A/N: Regarding the timeline-Since House didn't know about Wilson's second brother, but met the other,I'm assuming they met after his brother left, less then eight years ago as of Histories. Therefore, the first scene is after meeting Wilson, but before Stacy (because I wanted them to have known eachother before Stacy). The second is present-day (relatively), but I imagine before Stacy came back to work for the hospital.

The OC. Jeopardy. South Park. Lifetime movie. Punk'd. House snatched to remote away from the man on his couch. "That's annoying," he snarled.

"There's nothing on," Wilson whined.

"How would you know? You're too drunk to see the screen."

Wilson gave a short, bitter laugh. He looked away. House stared at him for a few seconds and returned his attention to the TV. After a minute he heard Wilson quietly say, "What do I do?"

House looked at him again. "Now? Go to sleep."

"You know what I mean. What do I do about her?"

House sighed. "Did you cheat on her?"


"So get divorced. Or let yourself think that you deserved it. Whatever makes it easier to live with yourself."

Wilson took a slow swallow from the bottle on the floor next to him. "I can't."

House studied his friend. "What I can't figure out is, why do you think it's your job to keep everything together? And more importantly, why do you blame yourself when it falls apart?"

Wilson took another drink and turned to him, locking his glazed eyes on the bright blue ones across from him. "It's not really a younger child mentality, is all." Silence. House turned back to the screen. "Go to sleep."

Eventually, he did. House snapped off the TV and threw a blanket over his sleeping friend. He placed a bottle of aspirin and a glass of water on the coffee table next to him, before turning off the light and going to his bedroom.


House walked through the door to Wilson's office and laid his cane on the the desk. Wilson looked up from the paperwork he was bent over. "A simple 'Hi' would have sufficed."

"I'm out," House announced. "Need you to renew my prescription."

Wilson sighed. "Already? It's only been-"

"Twelve days, I know." House interrupted. "It hurts!" he said in response to the skeptical look Wilson gave him.

Wilson shook his head and looked back down at his papers. "Fine. Just...just give me a minute to finish up. I'll go down with you."

House glowered at him. "I can go myself. I'm a big boy."

"I'll go with you."

House rolled his eyes. Ten minutes later, they headed down to the pharmacy. House grabbed his pills and started to leave. "Hey," Wilson said. House turned back to look at him. "Try to make these last longer, okay?"

"Yes mom." House said with practiced sarcasm.

Wilson watched his friend limp out the hospital's door. More than House would have liked to admit, the infarction had changed him. It had changed their relationship as well. Somewhere along the line, their positions had reversed themselves. Somehow, he'd become the older brother.