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The Five Heroes

Part 1: The Journey of the Five

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Many thousands of years ago the Elves ruled the Great World. The Creatures of Life ruled just and fair, but the world was riddled with evil creatures. Trolls, Gryphons, Dragons, Undead, Witches and other pagens were a threat to them. From the race of men came a great hero, one who fought along side of the Elves. He drove the pagens over the river Sylus, and forced the Undead past the Algolon River, freeing the Elves from their worst enemy. In return for his aid, the Elves crowned him king of the northern realm Satera.

Three other kings were crowned for Marcutia, Kalante and Abalon, while the Pagans were sent to live in a realm bordered by the Mountains of Magic. All of the five kingdoms lived in peace. War was non existent, and death was merely a fleeting thought. Until a cruel enemy known as the Wraith came into the harmonious world. It was never known from where they came, but they were a plague. They fed upon the lives of the humans, and took over the world of Satera. The royal family escaped the Wraith, but the Sword of the Ancients was lost, it's resting place unknown.

The Wraith claimed the land, and fed upon the lives of it's people. Some were spared, but used only to breed more food for the Wraith. The other kings gave in to the sway of power and greed. War was now a common place, and death a respite from the terrible lives that men now had. The Elves closed off their kingdom, and kept themselves hidden. Hope lay only in a prophecy the Elf queen saw when Satera fell.

When evil takes root in the lands of old

Take strength in this tale that is to be told

Five strangers whose paths will cross

Only together can they reclaim what was lost

A prince afraid to accept his rights

A coward who will learn to brave the fight

A half-blood whose words are wise

A traitor who must choose a side

The key whose past is unknown

But whose destiny is set in stone

Only together can they withstand the fight

The five heroes who will set all to right

Years passed, and the hope of the prophecy diminished as it sank into a myth. However, a king was born in Marcutia, a great king. One who believed fully in the prophecy, and in the hope that the Wraith will be destroyed. His brother, Clayton, murdered him and took the throne by force. Since King Wiston had no queen nor children, all promise of retribution was thought to be lost. Unknown to all, the first half of the prophecy had already been born.

John was walking on a dirt road that led to Wicheta in Kalante. He looked at his mostly empty money purse. Only a few silver coins lay inside, which spoke of his lousy time in Bolav. Guess I'll see Mom in Havenston, He thought, I can earn some money there. For five years he'd wandered the four kingdoms of men, visting towns, and taking up temporary jobs. He even tried his hand at some competitions, and won a few.

He stopped walking when a sharp edge of a sword was pressed against his throat. "Oh great," John said out loud, "What I always wanted to see."

"I could show you the color of your blood if you don't hand over that purse," The thief said.

"Alright, alright, I know the drill," John said as he untied to pouch from his belt. He tossed it to him, finally getting a good look at the guy. He was tall, with brown dreadlocks and muscular arms. He looked close to his age, but what did that matter this guy was robbing him!

"You do this for a living?" John asked.

"Stop talking," He said, as he dug through the purse. He brought out the few coins, "That's it? What'd you have a bad week?"

"More like a bad month," John replied, "So since I don't have much, can I have it back?"

The bandit chuckled,"Yeah right." He slung it onto his shoulder, "Thanks, so long."

John watched as the thief walked away with his money, and he never got to fight the guy. And I thought it couldn't get any worse.

He finally made it to Wicheta with no money, only a small pack of food, his sword and the clothes on his back. I live a sad life, He thought to himself. He stumbled into an inn, and walked over to the Inn keeper, "Any people have open jobs around here?"

"What kind you lookin for, wanderer?"

"Anything," he replied, "I need money, badly."

"You get robbed?"


The Inn keeper looked surprised, "I'm sorry, but I don't know of any jobs."

John shook his head, "That's just what I needed to hear."

He turned around to leave when someone stepped on his foot, "And that's my foot."


John held up his hands, "Whoa slow down, I got none of that."

"Oh," the guy said, "I'm sorry, it's just that I..."

"You're a jittery fellow aren't you?" John said.

"Um, a little."

"Ok, now calm down," He said, "Now tell me what you were going to say."

"Alright," he said, "I'm Rodney McKay, I was wondering if I could hire you to take me to Abalon."

John looked at Rodney from head to toe. He was wearing a white tunic with black breeckes. He had a green cloak pinned with a silver pin, "You're a mage."

Rodney relaxed a little, "Yes, I am," He got a proud smile on his face, "To tell you the truth, I'm the best mage ever."

John cocked an eyebrow, "Really, good for you, so what about that job."

"Oh right, I'll pay you to take me to Winnington in Abalon."

"I know Winnington is in Abalon," John replied, "But I was on my way to Havenston."

"Oh, I don't mind going there first," Rodney said, "This is my journeyman stage."

"Really," John said, "And how many places have you visited?"

"Oh well, uh...here."

"Right," John said smiling, "How much you gonna pay me?"

"Fifty gold coins."

"Make it a hundred."

"What!" Rodney cried, but then his eyes spied the sword at John's waist, "That's reasonable."

"We've got a deal then," John said, holding out his hand, "I'm John Sheppard by the way."

"And I'm...you already know my name."

"Yeah, I do, so what exactly do Mage's do? I mean I know they're scholars, but what else?"

"Oh well, we know the history of all the kingdoms, well except the Elves, and the Pagens, and we know all the languges of this world...except the Elves and the Pagens, and we can do small magic, such as potions, small fires and small tricks."

"So you can't do any of the cool stuff like fireballs?"

"Well you'd have to be a witch to do that, wouldn't you?"

"Right," John said, "You ready to head out?"

"Yes, I just need to get my stuff," Rodney said, as he headed up the stairs to his room. What do you know, life's starting to look better, John thought to himself.

"So what is the name of this place again?"

John rolled his eyes, "It's name is Sitar and no this is not the breeding ground for bandits."

Rodney looked around, "Are you sure because I swear that guy just looks like he wants to rob me."

John stared at him for a moment, "That's a woman."

Rodney tilted his head, "Oh so it is." He turned to John, "So how long are we staying here?"

"Just for the night," John saw the look on his face, "Unless you want to sleep on the ground again."

"Oh well this place is fine," He saw several men fist fighting, "Just great."

John had a hard time trying to keep a straight face, he turned around so Rodney wouldn't notice. It was then that he saw the very large, very tall man walking out of a tavern. "You've got to be kidding me."

"What, what is it? Is somebody trying to kill you?"

"No, but I am going to kill somebody." John said heading towards the man.

"You don't mean me do you?"

John stopped and turned, "No."

"Oh good."

John walked away again shaking his head, but I will if he doesn't stop acting like a helpless maiden. He walked over to the thief, "Hey!" He called out to him. the big man turned around, "I want my money back." He said as he unsheathed his sword.

The man smiled, "Okay," he pulled out his own sword.

They stepped back a few paces, Rodney watching from the sidelines praying that someone didn't ask him to fight as well.

John rushed his opponent the only thought racing through his mind was the need for victory. It was a matter of pride, the man had robbed him blind not even letting him fight. If only the guy didn't look so confident.

Their swords met with a clang, gleaming in the hot sun. Many passerby stopped to watch the fight, even though similar ones happened everyday. The thief parried another blow from John, still bearing a confidant smile. Each time thier swords clashed, John found it harder to hold on. This man was strong, very strong, freakishly strong.

After fighting this guy for several minutes John's arms began to feel the brunt of it and still the guy kept smiling, it was then John realized that he was just toying with him!

John took a step back, "Look fight with me for real, don't just play around with me."

The theif shrugged his shoulder's, "Fine."

John rushed him again and this time when their swords met, the guy brought his hand around and wrenched John's sword from his hand. John was left staring at his empty hand and the guy just looked at him, "Ok, you win."

Instead of replying, they guy looked at his sword before tossing it to him like it was a book, "That's a pretty pathetic sword."

"Hey, I like this sword. It just needs to be sharpened if I had any money." John protested.

He just shook his head, "Who's the guy?" He asked pointing his sword at Rodney.

"You're not going to rob him too are you?" From the look on his face John doubted it, "He's a Mage."

"What are you trying to protect him? Because if you are he could do a lot better, you're not much of a fighter."

John was insulted, "For your information I've won competitions from here to Marcutia."

"And I just beat you in about two minutes."

"Right." John admitted, now his pride really was bruised. "How did you do that? What are you some kind of warrior from across the sea?"

Ronon shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know."

Now John was confused, "What do you mean you don't know?"

"Besides my name, I don't remember anything about my past."

"Really? So what is your name?"

He smiled, "Ronon Dex, yours?"

"John Sheppard, the Mage over there is Rodney McKay." John thought for moment, "Maybe he can help you, provided you don't scare him to death first."

"Me...you want me..to uh..."

"Yes, we want you," John said, " He's not going to hurt you," John looked back at Ronon, "You're not going to hurt him right?"


"See, he's not going to hurt you," John said, "Now I know you could use your skills to figure this out."

"Of course I can, but I..uh..he's so...big."

"Rodney, just come over here."

"Alright," He replied timidly. Rodney inched over to Ronon, and held up his shaking hands, "Is it..uh, alright If I...uh...touch you?"

Ronon raised an eyebrow.

I mean, your head...I have to touch your head."

"Okay," Ronon said.

"Okay," Rodney repeated, taking a deep breath. He pressed two fingers on both of Ronon's temples, and concentrated for a few seconds. "His memory loss wasn't due to injury," he said as he pulled back, "My best guess is that he crossed paths with a sorceror or a witch."

"Well that's not good," John said, "We're headed to Abalon, to the High Sanctuary of Mages, you can come if you want. You might learn something there."

"You'd let me come?" Ronon asked doubtfuly.

"Provided you don't steal from us."

Ronon thought for a moment, "Well it's better than sitting around here."

"Okay then good," John said, "We're going to leave in the morning."

John turned to leave, "Hey." Ronon said and he turned back around. Ronon tossed him the money purse that he had stolen, "As payment." Ronon said with a smile.

John opened it to find all of his money, as little as it was, still inside, "You didn't spend it?" John asked.

"Wasn't much spend." He said with a grin.

"Well thanks...I guess." John said, "Any good places to stay around here?"

"That depends on your defintion of good."

"Are there any places where we won't get killed?"

Ronon thought for a moment, "There is one place."

John smiled, "Lead the way."

At the south of Marcutia there is a range of mountains that streached to the middle of Abalon. These mountains were called the Mountains of Magic and no man dared walk among those treacherous peaks for fear of the dangerous creatures rumored to lurke there.

The creatures that lurked in mountains were figment of an idle brain, the real danger was the guild at the top of one of the highest mountains in the range. Here is where the Witches gathered, apprentices learning the ways of witchcraft, masters muttering over spells.

This was home to Teyla Emmagen and always had been since she had been brought here when she was only five years old. She barely noticed the stodgy old warlocks and the jittery young ones just beginning to learn their power. They had not even taken the vows that all Witches and Warlocks must make.

Never trust the will of men, for their hearts are unkind.

Never engage in pleasures of the flesh, it will cloud your mind.

Let passion fuel your life but keep emotions away.

Always remember the Ancestors for they will guide you each day.

She entered the room at the top of one of the towers, this was where her master stayed. She considered herself lucky that she had been chosen to be apprentice to the greatest of the Warlocks. She was no fool, she knew it was because she held a unique gift with magic, as was always the case for those with Pagen blood born in a kingdome of men. Yes she was powerful but it would be a long time before she was as powerful as her master.

"You wanted to see me?" She asked her master hunched over a stone, gazing into it like it was a magnificent treasure.

"The Key has been found." He stated simply.

"The Key from the prophecy?" She asked astonished.

"Yes," He said, "He travels with two men, you will go to them."

"And what would you have me do?"

He turned to look at her, "You will bring him here, I will deal with him myself."

"And the others?"

"Leave them, they are not of my concern."

Teyla nodded, "I will do as you wish."

"They are heading for the Broken Forest, you will meet them there."

"Of course master." Teyla bowed her head in respect and then walked away. She had much to prepare and little time to do it. She wished she knew what her master wanted to do with the Key, if the prophecy was true, were the other two men part of it? She wouldn't know until she met up with them, in fact what she was more worried about was how to lead the Key away from the others. She knew it wasn't going to be easy but if her master commanded it, she would do everything in her power to see it was done.

Far away in the Elven kingdom, the Land of Life, a beautiful Elf Woman, gazed into the flames she had just read. A smile graced her sweet lips, for she too had seen the three men meeting in Sitar. She only whispered one thing, "It has begun."


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