Future Past 3

Gohan Son stood tall, the z-fighters and his younger self behind him. The two sayian space pods cut through the earths atmosphere leaving a trail of white behind them.

"This is it guys.", Marai Gohan said with a large smile on his face. One mirrored by all the warriors around him.

"This should be fun.", Goku said with an even larger smile on his face. He bounced on his feet quickly. Easily.

"Remember Goku, if things go as planned today, you won't even get to fight."

"I know, but, a guy can hope.", Goku said as he continued to bounce around, his body seeming to vibrate.

"Only you would hope everything goes wrong so you can fight a couple of really powerful aliens that intend to rule the universe." Krillen stated dryly. His bald head shining.

"Well, not the only one.", Yamcha said with a smile as he pointed to his left at the smiling form of Chibi Gohan and the constantly scowling form of Piccolo.

"Ah, Chibi, not you to.", Krillin said with a good natured groan., "I thought you'd be the smart one."

"What's wrong with wanting a little fun?" Chibi Gohan said with a large smile. Krillin face vaulted.

"Fun? Fighting for your life is fun?"

"Stow it you two.", Mirai said with a friendly tone., "We're about to have company."

The space pods hit the ground hard, craters roughly ten feet deep and twice as wide spread around the impact zone.

"Which one's Vegeta?", Goku asked as two figures flew from the craters and began a lazy flight toward them.

"The smaller one on the right.", Raditz said with a slightly fearful tone. He stepped forward beside Mirai Gohan as the two landed, he carefully took a knee., "Welcome Prince."

"I wouldn't go that far Raditz.", Mirai answered with a smirk., "If this doesn't go well, he could be crawling back to that pod and getting off our planet."

"Who do you think you are?" Nappa yelled as he took a step forward.

"Nappa, back off." Vegeta ordered with a commanding tone and a smile on his face., "You must be this supposed Super Saiyan."

"No, I am a Super Saiyan.", Mirai said as he stepped forward.

"Right.," Vegeta sneered, clearly not believing the young man., "Do you have any idea who I am?"

"Yeah, Prince Vegeta, son of King Vegeta of the planet Vegetesei. And sayain whipping boy of a scum bag named Frieza."

"Did you tell him this Raditz?", Vegeta growled out his ki raising causing the z warriors present to tense.

"I told him nothing my prince.", Raditz said with a slight tremor in his voice. After the few months on earth he knew he had a shot at taking Nappa, but Vegeta still outclassed him.

"Boy, you would do well not to speak to me in that tone. I do not wish to destroy one of the few remaining saiyans."

"Good luck if ya want to give it a go.", Krillin said with a slight smirk before he quickly wilted under the glare vegeta sent his way.

"So you really don't believe.", Gohan stated with a smile on his face.

"I am the strongest Saiyan alive. You could never hope to outclass me.", Vegeta stated with a smirk., "I'll tell you what, I'll let you test yourself against Nappa, if you get by him, you get a shot at me."

Mirai Gohan looked at the large bald Saiyan with a slightly critical eye.

"I'd take you up on that offer, If it would let me work up a sweat."

"You to afraid to face me?", Nappa asked with an evil glint in his eyes.

"Chibi," Mirai started with a smirk., "You want take care of this guy?"

"Really?", Chibi Gohan asked with a large smile on his face.

"Sure, why not.", Mirai said while staring down the two invaders.

"Yeah, go get em son.", Goku said with a smile, though he wasn't fighting he never would get tired of watching his son go all out.

"You're gonna send this kid up against me?", Nappa asked with a large smile on his face., "You have to be kidding."

"Go ahead and power up kid.", Krillin said with a hard tone., "Take the idiot out quick."

Vegeta pushed the button on his scouter, the alien script showed in front of his eye his mouth dropped open.

"3400 that's impossible for a kid."

"Your scouter must be off, let me check.", Nappa said with a smirk before it quickly turned into a frown., "Not possible."

"It doesn't matter, he still isn't as strong as you are Nappa. Finish it quickly."

"Sure thing Vegeta.", Nappa said quickly regaining his composure.

"Let loose Chibi." Mirai said with a slight smirk. The ground began to shack soon after as a bright white aura enveloped the youngest saiyan. Vegeta's eyes widened as he watched the numbers on his scouter begin to climb.

"Seven Thous...Eight...Nine.", Nappa said, each word coming out at a lower volume, he stepped back, his body shaking uncontrollably as the white aura began to dissipate.

"Twelve thousand. Impossible for a child." Vegeta muttered as he to took a step back before realizing.

"And he's just a kid.", Mirai said with a large smile., "You know what. I don't think you need those scouters anymore. Don't want Frieza listening in." With a large pulse of his power the two scouters exploded simultaniously. Nappa and Vegeta fell slightly as they quickly closed their eyes., "Take him kid."

Chibi shot forward faster than Nappa could follow, his right fist slamming into the larger man with precision, teeth and blood flying from the invaders mouth as he flew backward and slid along the sandy desert floor.

"Damn, Chibi Gohan has buffed up.", Krillin said with a large smile. He knew that he himself was just slightly stronger. And that actually blew his mind that a five year old boy could almost have him outclassed. Nappa lay on his back, his eyes closed, completely and utterly in dream land.

"That was to easy.", Chibi said with a slight frown.

"I'd give you a shot at Vegeta if I didn't think Dad would try to kill me.", Mirai said with a smile.

"Yeah, it is my turn after all.", Goku said with a smirk of his own as he began to power up.

"Goku, I know you can take him. But Vegeta won't go down nearly as easy as Nappa.

"Man I hope not.", Goku said with a large smile. Vegeta finally turned his head away from the downed Nappa. A shocked look on his eyes and his mouth clenched closed.

"How is this possible."

"I've been trained by the strongest being in the universe.", Chibi said with a simple shrug as he walked back toward the Z-fighters.

"I... I.."

"You're outmatched Vegeta, even if by some miracle you could get by Goku. Mirai here would clean your clock." Yamcha stated with a large smirk on his face. Vegeta growled to himself.

"I will not be treated this way."

"Doesn't look like you have a choice.", Tien said as he stepped up beside Yamcha.

"Raditz, will you stand aside, or are you with them?", Vegeta asked as he snarled at his underling.

"You know how it is Vegeta, blood is thicker than water.", Raditz said with a sigh., "We are the only Sayains left my prince. Don't fight this, revel in it. Frieza will die, the cold empire will fall."

"He has a point Vegeta. Join us, we'll make you stronger than you think possible." Gohan said with a smirk., "And then you can try to turn on us of course. At which point I'll feed you your teeth."

"You cannot be as powerful as you say. You are still a child.", Vegeta said, the situation sinking in. Mirai took a few steps forward, just within arms reach.

"If you doubt me, give me your best shot."

Vegeta whipped his right hand up, so fast Yamcha and choatzu could barely see it. The punch connected with an earthshaking crack. Vegeta stood there, his fist laying on the younger Sayains cheek. Mirai never let his smile falter. Vegeta fell back, cradling his hand.

"What are you?"

"Just another sayain.", Mirai said as he was quickly enveloped in a golden hue. His eyes and hair changing teal and gold. Vegeta couldn't sense Ki, but he fell back, the power radiating from the young man setting off alarms in the primitive side of his brain. The duo stared at one another, one with a hardened smirk, the other with a gaping mouth. They both turned there heads quickly as the sayain space pod shot from the ground and into the upper atmosphere.

"Nappa.", Vegeta yelled as he eyed the fading white dot in the sky. , "I always worried he was loyal to Frieza. Looks like you're going to get a test on that Super Sayain power."

"Nah, Frieza's light work. I'll let you, Goku and Chibi handle him."

"Are you freaking nuts?", Vegeta yelled out, a vein bulging on his head.

"Calm down Vegeta you're about to blow a gasket.", Mirai said with a smirk. He felt the tap on his shoulder, but tried to ignore it., "It will take Frieza a year to get here. I'm sure the three of you can become strong enough to beat him." The tapping increased., "What dad?", he asked without turning around.

"Um, I never got to fight.", Goku said with a slightly depressed tone.

"Vegeta, you up for it?"

"I would never back down from some lowly third class warrior."

"Okay.", Mirai said with a smile as he took one step to his right. Goku didn't wait for words, he simply jumped forward with a smile on his face, and the fight was on.


Shin sat cross legged on the waving grass of his planet. A peacefull look settled on his face.

"Supreme Kai.", King Kai said in a low tone. Shin turned slowly as he stood and looked at the faces of the gathered Kai's.

"Hello, welcome to my home.", Shin said in a voice filled with warmth and authority. The group bowed to him in thanks., "I have brought you here to ask your opinion on a very important matter. As you all know, the position of Guardian has been vacant since... the awful reign of Majin Buu."

The Grand Kai forced himself not to shudder, he was the only kai that had actually been in the fight. Even the Kai had nightmares.

"I have found a young man I believe is worthy of the title and the honor."

"Who is this man?", Grand Kai asked with a curious tone, his dark sunglasses seeming to gain a glint from his eyes.

"His name is Gohan Son. And he is a Super Sayain."

"Impossible, there hasn't been a Super Sayain since...", Grand Kai said before he realized who he was talking to., "My apoligize..."

"Do not worry about your words Grand Kai. After all in a way you are correct.", Shin said with a smile., "However I assure you he is all that I say, and much much more."

"He freed the legendary sword.", Kibito interjected from his spot to Shins left. The Kai's gasped in shock and began to looked toward one another, gauging reactions.

"He is the Son of Goku, the one from the future?", King Kai asked with a slight smile on his face.

"Correct. He is from roughly twelve years down the normal timeline. He was forced to use the Dragon Balls to travel back in time to save the universe."

"What could be that much of a threat?", Grand Kai asked before his eyes widened and his sunglasses slid down his nose., "Tell me it's not..."

"I'm afraid so. However, before it fell apart Gohan faced Majin Buu, not once, but twice, and both times held his own. The problem however, was though he matched in power, he wasn't able to keep the pace of the monster."

"Same problem as before.", Grand Kai said with a sigh.

"The thing is Grand Kai, Gohan was merely Seventeen earth years old." Shin said with a large smile on his face.

"That much power, in the body of a child.", West Kai said with a shocked and scared tone., "He could turn out worse that the monster himself."

"Never, the young man is pure of heart."

"No Sayain is pure of heart.", West Kai shot back before he realizzed his mistake and bowed.

"Brangs was.", Shin said in a tone that told the other kais not to argue. They knew through stories that Brangs was the man to train Shin in the ways of the warrior. His sensei as it were.

"I think it would be best if the Kai's meet Gohan before they make a decision Master Shin." Kabito said with a calming tone., "After all I to had reservations about the boy."

"Of course Kabito, as always your council is appreciated. But I do believe a simple meeting will not do. It is time for the Otherworld tournament is it not?"

"It is Supreme Kai.", Grand Kai said as a smile formed on his face., "You are allowed to enter a fighter of course."

"Very well, in two weeks time you will not only get to meet my friend, you will get to witness his power and potential for yourselves." Shin stated with a large smile on his face., "I warn you though, you should bring you're most powerful and very best fighters."

"Surely no mere mortal could face the might of my fighter Pikkon.", West Kai said with a smirk on his face.

"Nor my fighter Obuo.", East stated with a smirk.

"I suppose we shall see."

"I myself cannot wait.", Grand Kai said with a knowing smile on his face.

"If you will excuse me. I have a fighter to collect.", Shin said with a smile as he simply vanished from surface of the planet.

"What do you think of the idea Kabito?" Grand Kai asked with a genuinly curious tone.

"I believe the title and job of Guardian is taxing, the knowledge and power offered would turn most mortals from the light and cast them into the darkest depths of there soul."

The Kais around him nodded in understanding.

"However, after meeting and fighting alongside the young Sayain Gohan. There is no one else I would pick for the job." Kabito said with a hard tone., "The young man is the strongest person I have ever met. What he lacked in power against the enemy he more than made up for with the strength of his heart and soul. The knowledge he will gain from the otherworld order will benefit us all. And he will not turn his back on any innocent in need. He reminds me of a man few of you can remember." Grand Kai nodded his head slightly.

"Brangs was a great warrior. Is the young man just as strong?"

"Not yet. But he soon will be, with or without our help." Kabito answered before he bowed and turned from the Kai's. Leaving them alone in there thoughts.


Mirai Gohan stood in the vast whitness. Sparks of electricity flowed around his form, his golden hair swaying in the wind created by his aura.

"Almost there.", He said to himself as he gritted his teeth and fell into a tighter horse stance. He screamed loudly and felt his body begin to change, his hair grew slowly down to his waist, his brow began to change. Then just as quickly as it happened he fell to his knees and back into his ascended super saiyan state. "Damnit!", he cursed as he slamed a hand into the white floor of the chamber., "So close."

"Gohan can you hear me?", A voice rang in his head.

"I thought I told you to stay out of my head shin?", Gohan said with a smile on his face.

"What's a little mental probe between friends?", Shin asked with a humorus tone. "Okay that sounded wrong even to me."

"Yeah, just a little.", Gohan said as he stood and began the very long trek back to the exit of time chamber.

"Meet me on the lookout as soon as you can okay?"

"No problem Shin. On my way now.", Gohan said as he walked toward the door of chamber and stepped out. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the natural light of the sun. Everything seemed slightly darker to him. He smiled at Kami and Piccolo as he moved to the exterior of the lookout to stop beside Shin. The Supreme Kai smiled to himself as he looked over the world below him.

"Hell of a view huh?", Mirai asked as he to looked over. Not just with his eyes, but with his senses.

"Yeah, so remember how I told you I'd ask you for something."

"A few weeks ago, yeah, but then you said it would be years.", Gohan said with a slight smirk.

"I'm immortal, time pretty much means nothing to me.", Shin replied with a shrug.

"Remind me to get you one of those word a day calendars for your birthday."

"Sure, as soon as I remember when it is.", Shin shot back with a snort.

"So, what's the something?", Gohan asked, his tone filled with curiousity.

"First, in two weeks the otherworld will be holding a large tournament. I figured you were getting bored, so I thought you might want to compete as my fighter."

"Anyone strong enough to give me a workout?", Gohan asked as he smiled, just thinking about the tournament.

"Strength wise I doubt it. But many of these fighters have trained for hundreds of years, technique as you know can make up for a lot."

"Sure, I'll compete.", Gohan said with an excited tone., "Sounds like a lot of fun. What else?"

"There is a position open in the otherworld hierarchy. One I would like you to fill.", Shin said as he turned from the view off the lookout and locked eyes with Mirai., "It will help you become stronger, learn techniques long forgotten on the worlds of this universe."

"What would I have to do?"

"What you already do.", Shin said with a shrug., "Protect, except you will be adding otherword to your duties."

"So, why me?"

"Who else could I choose?", Shin asked with a smile., "The position of Guardian has been vacant for over a thousand years. The last Guardian, was the wielder of the Z-Sword you now possess."

"The Saiyan you told me about?", Gohan asked in slight shock as he gripped the pommel of the sword strapped on his back.

"Yes, a warrior without peer. Brangs was his name. I looked into his family line a little since meeting you. Just a feeling I had."

"And what did you find out?", Gohan asked with a thoughtfull look on his face.

"You are the great, followed by several more greats, grandson of Brangz.", Shin said with a slight smirk., "Brangz was my Sensei way back then. I was the youngest of the Kai, I was arrogant, not unlike Vegeta actually. Brangz showed me a better way to be. He died fighting Majin Buu. He was the first to fall, because the Guardian leads Son Gohan."

"Well, if he died, shouldn't he still be in otherworld?"

"Yes, but in the last thousand years, I haven't been able to find him. Perhaps he doesn't want to be found, or perhaps, he sacrificed more than his life."

"I don't understand." Gohan said as he frowned in confusion.

"You will one day.", Shin said with a slight frown., "You do not have to answer me today. I would appreciate an answer after the tournament."

"No problem. I've got a lot of thinking to do." Gohan said with a sigh as he took off the sword and sat down slowly.

"As do we all my friend.", Shin said with a large smile before vanishing from sight.

"He has offered you a great honor.", Kami said with a smile as he walked up to stand beside Mirai's sitting form.

"Yeah, I'm getting that.", Gohan answered as he stood slowly., "What do you think I should do?"

"You have been looking for a place to belong since you came back in time. Perhaps this could help you?"

"Yeah, but I've lost my friends once. Don't really know if I can lose them again."

"But you won't, this position allows you to travel back and forth between our two worlds, and perhaps, even others."

"Others?", Gohan asked with a very curious tone.

"With infinite possiblities, you have infinite outcomes.", Kami said with a enigmatic smile.

"I can almost wrap my head around that.", Gohan stated with a smile on his face.

"Then you're on your way to being a wiser being than I."


Gohan stood stone still in the GR at 100 times earth gravity. He smirked as he watched both Goku and Vegeta struggle with pushups.

"This is beginning to bore me." He said with a fake yawn, and smirked slightly as Vegeta picked up the pace of the push ups.

"So... You really get to fight in the otherworld tournament?", Goku asked as he gasped for breath.

"Yeah, sounds like fun actually." Mirai said with a large smile.

"A tournament. A game, true saiyans do not play games.", Vegeta said, just as out of breath as Goku beside him.

"Really, every time you try to spar with me it's a game. At least from my perspective."

"One day I will destroy you for your arrogance." Vegeta said with a harsh tone as he again picked up his pace.

"Pot,", Gohan said while pointing to Vegeta., "Kettle.", He said as he turned the finger toward himself.

"Stupid child.", Vegeta muttered before falling flat on his face. Gohan walked over to the console and turned the gravity down to twenty times that of earth. Vegeta rolled over on his back with a gasp as Goku sat up uneasily.

"So, are you going to be leaving us?", Goku asked with a sad smile on his face.

"I couldn't do that. I'll never be to far away.", Gohan answered with a smile. "I suppose I should go get a few more opinions on the matter though."

"Well, I think you should go for it.", Goku said with a large smile as sweat poured down his face.," It sounds way to good to pass up."

"It does doesn't it." Gohan said with a smile as he turned and opened the door of the GR., "Keep up the training. We only have a few months before Frieza makes his way here."


Mirai walked into the lab with a small smile in his face. He couldn't help but chuckled to himself as he watched Bulma lean over a new device, a look of intense concentration on her face. He walked up behind her slowly, trying not to disturb the young scientist and took a seat on a nearby stool. After a few minutes Bulma finally turned to him and smirked slightly.

"How long have you been there?", She asked as she put down a soldering iron and stretched.

"A few minutes.", Gohan answered, trying not to look at the way her breast stood out in the position. He failed of course, but Bulma gave him an A for effort.

"So, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?", She asked as she walked toward him, though half of her couldn't get over the fact that he was in essence the child of her best friend. Half of her couldn't stop thinking about ripping off his clothes.

"I um, I wanted to ask your opinion on something. How about you take a break and we'll talk about it over lunch.", Mirai stood slowly as Bulma nodded her agreement and turned toward the door.

"You know, you don't have to have a reason to ask me out.", She stated with an extra sway in her hips, Gohan closed his eyes and tried to fight off the blush that rose on his face.


"So, when are you leaving?", Bulma asked as the two walked back toward her lab. A sad frown marring her face.

"Well, not so much leaving. I can't stay away from you to long.", He said without noticing his slip of a tongue. Bulma however couldn't help but smile., "I guess I'll be leaving next week, that will give me a few days in otherworld to get used to the enviroment again."

"So, what do you want to do for till then?", Bulma asked with a mischevious grin. "Train?"

"Nah, thought I'd just spend some time with you guys."

"Well, I can think of a way to spend some time.", Bulma said huskily as she turned to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Gohan stiffened at the touch and opened his mouth to speak. Before a word could escape Bulma pulled his head down and crushed her lips on his. The young man stood in shock for a moment before he relaxed, wrapped his arms around her waste, and enjoyed the feelings that ran through his body. After what seemed like hours Bulma slowly pulled away, her red lips moist and bruised as she looked up at Gohan, waiting for his response.

"I think I like this idea.", The young Sayain said with a smirk as he pulled her off her feet and began to kiss her again. Bulma wrapped her legs around his body, enjoying the rock hard muscle that refused to give under her thighs. Gohan stepped forward slowly, pushing the blue haired woman against the wall of the hallway his hands moving up her side under her shirt, carressing the flat of her stomach and the soft skin above her ribs. Bulma moaned into his mouth breaking the kiss and moving her head down to his neck, licking and suckling the thin skin above his pulsing veins.

"Bed,", She grated out as she felt the young mans hands slide down her back and into the waistbands of her jeans. "Now."

"Definatly,", Gohan agreed as he moved her away from the wall, his hands never moving from her ass as he began walking her down the corridor. The kissing continued as Bulma's hands traced random patterns across his muscular back. And fasert than she had thought possible she felt herself being laid down on the soft down comforter of her bed. She watched, her eyes full of lust as Gohan pulled his t-shirt over his head. Scars and rock hard muscle proving without a doubt that the young man was a warrior. Bulma sat up quickly, she grabbed the waist band of the young man's gi pants pulling him toward her. Gohan couldn't help but smile as he fell foward on the bed. The rest of the night a blur of ecstasy between the two young heroes.


The smile was still on Mirais' face the next day as he stood in the GR. The Z sword held tightly in both hands as he moved through a Kata faster than most eyes could see. He felt as the gravity was lowered, and turned toward the door to watch Goku and Vegeta walk in.

"Wow, you sure look happy today son.", Goku said with a smile to match on his face. Gohan blushed slightly causing Vegeta to smirk.

"Something you want to share Kakabrat?"

"Stuff it Vegeta.", Mirai said with the smile still plastered to his face. He quickly put the sword back into the sheath on his back., "You two ready for a little training?"

"I thought we were going to train all day?", Goku said with a slight frown on his face.

"Um, I kinda have plans in an hour."

"With who?", Goku asked with a naive smile.

"Bulma.", Gohan answered as he fell into a fighting stance Goku just nodded and smiled. Vegeta on the other hand.

"Didn't know you had it in you kid.", Vegeta said with a large smirk.

"You've known me for a total of two months vegetable head.", Gohan said with a smirk.

"Why you little...", Vegeta yelled as he flew forward. And just like that Gohan got out of a very uncomfortable talk with his father.


Gohan couldn't help the tapping of his foot as he stood beside Shin. The large stone ring in front of him causing him almost to vibrate with excitement.

"So this is the great fighter?", West Kai asked with arrogance as he walked up behind the duo. Gohan frowned at the tone slightly but let it slide.

"Gohan Son this is the West Kai and his fighter.", Shin said with a smirk of his own. Gohan eyed the other fighter for a moment before smiling.

"Nice to meet you."

"Whatever kid.", The green fighter said with an uncaring tone.

"Pikkon is definatly the favorite this year.", West Kai said with a smirk., "You better watch out."

"Why, he's really not that strong.", Gohan said before thinking. He couldn't help but smirk as steam seemed to erupt from West Kai's ears.

"How's your dad Gohan?", King Kai interrupted before West could begin his tirade. Pikkon simply starred at the young sayain in a slightly new light.

"He's good King Kai. Getting stronger everyday." Gohan answered with a large smile to the overweight blue kai. King Kai nodded and smirked as Grand Kai walked directly up to Gohan. The old kai stood there for a moment, looking Gohan up and down before finally staring straight into his black eyes for a moment. Every kai held there breath for a moment. Finally, Grand Kai stepped back, a smile falling on his face as he held out his hand.

"Pleasure to meet such a strong warrior."

"Um, thank you sir.", Gohan said as he shook the hand and bowed slightly.

"Shin has asked me to teach you a few long forgotten techniques. We'll talk about it more after you win the tournament."

"Excuse me.", West Kai said with an angry smirk., "You must be mistaken Grand Kai. My fighter Pikkon will easily win this day."

"Sure, sure.", Grand Kai agreed before lowering his glasses and winking at Mirai Gohan covertly. "Well, I suppose I should go officiate. It is time to start the matches after all."

"I'll try not to disappoint.", Gohan yelled to his retreating form. Shin snickered slightly as West Kai once again began to yell and vent to the heavens.


Goku, Vegeta, and Raditz landed on the lookout with easy steps.

"To what do i owe the pleasure Goku.", Kami asked as he stepped from the interior of the lookout to greet his guest.

"We were wondering if you knew a way for us to watch Mirai fight?"

"Well, it just so happens I do. We can go watch if you like. I was planning to anyway." Kami stated as he turned and stopped to look at his counterpart., "Would you like to come as well Piccolo?"

"Only because I have nothing better to do.", Piccolo grunted as he turned and let Kami lead the way. Goku smiled slightly as he used his right hand to pat Piccolo on the shoulder.

"It's okay to care a little."

"Get your hand off me Son." Piccolo growled as the warriors and guardian walked deep into the citadel.

"Geez, sorry."


Gohan Son was a lot things. A warrior, a caring soul, a certified genius in the highest academic circles. But, if you looked at him as he stood on the stone ring of Otherworld Stadium, you might mistake him for a child on a sugar high. His body seemed to vibrate with anticipation. Shin stood off to the side, smiling slightly at the young sayain.

"You seem excited.", Shin stated with a smirk on his face.

"This could be the first tournament I get to fight in that doesn't end in a life or death struggle.", Gohan answered with a shrug. Shin chuckled at the looks the other kai's gave the young man.

"I suppose that is true."

"It's kind of nice to fight for the fun of it. Not to save the universe or anything.", Gohan said with a slight smile.

"Well, I should inform you that this is really an interview of sorts. The Kai's do not believe that you have the strength and will to perform the task I have chosen for you."

"Really? I would have thought they would remember."

"I am afraid not, Kabito and I are the only old enough to not be affected by the timestream."

"Ah, that makes sense I guess. So, whose up first?"

"You will be fighting Obuo, a warrior from earths past."


"He is quite powerful for a human, and diffenatly the second favorite in the tournament."

"Well, I'll do my best for an upset then."

"Just don't kill him on accident.", Shin said as he turned and walked toward his chair above the grand Kai.

"No problem." Gohan yelled at his back before looking across the ring at his opponent.

Gohan fell into his stance, the smile on his face falling slightly into a self assured smirk.

"Let's do this.