grasped the doorknob, however, it was soon released. Yuna took a few steps back, thinking nothing of the noise she heard just beyond the door. With a sigh, she lowered her head and walked away.

Tidus laid unconscious on the floor. Eblis stepped forth, glaring down at Tidus as a sinister grin played upon his feature. He motioned for the guards to take Tidus away, and upon command, they picked him up and took him away.

Steam rose from within the shower as the hot water ran from the shower head. Yuna placed her hand under the running water, feeling its warmth. Seeing that the temperature was to her liking, she slipped off what little clothes she still had on and stepped into the shower, letting out a relieved sign as she felt the water upon her body.

The water ran down her body, drips of it falling from strands of her hair. Harshly, she scrubbed her body till her skin felt like it was going to start peeling. Memories of where Eblis had assaulted her flashed before her eyes. She cried, her tears hidden by the water already present upon her face. The wash cloth fell from her hands, the water rinsing the suds from her overly clean body, yet that dirty feeling was still lingering. Yuna's mental state of mind caved and she broke down into uncontrollable sobs. She backed up till she hit the back of the shower wall, slowly sliding down to the floor. She cried, hugging her knees.

A pair of dark, blue eyes fluttered open, his head throbbing with pain. He groaned, trying to move only to find himself tied up. He looked around at all the guards to stood before him, his eyes narrowing with anger as he as last looked upon Eblis, who stepped forth from within the guards.

"I should have you killed right here and now, but that would be too easy." Eblis said as he walked towards Tidus, stopping when he was only inches from him. "You tainted my bride to be. . ." he trailed off only to back hand Tidus across the face. "You touched her. . . kissed her. . . you made her a woman." He then slapped Tidus again who was getting angrier by the mere second as Eblis' handprints formed on both sides of his cheeks.

"Why don't you face me like a man instead of slapping me around like the little bitch you are?" Tidus asked through clinched teeth.

Eblis narrowed his eyes, looking to the guards. "No food. . . and no water." Tidus silently gasped at the sound of that. Eblis looked at him with a cocky grin. "Let's see how tough you will be after this." And with a cocky, sinister chuckle, Eblis turned, walking away and leaving the room.

Gippal slowly pushed himself up, groaning in pain. He wasn't sure where he was or even what happened to him. He grabbed the bars, pulling himself up in a sitting position. Upon hearing him, Rikku looked, her eyes perking up a bit once she saw he was still alive. She immediately ran over to the bars.

"Gippal!" Rikku called out. Gippal looked at her. "Are you okay?"

"Where am I?" Gippal asked.

Rikku sighed. "Look around you." Gippal looked around, still a bit dazed from the beating he sustained. "We're in Bevelle dungeon." Gippal stumbled to his feet. "Eblis found where we had taken Yunie. . ."

Gippal signed. "Bastard."

"I don't even know where she is." Rikku said.

"We don't know where Tidus is either." Lenne added.

"And there's no telling what Eblis has done to either of them or what he has in store for us." Gippal finished.

"What are we going to do?" Rikku questioned sadly.

"I don't know, Rik." Gippal said. "I don't know." Rikku leaned her forehead against the bars, closing her eyes.

Yuna wiped the fog from the window, looking at her own reflection with a disgusted look upon her face. Eblis stood at the bathroom doorway, looking in on her, watching her. Yuna caught sight of him and glared at him through the bathroom mirror. She watched as he walked over and stood behind her, placing his hands upon her shoulders.

"You must rest, my dear." Eblis spoke in a soft tone of voice. "We've a big day tomorrow." He sighed. "Tomorrow your friends will stand trial for their crimes. And their fate rests in your hands. If you don't do exactly as I say and if you refuse to commit to me, then they ALL will die." Yuna's bottom lip quivered as she lowered her head, tears falling to her cheeks. Eblis grinned at the mere sight of this. Then tomorrow evening you must announce our wedding that is to take place in three days to all of Spira." He slowly lowered his arms. "Now come. . . my bed awaits you." With a sinister, crooked grin, he turned and walked away.

Morning. . .

The sun was slowly beginning to rise and all of Bevelle was coming to life. Eblis was already awake, making plans and deciding the fate of Yuna's friends and the one fate he had decided for Tidus was certain death. However, he was going to twist and corrupt things by forcing Yuna to do it for him.

Yuna's eyes softly fluttered open only to groan as pain shot through her battered body. She turned over to see Eblis fixing the sleeves and collar of his suit. Her eyes narrowed in bitter anger as she continued to watch him.

"I see you are awake." Eblis said firmly. "You need to get up, showered and dressed before the clock strikes nine. You have fifteen minutes." He then looked at her. "I suggest you hurry." And with that said, he left the room. Yuna sat and watched him till he was out of sight.

Tidus' eyes fluttered open, pain evident in his neck and back from the way he had to sleep, which indeed wasn't very much at all. He gritted his teeth as he moved his head to an upright position, looking around.

"Right, boss!" Dullard said.

"And don't screw up this time!" Eblis exclaimed from the other end of the line. "All you have to do is untie him, escort him from the room and bring him to where Yuna and I are at. Do you think you can possibly do that?"

"No prob, boss." Dullard said, adjusting his sunglasses on his face. He then flipped his phone shut, looking at Tidus.

"Enjoy your last moments of life." Dullard taunted. And Tidus was more than certain that Dullard was not at all joking around.

The sound of shuffling soldiers' feet could be heard in the dungeon ward halls as they made their way to where Lenne, Gippal and Rikku were. Lenne sat on the bench beside Rikku, resting her head on her shoulder and holding to her arm as if to be seeking comfort. The sound of footsteps caught Rikku's attention, her swirly green eyes widening.

"Someone's coming." Rikku whispered to Lenne, who lifted her head off Rikku's shoulder just as the guards came into sight. Gippal looked up, his eyes widening once he saw the guards opening the door where Rikku and Lenne were while a few turned and began to approach him.

Moments later. . .

A door swung open violently, bouncing off the wall as Tidus staggered in and fell to the floor, blood visible on the corner of his lip. Bevelle soldiers walked in behind him with Dullard in the back. Eblis turned around, curious to know what all the commotion was about.

"Can't you enter a room in a cordially manner?" Eblis asked sarcastically as he watched the guards walk over to Tidus, grabbed him by the back of his arms, and forced him up to his feet, restraining him. "It would be in your best interest if you cooperated." Tidus scoffed, glaring at him. Rikku, Lenne, and Gippal then entered the room with more guards behind them, their hands tied in front of them.

"What is this place?" Gippal asked, examining his surroundings.

"Look at this place, Gippal!" Tidus exclaimed as everyone looked at him. "We're about to stand trial!" Lenne and Rikku gasped as Gippal's eyes narrowed.

"No way!" Gippal shouted. "We didn't do anything!"

Tidus slowly looked back at Eblis. "It's YOU who should be standing trial. Not us." He said through clinched teeth.

"He is correct." Came a timid voice as she entered the room. Tidus knew that voice and slowly turned. All eyes were on Yuna.

"What. . ." Tidus trailed off as she shook his head in disbelief. Lenne stared at her with an open mouth and shocked looked on her face as did Rikku and Gippal.

"Yunie. . ." Rikku trailed off as Yuna looked at her. "You agree with that monster?"

"In the name of Yevon, you ALL have committed high treason." Yuna breathed hard, biting her bottom lip. "Therefore, you are hereby excommunicated and are condemned to walk the heated sands of Bikanel Desert." Rikku furrowed her brow at the sound of that, for that's where the Al Bhed had their secret hideaway. "You are no longer allowed to set foot in Bevelle or anything that is Yevon." She then looked straight at Tidus. "And you. . ." She swallowed the lump in her throat, looking away as to not say what she had to say.

"Yuna!" Eblis said sternly and coldly.

Yuna glared at him through narrowed eyes, but that look instantly softened as she looked at Tidus. "You. . . disgust. . . me." Everyone gasped as a shocked, hurt expression played upon Tidus' features. Tears fell from Yuna's eyes. "You tainted me with your vile touch." Her bottom lip began to quiver as she lowered her head. "Therefore you are to spend what life you have left in. . . Via Purifico." A lot of gasps filled the room, even Eblis looked shocked. She slowly yet softly exhaled, raising her head, however, she looked to the side to avoid making eye contact with Tidus. Her eyes slowly closed. "Get them ALL out of my sight." Following Yuna's orders, Tidus, Rikku, Lenne and Gippal were forced out of the room.

"Via Purifico?" Eblis questioned only to follow with a sinister chuckle. "You may be worthy of marriage after all." He walked over, standing in front of her. "You obey quite well. And you appear to have a mind almost as sinister as mine, for no one has ever survived Via Purifico, but yet I wonder. . ." He grabbed her by her forearms tightly. "What are you up to?" Yuna refused to answer. "Answer me!"

"I did as you told me to do. Now leave me alone." Yuna demanded in a stern voice, jerking her arms away from Eblis and shoving him as she turned away and stomped off in an angrily manner."

Tidus was escorted back to the dungeon for the time being. Rikku, Lenne, and Gippal, on the other hand, were loaded onto an airship and transported to Bikenal Desert while all of Bevelle were gathering to hear the announcement Yuna had to make. Eblis was getting all dressed up where Yuna was beside herself with grief. Eblis had forced her to condemn her friends despite the fact she agreed to do as she was told and even agreed to marry him, however, she put her own little twist on things.

The wind blew fiercely, sand blowing everywhere. Rikku put her arm in front of her face, shielding herself from the beaming, setting sun and the blowing sand.

"How are we gonna survive this?" Lenne asked.

Rikku observed her surroundings, trying to figure out which was to go. "Um. . ." she trailed off as she looked from left to right, turning around to look behind her. She then pointed. "We go this way!" She started sprinting."

"Oh boy." Gippl said as he rolled his eyes. "Here we go." Gippal ran after Rikku followed by Lenne. "Rikku, wait up!"

Rikku ran far ahead of everyone, she ran straight for about 5 minutes, stopped, and looked around. She posed in her usual manner, very deep in thought s she rubbed her bottom chin. And without a work spoken, she ran to the right. Gippal stopped, leaning forward as he rested against his knees. He huffed loudly as Lenne ran passed him, trying to catch up with the spunky Al Bhed.

"Hey, wait!" Gippal huffed as he took off running after the girls.

Lenne finally caught up with Rikku who was just standing and looking around in a confused manner.

"That's funny. It should have been right here." Rikku muttered.

"Where are we going?" Lenne asked. Gippal staggered over to where the girls were, huffing in an overly tired manner as he lost his balance and fell backwards into the sand.

"Guys. . ." Rikku trailed off. "I think were lost." Lenne huffed and grumbled as did Gippal who sat up and rested against his elbows.

"See! I knew you would get us lost!" Gippal complained. "You were never good with directions."

Lenne turned and looked at Gippal. "Where are we suppose to be going? We're in the middle of no where."

Gippal stood up. "I can't say out loud."

"It's a secret place Yevon doesn't know about. Only the Al Bhed live there." Rikku said as she turned around and faced, Lenne and Gippal.

"Well, you have gotten us lost as usual." Gippal taunted and Rikku stuck her tongue out at him. "Just leave it to me. I'll get us there." Rikku scoffed at Gippal who smirked at her and they set off on their journey to The Forgotten City.

Yuna kept applying her makeup only to have it ruined by her tears. She threw her eye liner down, admitting defeat. She sniffled, wiping a few tears away with a tissue, double checked her appearance and then went to pick out a dress fit for giving an announcement in. She opened the double doors of her closet, walking inside and over to where her fancy dresses hung. She looked through them slowly, only to find a certain dress. She gasped as a memory flashed before her eyes.

Tidus scooped Yuna up in his arms, never breaking the seal of their kiss as he carried her over and gently lowered her down onto the bed. He slowly pulled away, looking upon his love. Not a word was spoken, for their eyes spoke for them.

Yuna placed her hand over her mouth, closing her eyes as she fought back the tears. She grasped the garment tightly within her hand, her emotions overtaking her once again. With a heavy heart she turned away from it, letting it fall loosely from her fingertips. Therefore, she grabbed her dress pants and a dress shirt, not giving much thought to it, more less just grabbing something at random, and put it on. She was about to leave the room when suddenly her cell phone rang just as she walked by the small end table that was near the doorway. Curiously, she picked it up and flipped it open.

Hesitant at first, she placed the phone to her ear. "Yes?" She listened for a moment or two and gasped when the voice on the other end responded. She looked around, lowering the phone from her ear as she flipped it shut and tucked it away in her pocket. She looked around and quickly left the room, for she did not want to be late to give her dreadful speech.

Eblis stepped out onto the balcony of Bevelle Temple, looking down at all of the people who had gathered to hear Yuna's announcement. He took a deep, prideful breath as a cocky grin spread across his face, however, his eyes widened in shock once he feasted his eyes on his bride to be who had a mismatched lime green dress shirt and hot pink, baggy dress pants on, her hair sleeked back with gel and hairspray with a yellow headband that had a huge bow at the side, her cheeks were a rosy pink from wearing too much blush, and tropical flip flops upon her feet with fire red toenail polish completed her look. Loud mumbles could be heard from the crowd below, however, they clapped anyway.

"Friends. . ." Yuna began as she spoke into the microphone. "and everyone present. . . I have an announcement." She licked her lips, sighing as she looked out at all of Bevelle. "In three days, Eblis and I are to be wed. And in return, he will become Grand Maester of all that is Yevon." The crowd below cheered and clapped, however, midst the crowd stood a tall figure with a black hood cloak on, which hid their identity. Yuna saw them and began to stumble over her own words in a very nervous manner. She nervously cleared her throat and Eblis immediately took notice of how strange she had begun to act. "Umm. . . that is all. Thank you all for coming." She turned away, walking back inside with Eblis hot on her heels.

"Yuna!" Eblis called out and Yuna stopped dead in her tracks. "What's the meaning of this? Look at how you are dressed!" He stepped in front of her and Yuna shrug her shoulders. "Don't think for a second that you dressing this way is going to change my mind about marrying you because it won't!" Eblis snapped. Yuna stomped her foot like a spoiled child, crossing her arms over her chest as he walked away.

A Bevelle guard was struck in the head from behind and with a loud groan, he fell to the floor where he laid unconscious. A dark figure then stepped forth, dressed in a black, hooded cloak. He slowly made his way down the hall. He at last came upon the cell where Tidus was at. Tidus saw the figure and his eyes widened. He stood up, eyeing the figure closely, however, as he approached the front of the cell, the figure reached into his pocket and withdrew an object, reaching it inside to Tidus, concealed within a fist.

"Use this. . . . at nightfall." The dark figure said, opening to reveal the object in hand. Tidus carefully examined the object, his eyes widening as he looked at the dark, hooded figure.