Title: My Demon Lover

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Sasuke/Sakura

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 525

Summary/Description: Time is on nobody's side. ("Enough talking. Our time is running out.")

Warning/Spoilers: Rated for some PG-13 making out. And if the fact of Sasuke's defection is a spoiler to you… dude. Some OOC. I'm aware of it, and tried to fix it, but it proved futile.

A/N: Angst. I need to write something happy for this pairing, yo. I was listening to 'Our Time is Running Out', by Muse all day, so that explains a lot about the fic.

Dedication: For Psychedelic Aya-san.:-)

Disclaimer: The things I'd do to Naruto if it were mine…

"I lo…"

"Hush." He put a finger to her lips, curbing most of the last two syllables of her declaration. Laying a hand to rest on her waist, and thumbing her hipbone, he gently eased them deeper into the darkness of the alley, away from the penetrating eyes of civilians and shinobi alike.

When she looked at him questioningly, seeming a bit hurt, he ran the finger along the bottom of her pink, pink lips.

"Enough talking." Coal eyes flicked back towards the lamp-lit street where shadows moved unknowingly just beyond them. "Our time is running out."

Lips crashed into hers, moving urgently and restlessly, seeking entrance which was almost immediately given. It was more of a desperate assault than a kiss, and Sakura recognised that urgency; it mirrored her own. Her hands plunged and ploughed through his midnight blue hair, fingering the strands, moving down, massaging his shoulders, trying to claw him closer; this wasn't enough. He was here, pressing his strong lean body into the pliancy of hers; kissing her, touching her, and it wasn't enough.

"Sasuke-kun," she said breathily, letting her head drop so that her forehead rested against his sternum (he had become so tall). "Please… won't you stay this time?" She lifted her head; he brushed his lips against the mouth she offered. "Please…" she mumbled against his jaw, nipping at it. "You say… you say you've killed your brother now, and… Oro…Orochimaru is out of the way. So now it's safe, isn't it? Come back to us. For real." A pleading note made her voice hitch.

"Sakura," he said softly, shaking his head. "It's not that simple. The Hokage… isn't going to be very pleased to see me, to say the very least. After what I did… it's understandable. If she somehow manages to restrain herself from beating me into a pulp, there'll be Kakashi. And not to mention Naruto…" The missing-nin narrowed his eyes, his gaze skirting hers. "Forgiveness isn't that easy, Sakura."

The medic's hands clutched at the front part of his shirt.

"But, Sasuke-kun, you said… we don't have that much time left. Before you know it, things will have become even more complicated and…"

For the second time that night, the Uchiha shushed Sakura with a hand to her mouth. He listened with keen hearing for a few, long seconds before blurting out,

"I need to leave. Now."

He stepped away from her. Sakura's eyes widened as her fingers became stiff, and lost their grip on the man's clothing.

"But Sasuke-kun… you only arrived ten minutes ago… please… when will you be back again?"

"I don't know." Sharply said, it sounded harsh, and burnt like acid against her skin to hear it. When she next looked at him, the onyx blades of the Sharingan were spinning in a sea of red, and she couldn't help but think that he looked a bit like a demon, sinking into the darkness, dark and pale all at once, hurting her, and yet still…

A quick nod, and he was gone, a shadow within the shadows, slipping away from her like the time that was running out on them.

A/N: It could use a little polishing up, I know. And gosh, since you're here already, you might as well tell me how much this rocks/doesn't rock.