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Hiei sat in the window sill watching Kurama put away his ningen school work. Kurama was in his fourth year of college. He also lived his own apartment now. Thanks to his late father's careful planning he lived mostly on his college trust fund and only needed a part time job to supplement his income.

Kurama was still very close to his human mother, Shiori, even though she had remarried right before he graduated from high school. He had earned scholarships to two very prestigious universities but had opted to attend the local university in order to remain close to his family.

Hiei was brought out of his thoughts with a blush and turned back to the window when Kurama began to undress. Hiding a grin, he watched the redhead's surprisingly clear reflection in the glass.

Hiei wondered what Kurama would think if he knew that his partner had harbored a secret crush on him for several years now. Youko or human Hiei found Kurama to be the sexiest, most beautiful creature in all three worlds.

Watching as Kurama stripped, Hiei had to hide a groan of appreciation as well as one of disappointment when he stopped at his boxers. When Kurama bent to retrieve his clothes from the floor Hiei couldn't resist peeking to watch first hand the delicious view of short silk boxers stretched taut over his sexy tight behind. As Kurama straightened Hiei quickly turned back to the window.

Hiei followed Kurama's reflection as he selected clothes from his closet. "Fox, do we have to go?"

Kurama put on a nice pair of jeans and a silky dark blue shirt. When Kurama was dressed Hiei turned to face him then froze at the sight before him. He wished it were his hands sliding into Kurama's tight jeans as he tucked in the shirt. Caught up in his fantasy he barely heard Kurama's response to his question. "This dinner is for Yukina and Kuwabara's anniversary. You wouldn't want to disappoint your sister now would you?"

Pouting, Hiei gave his usual response. "Hn."

Kurama tried to hide his victory smile as he went back to his closet and withdrew a black shirt. "Hiei, it would make Yukina very happy if you looked nice tonight. I thought you might be willing to wear this."

Hiei eyed it skeptically before hopping down from the window. He glared at Kurama before reaching out to feel the silky fabric. Though it was the black shirt he felt, his eyes were fixed on the blue one Kurama wore. Many times in the past Hiei had wished he could caress one of the soft shirts Kurama wore, not to mention the fox inside. "Hn. Fine, I'll wear it, but only for y… Yukina."

Hiei snatched the shirt from Kurama's hand. As he quickly stripped off his old blue t-shirt and donned the one Kurama gave him he couldn't help but notice it held a faint scent of roses. The soft material with the rose scent against his skin gave him a brief mental image of being held in Kurama's arms.

Angrily he shoved the image away. 'It's useless to dream of something I can never have.'

As he buttoned the shirt and tucked it in he couldn't help notice how well it fit. "Why does it fit me Kurama? Your clothes are usually too big for me."

"Guess you caught me Hiei. It's not one of mine, I bought it special for you to wear tonight. It looks really good on you too. You'll have to be on your guard though. Girls find a good looking, well dressed man in black very sexy, and if he's a known 'bad boy' it just makes him even sexier." Kurama couldn't resist teasing his friend.

Hiei just rolled his eyes and Kurama laughed. "Stupid Fox!"

At Yusuke and Keiko's apartment the group ate, drank and celebrated Kuwabara and Yukina's one month anniversary. The only one's missing were Koenma and Botan. Botan was due any day with their first child and her Reikai doctor had not allowed her to travel to the Ningenkai.

With six people in the small apartment there wasn't much room. Kurama was on the sofa with Yukina between him and Kuwabara, Hiei was in his usual spot at the window and Yusuke sat in a chair with Keiko on his lap. Yukina sighed. "Botan seemed pretty upset that they couldn't come tonight."

Keiko nodded. "Yeah, she's not handling being cooped up very well."

Yusuke grinned. "Hey, tomorrow's Saturday, let's all go and cheer her up. My shift at the ramen shop is over at five we could be there by six."

Everyone seemed to think it was a great idea until Kurama quietly spoke. "I'm sorry but I won't be able to go. I… I have a date."

Everyone got very quiet.Yusuke couldn't keep the surprise from his voice when he spoke. "You mean with a girl?"

Kurama blushed and nodded. "That is usually how it's done."

Before he could stop himself Yusuke blurted out. "I thought you were gay!"

If possible Kurama's blush deepened. "If you must know Yusuke, I consider myself to be bi."

Before Yusuke could put his big foot any further into his mouth Kuwabara cut him off. "That's wonderful Kurama, I hope you have a good time. That doesn't mean the rest of us can't go though. Well, the four of us at least,the shrimp probably won't go without Kurama."

Kurama allowed the conversation to be directed away from him but did send Kuwabara a smile of gratitude and the evening continued as before.

Hiei just continued staring out the window.

Later that night as they walked back to Kurama's apartment Hiei was very quiet. The day he dreaded had finally arrived. He was going to lose his fox to a ningen female.

About half way home Kurama looked over at Hiei. "You've been more quiet than usual tonight Hiei. Got something on your mind?"

Kurama waited for Hiei. " 'Gay'. What did Yusuke mean when he said he thought you were 'gay'?"

Of all the things he thought Hiei would say, Kurama didn't expect that. "Well Hiei, gay is a term ningens use to describe a man who is attracted to other men… not women."

Hiei nodded. "You didn't deny it but you said you considered yourself to be 'bi'. What's that?"

Somehow having this conversation with Hiei wasn't as embarrassing as it was with their friends. "It's short for bi-sexual Hiei. It's a term used to describe someone that is attracted to both men and women. They're not terms you would be familiar with since most demons, including Youko's, are bi-sexual. Gay and bi are labels we don't use since demon's don't have a problem with what sex someone chooses to be attracted to."

The conversation was interrupted when they reached the apartment. Once inside Kurama went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. He knew Hiei would sit across the counter on one of the stools. "Hiei, Koorime are an all female race who are only attracted to females. Fire demons are all male and only attracted to other males. Your parents were, to my knowledge, the only exception to that. You and Yukina were born from the only two demon races known to be what ningens call homosexual. Yukina, like your mother, is attracted to men. Please don't be offended Hiei but I've always wondered… are you attracted to males or females?"

For a moment Hiei just stared at Kurama. 'I wonder what he'd say if I told him I was only attracted on one very sexy fox.'

"I don't know how to answer that. I've only ever been attracted to one demon Kurama, and it wasn't because they were male or female." Hiei rose from the stool and went into the bedroom ending the conversation.

Kurama thought about Hiei's answer for a long time. He wondered what kind of demon could have captured the attention of someone as unique as Hiei. He hadn't said if they'd had a relationship but from the sadness in Hiei's voice Kurama figured his feelings hadn't been returned. He wished he knew who to kill for hurting his best friend.

When Kurama entered the bedroom he found the black shirt on his bed and Hiei gone.