Skye, Lindsay, Dana, Alison and Jordan walked down the street. The girls were all best friends and were all like glue and sticks. Always stuck together. Never apart. Unless they were pulled apart, of course, which is why they were like glue and sticks. They entered the mall and went straight to food court. On any given Friday night they'd go there, buy smoothies and talk at a table.

"So," said Skye, "did you hear about that killer? They're calling him the Jigsaw killer. He puts people in traps and asks them how much blood they would shed to stay alive. It's pretty awesome, but uh, most of the people who die definitely deserve it." Alison laughed, and the rest of the girls just smiled. They were the type who would laugh at people with bad lives for no reason whatsoever, because it was funny to them.

"Yeah," said Lindsay. "It's pretty stupid, I mean, like, why would someone do that? They could just shoot them in the head and it would be over!"

"That's not how it works, though," said Jordan. "The reason why he puts the people in the trap is to make them suffer for everything they've done. I think it's genius." The girls were kind of surprised that Jordan would say that. You see, Jordan usually is a goof ball, will just be stupid and never serious. She was basically drunk on life, if you get the point of that.

"Well, I mean, if I was in one of those traps," said Dana, "which probably wont happen, I'd probably go through with it. Shed as much blood as possible, though. I wouldn't care, as long as I'd get out alive." The girls nodded, and she took a sip of her smoothie. "I mean, come on, would I rather die, or live, but with just a bit of blood being lost?"

"Yeah," said Alison, who took the last sip of her smoothie. That night, Skye slept over at Jordan's house. They first watched a movie, while eating popcorn, and then they had a pillow fight, played truth or dare, and then finally got into their sleeping bags and talked about the cute boys at school. Skye said goodnight, closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Jordan stared at the ceiling, and finally, after an hour, closed her eyes, not expecting to wake up somewhere different the next day…