Where was she supposed to go? She couldn't hide forever. It'd already been too long... Confrontation was inevitable. There was no way she could escape, nowhere to go where he couldn't find a way to contact her. She needed to stop, to get it over with... But she couldn't.

An epiphany.

There was nowhere to go.

She had nothing to do, yet, at the same time, there were many things to say.

But... What if he ended up confirming her beliefs? Could she handle that? Could she even process such a thought?

What if...

What if it wasn't all a nightmare?

Maybe... Maybe, she just had to accept the fact that he wasn't for her. She had to accept the fact that he really had hurt her... That it wasn't just a figment of her imagination. She had to accept it... She had to go back.

Returning was the only good thing to do.

So, she turned slowly, auburn hair clinging to her and giving her an almost lost look. Dull forest colored eyes, and skin pale as death made sure that anyone out would believe she was the walking dead...

In a sense, she was.

But, closing her eyes and gripping skin tight, soaked sleeves tighter, she still found herself reversing directions. She was ready to return... But it seemed that there was already someone there, waiting for her. Someone related to him, someone who was trying to stop her from running.

His eyes were burning, it seemed... With what? Anger? Hate? Disgust?... Love? Sympathy? Pity? Regret?

She shook her head and backed up a step, not missing the way his frown deepened. But... She couldn't help but stare. After all she had done to him, after her blatant denial of the truths he set in front of her over and over again... He still tried to help her. Why?

Dark navy hair, almost ebony glistened under the pouring rain that soaked the two bodies. Midnight eyes, slowly calming into their normal fa├žade of calm and understanding, removing the traces of the almost frighteningly strong emotions running through the his body. Glasses were blurred from the thunderous storm around the two, making the scene even darker than it really was...

Like blurring the lines of reality.

Moments passed in silence, and finally he spoke. "You have to come back. I know you're hurt... But you can't stay away forever. You'll regret it if you don't face things now."

"...I know."

"And he hurt you, yes, but you need to understand that everything happens for a reason."

She was a bit slower to respond this time. "...I know..."

"We've been looking for you for nearly three hours, you know. Everyone was worried that something might've happened to you..." Why was he pointing this out? He didn't want to make her feel guilty. But he needed to say these things.

"...I'm sorry." And yet, she felt too numb to be truly apologetic.

He sighed. "It's cold and wet outside... You're probably becoming sicker as we speak. Will you come home now?"

Why would she want to return? But... He didn't ask if she wanted to go back. He asked if she would. "...I don't know."

"You have to come back, soon."

"...Hai. I know."

He paused; but he had to ask. "Will you come back for her?"


"Will you come back for both of them?"


"Will you come back... For me?"

And then she looked up.

"Please, will you come back for me? ...To me?"

"...Hai. I will."

He smiled, and quick as lightening had her holed up in his gentle embrace. Of course, he knew she thought it was friendly. He knew she was thinking that he was just doing his job as a close friend. He knew that she had no idea about his feelings for her, or how much it hurt to be doing this for the one that she was in love with.

He didn't know that he was almost completely wrong.

"...I'm sorry." Suddenly, her knees buckled, and she was almost on the ground with just his arms supporting her.

"Sakura..." He spoke into the winds that were dying down. Face calming, he lifted her weight carefully into his arms, and began heading back the way he'd chased her from in the first place. "I'm glad you knew you couldn't stay away."

"Thank you, Eriol-kun..." Came the softly mumbled words before darkness.