Chapter 1 Me and My Life

Hi my name is Tigerlilly, and I'm 14 I'm currently in a programme called o.w.s.a.i.n ive been in this programme my whole life and this is my story. My full name is Tigerlilly Hossaine Mirralla Golle Dera mistress of the underworld; a mistress is basically the daughter of the king that is not eligible to be queen no matter what happens. My mother was Janice Halowel Dere queen of the underworld; basically one of many of my fathers wives but not the first in line that is why we can't inherit the thrown. I am originally from France and my father travelled to Australia to visit a friend and to see how Lord Gaol Dere one of my many siblings was running the kingdom here. My father King Pejier Hossaine Pigalla Golle Dera like most Kings or Lords was pretty tight with his fortuneteller. The fortune teller however had seen a glimpse of what I would become and had reported that I would be of great power and would be a threat to the kingdom so when a was born my mother had been told to rid of me and fast, and that is how I got to be in St Lowell's orphanage.

Chapter 2 The Orphanage

The orphanage was all I knew and I grew up there happily and well I didn't think I went without anything. As a young child in the orphanage I was looked after by my best friend Lucy-May she was at least four years older then me. Lucy was a witch and helped me learn my powers and also how to use a stick by the time I was five and could spin the stick around in my two hands and in one better then the man at the circus. Lucy new all about the program only one child in the whole of Australia would be picked to go and live in America and to be trained to be a spy the programme was called O.W.S.A.I.N and they only took orphans at the age of six years of age that they believed had potential for greatness.

I was a hot shot, you know in the popular crowd and I was chosen to be the representative from my state, W.A. The judges came there was three of them two females and a man he was about five foot three and was bald, I remember I thought he was really strange cause he was dressed worst then the children and he smelled a bit like rum and bleach mixed together. The two ladies were dressed in the same yellow and blue dresses and looked like sisters. Despite what they looked like I put on my best act and on birthday I was told that I was chosen and I had two days to pack.