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Hiei and Kurama lay cuddled in each others arms. Tired to the point of exhaustion at their marathon love making session. Hiei absently fingered Kurama's red hair. "Hiei, I can't believe after all these weeks of searching for a cure, all it took was a kiss of true love to bring you back to me."

Hiei nodded. "Kurama, you bathed me, massaged me, touched me and held me. How could you do all that and not kiss me?"

Kurama laughed. "Koi, I felt enough like a pervert doing all that to you when your body was basically in a coma. Except for holding you I could justify the baths and massages as caring for you when you weren't able to. If I'd made out with your body that would have been too perverted even for me. I did kiss your cheek and neck a few times Fire-Fly but I guess I needed to kiss your lips for you to transfer back."

Hiei leaned over for a gentle kiss. "It did feel a little weird to know you were touching me and yet I wasn't able to really feel it or touch you back. When you kissed me I felt strange, almost dizzy for a moment and then suddenly I was kissing you back. After that I was almost afraid to kiss you again in case it worked both ways."

Kurama looked at Hiei. "I felt the same way but if you did at least we know how to get you back again."

Hiei yawned. "Don't even think it Fox. I'm staying right where I am. Where I can kiss you and touch you and love you for real."

Copying Hiei's yawn Kurama snuggled closer. "I wouldn't have it any other way Hiei. Goodnight Koi."

Hiei buried his nose in Kurama's soft red hair, holding him even closer. "Goodnight Sweetheart."