Lady Ai: YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!

Bakura: What the hell is wrong with you?

Lady Ai: I'm finally making the sequel to Bites That Scar Me! YAY! Bakura would you like to tell everyone what title was the winner?

Bakura: ...Baka, the could obviously see the new title, THEY CLICKED ON IT!

Lady Ai: Oh...I knew that! Well, yeah. The title 'Vampire Heart' won.

Bakura: (rolls eyes) Why do I hang out with you?

Lady Ai: Becuase my friend would whip you if you don't. Just go back to listening to your love songs!

Bakura: They are not love songs! It's a band called H.I.M and they sing...

Lady Ai: Love songs. Sure they're goth love songs but love songs none the less.

Bakura:. . . . Just shut up and write the Ra damned story!

Lady Ai: XD Anyway, for thoes of you who aren't aware of H.I.M's music, Vampire Heart is one of thier songs. My friend Cynthia gave me the idea of that being my new title, and it won! Cool. Ahem now for the...

Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh and I don't not own the title 'Vampire Heart'. I also do not own the band H.I.M. So what the hell do I own/Seto comes in and whispers in Lady Ai's ear/ Oh, well of course I own my creative mind, thank you Kaiba/Kaiba mumbles a whatever and leaves/ He's off to screw his puppy! n.n


'Vampire Heart'

Chapter 1: What Now?

Author POV

He sat there on the cold stone floor. Two arms chained up, in defeat. He felt so hungry, so cold, so...alone.

He had tried to bring up his power but he knew that was gone. That part of him had vanished.

This is what he wanted, no? To be mortal. Heh, everything had their price. And even though he wasn't a vampire anymore, he could still feel the presence of someone coming toward him.

The door creaked open and in stepped someone in a yellow cloak. "Well, hello. How are you doing, Yami?".

"Piss off." Yami glared. The person in the yellow cloak dropped his hood and revealed a smirking Shintaro. "Hm, I don't like that tone of voice young man. We'll soon be at Malik's house, don't worry." Shintaro walked toward Yami and grabbed his chin. "You and Malik will marry, therefore making Malik ruler of the vampire community. Aren't you lucky?".

Yami spit at the man's face. Shintaro let go of Yami's chin and wiped his face. "Insolent." Yami held his death glare. Shintaro growled and got out, slamming the door behind him. Yami sighed.

'Malik. Hmph, he could have the land for all I care. I just want my small angel, my hikari- Yugi.'

XxVampire HeartxX

Ryou and Marik were trying to calm Yugi down for weeks now. Yugi didn't care to go to school anymore and he kept to himself. His friends would go in his room and they would always notice new holes in the wall. Ryou was so scared that he grabbed anything that would cut and, if Marik hadn't stopped him, Ryou would've padded the whole room.

Joey, Kaiba and Bakura would stay at the mansion and take care of Yugi. Joey would bring the boy food, Seto would spend time with him if the boy wanted to talk, which he would. Bakura usually would try and cheer him up and slap him out of it. Bakura was also planning on how to get to the vampire community and have a sneak attack on Marik and his guards.

Joey was making some gingerbread cookies and humming to his favorite song. Seto was staring at him, an eyebrow raised. Joey hummed cheerfully and sang out a part while taking out the cookies. At the same moment, Ryou, Marik, Bakura and Tristain came into the house.

"No I don't wanna fall in love!(This world is always gonna break your heart) I don't wanna fall in love!(This world is always gonna break your heart) With you!"

Four sets of eyes looked at Joey as he smiled and continued to hum. "Um...Joey? What are you doing?" Tristain asked. Joey showed them the cookies. They were gingerbread-men cookies in the shape of his friends. Marik, Tristain and Bakura began to laugh. Ryou sweatdropped and Seto held in a laugh by biting on his lower lip but when he saw the cookie that was suppose to be Joey, he fell off of his chair.

"Joey-koi! Why is that gingerbread cookie shaped as a dog?" Seto asked getting up from the floor. Joey grabbed said cookie and stuffed it into Seto's mouth. "You always said you could just eat me up!"

Kaiba munched on the cookie as the others started to laugh harder. "Pup, these cookies are actually good." Seto petted Joey's golden hair. Everyone went and grabbed their cookies. Then everything went quite as they heard faint footsteps coming down the stairs and some more singing.

"Let me wake up in your arms. Hear you say it's not alright. Let me be self dead and gone. So far away from life. Close my eyes. Hold me tight. And bury me deep inside your heart. All I ever wanted was you, my love, You...all I ever wanted is you, my love. Your're all I ever wanted, just you."

By the kitchen door stood a tri-colored hair boy wearing black leather pants and a black shirt. He had a CD player in one hand and earphones on his ears. The small boy had small rings under his forever stained red eyes. "Hey, guys. What's going on?". Yugi gave out a weary smile.

Joey smiled brightly. "Yuge! You're up! And just in time to eat some cookies. Here's yours. What's that you're listening to? Is that H.I.M? You know I love that band, let me listen!" Joey didn't even breath while speaking and didn't even bother to wait for Yugi's answer, he just grabbed the CD player and placed the earphones over his ears. "WOO! I love the song 'Wicked Game'. Don't you? What's your favorite song Yuge? What about you Seto-koi, do you want to listen, huh huh huh?".

Yugi let out a small giggle. "How much of the dough did you eat before making the cookies Joey-kun?". Joey spread his arms wide open. "This much!". Everyone sweatdropped as Joey went in to kill Yugi with a hug of doom.

Fourtunatly, Yugi ducked and Joey crashed into the floor. Kaiba sighed, "Hyper-active idiot. The worst kind of idiot." "Oh, Seto-kun! You're such a rioit!". Yugi punched Seto's arm playfully and, not realizing his own strengh, made Seto fall out of the chair with a hard thud on the floor. "Opps!Hehe?". Seto got up once again from the floor. "It seems that the floor and I have more of an intimate relationship then that of Joey and myself."

"Yugi-chan, why in such a good mood today? Not that I don't want you to but I mean...I'll be quite." Ryou said then taking an intrest to his shoes. Yugi smiled. "I'm happy because . . . . I know something you don't." Yugi whispered the last part. Bakura raised an eyebrow. "He probably cracked." Ryou syuck an elbow into Bakura's stomach to shut him up. Marik smiled and said, "So? What is it that you know that we don't?".

Yugi smiled even wider. "I know where Yami is and how to get to him!".

A silence hovered the room. "Yup, it's official. Yugi finally cracked." Ryou stuck his elbow into Bakura's gut again, this time a bit harder. "Ow! Look you! I don't care how adorably hot and sexy you are, you can't go around sticking your elbow in my stomach!".

Another silence was in the room with Marik glaring at Bakura and Ryou blushing. "Did you hear me?" Bakura asked, poking Ryou. Marik quickly grabbed Ryou away from Bakura. "Don't touch MY boyfriend!"

"Lair! He is not your boyfriend!". "Oh yeah?". "YEAH!"

Marik and Bakura glared at each other while Ryou hung from Marik's arm. Everyone stood to the side to watch the scene. Suddenly Bakura grabbed Ryou's hand. "I want him!". "You can't have him! He's mine!". Marik grabbed Ryou's other hand and tugged. Bakura tugged as well.

"Oh, please no. Not again." Ryou muttered.

"He is my boyfriend!". "PROVE IT!". "Fine!". Marik grabbed Ryou's chin and kissed him as Ryou kissed back. Bakura glared at them. Marik broke it off, leaving Ryou dazed and falling to the floor, and smirked at Bakura. "See?". Bakura rolled his eyes and smiled. "I can do better than that."

With that said, Bakura quickly grabbed Ryou off the floor and began to run to the bedroom. Marik stood there, eyes wide. As was everyone else. "Well, what are you waiting for? GET YOUR BOYFRIEND OUTTA THAT GUYS PANTS!" Seto yelled. Marik ran after Ryou and Bakura.

"Anyway, as I was saying. I found out where to find Yami." Joey looked down at his friend. "You're serious?". Yugi nodded. "Yup. See, this is what we have to do, Yami's um...gardian (Yakasha) has a secret passage to the vampire community behind her grave in the backyard."

"Yami has his gardian's grave in the backyard?" Joey asked. "For privacy...anyway, we go down there and-". Joey interrupeted again. "If Yami had a secret passage, wouldn't Malik have find it and just get Yugi from there?". Yugi looked annoyed. Seto saw this and placed a hand over Joey mouth. "If you stay quite, koi, you won't die AND you'll recive a reward from me." Joey nodded and let Yugi continue. "As I was saying, we go down there and um, well I guess Bakura will lead us through. He's the one who knows every little square feet of the place."

Everyone looked up as they heard a loud thud by the fridge. Their eyes widened to see Marik on the floor. Their gazed turned to an angry Bakura and a shocked Ryou. Marik got up from the floor. "Fine, keep him. Just stay away from me. Both of you." And with that Marik left, slamming the door behind him.

Ryou didn't move one inch. Niether did anyone else. Bakura had his eyes closed and turned to Ryou. Ryou glared at him. "He was the first one I loved. He was the first one to love me back. Look what you've done." Ryou said, gently. He was not one to yell at people. Bakura's hair covered his dark red eyes. "I-I...I'msorry. I didn't mean for that to happen."

"Well, it did." Ryou walked toward Bakura. He stopped right infront of him, noses touching. Ryou closed the gap with a kiss. Bakura's eyes widened before he closed them and gave in.

"Ahem. You guys, Yugi has a plan and we should do it immediatly." Joey said. Ryou broke off the kiss, smiled then looked at the others. "Then let's go for it." Bakura was still stiffened in place. "Tristain, you comin', man?" Joey asked turning to his buddy. Tristain shurgged. He had nothing better to do ever since he broke it off with Tea. She kept pestering around him still though until she was in a horrible car accident (car accident my butt, Kaiba ran her over).

Yugi's smile turned into a smirk/grin. Which is when everyone finally noticed. For the first time, they noticed that Yugi had fangs.

Lady Ai: WOAH! WOW! THE FIRST CHAPTER IS COMPLETE! I meant for it to be a bit angsty, as you could tell from the drastic change from Yami being chained up then to Yugi in the darkness of his room for weeks to Joey singing and baking cookies. Isn't that just amazing?

Anyway, you now what to do...

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