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Vampire Hearts

Chapter 5: Knowing Future

Author POV

"Someone please get him off me." Tristan blushed slightly as the stranger cuddled closer to his chest. Ryou tapped the stranger's shoulder. "Excuse us, but could you perhaps tell us your name?" The stranger looked at Ryou and stood up and bowed down to him. He looked up at Ryou and winked. "You'll understand." Bakura sent the odd man a death glare just for the wink.

"My name, kind strangers, is Duke. A psychic and an empathic. Let me prove it." He turned to Tristan, grabbed his hand and kissed it. "You are Tristan Tailor. You're feeling awkward by my presence and yet you think I'm hot. In your mid-future, you are to marry the one you are looking at right now." Duke smiled as Tristan blushed.

This is the first time all of them get a better look at what he is wearing. Black leather pants, dark red v-necked shirt and a purple cape around his shoulders. His dark hair was tied up in a ponytail and he wore alot of eyeliner, a zig zag under his left eye (A/N: I'm not really sure which eye). He wore a dice earring and seemed a bit egotistical.

"And you are Mai Valentine... Who doesn't know about you, temptress? You're the sexiest lady in the land and you take advantage of it. In your near-future you will find what you're looking after though you might not know it and in your far future you shall gain something.

"Now onto you, Joey Wheeler. Right now, I'm getting really strong vibes from you. You're very angry, yet you're also mellow right now. Add to that you're sad, very sad about something you've thought you lost. Your future is like Mai's only you shall marry the person who you are setting on. Who's name is...

"Seto Kaiba. Ah, the great priest to the evil Malik, also known as the Hitler of the vampire community. You seek revenge over all. How dare Malik mistreat your first love? How dare he just imprison your little brother? How dare anyone get in your way to what you want? You and Ryou shall have a small fight over this.

"Speaking of Ryou Bakura. You are in mixed emotions, mostly about Bakura. They are quiet strong. In your future, you shall become one of us and be engaged to Bakura. Not only do you have to fight against Kaiba, you and Yugi will have to battle against an old friend...a lover from the past was it?

"Bakura, you my friend are madly in love. And I think you're getting a bit obsessed. An advice, cool your jets okay? Just be yourself and he'll come to you. Actually...why are you here? Most everyone here is after Malik, yet neither one of you have anything to find here or do. Tristan was destined to find me and Ryou is going to fight against Seto, so their coming along was valid."

"I want to kick some ass. That's it. Besides, I'm not going to leave my Ryou alone for a second."

"Ok then. Shall I go on to the last one? Yugi Motou? You want revenge as well as Kaiba, it's even stronger than his. Malik will lay down in a pool of his own blood after you are done with him. And then you shall drink from it. All your problems will be solved and only you with a bit of help from your friends will solve them."

Everyone sat still. Tristain was still blushing, avoiding eye contact with Duke. Mai was busy thinking of what she would gain. Joey's anger evaporated into eagerness, he started to plan things out in his mind, things like his wedding. Seto and Ryou looked at each other, both wondering what they could possibly fight about. Bakura was controlling himself around Ryou and Yugi was in shock to hear that he would be so anger as to kill another person. For Yami.

Duke grinned at everyone's thoughtful faces. "And they are all accurate too. I hope all of you liked them, they all seemed liked happy endings. But I cannot go into that. Now we all must rest. Tristain would you care to share a tent with me?" Duke smirked. Tristain rolled his eyes. "Ok, one thing. Stop being so concited, it's really starting to get on my nerves." And with that, he went into his tent. "Spicy, I love that." Duke grinned and ran in after him.

Everyone then went to their tent. Joey and Yugi were still around the fire.

"Two strangers in one day. Ones a sex idol, the other's a psycho."

"Joey, I think it's psychic."

"Psycho, psychic. Whatever. I think that's the fruitest man you can find."

"Joey don't be so mean." Yugi chuckled though.

"Heh. Hey we should head to bed if ya gonna open a can of whoop ass on Malik soon."

Yugi sighed. "Yeah. I don't feel right killing someone..."

"But you'd do it for Yami right?" Joey smiled when Yugi looked up at him. "You'd kill for Yami and I would die for Seto. We're both kinda fucked up aren't we Yug'?" Yugi shook his head. "Not fucked up. love." Joey nodded. "Well, G'night Yug'. Don't let the bed bugs bite." Yugi giggled. "Try not to make to much noise now, some of us are actually sleeping." Joey stuck out his tongue at Yugi before he went inside his tent and Yugi went into his. None aware of what was so close.


"Oh, Yami!" A gruff voice shouted. "We're here..." The cellar door slowly opened as Yami picked up his head tiredly. By the door you can see the silhouette of a person with large spiked up hair and lean figure. You can only see his vampire teeth as he grinned his manic grin to Yami. With disgust and fear in his eyes, Yami started to squirm and tug at his chains. Yami froze when he heard the silhouette's laugh, such a familiar laugh. The laughing died out just to say two words;

"My love..."

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