O.k, what I wanna call this story may be a bit too long, but if it's not, then I don't know what to call it. I want to call it 'Time Grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go' but I don't it'll fit. Any way, it's only really a sequel to the final chapter, which some talk about what happened in previous chapters. All in all, it really is another story, not a sequel. Oh well, enjoy.

"O.k, that'll be perfect" Keely said on the phone before hanging up. She'd just booked her first driving lesson. Her mom was finally letting her drive, even though she was practically 17. She picked up her hairbrush and started untangling her hair. As she put it down, she glanced up at the piece of paper attached to her mirror. It's pure white colouring now a tinting yellow. She knew all the words, she'd read it over and over, to send her to sleep. She pulled out the note and spoke them softly to herself,

'Keels, you are the single most important person in my life. Do you believe in love at first sight? I know I do. The moment I saw you, back at Christmas time, I knew that I loved you. Sounds corny, doesn't it? I apologize for leaving you. But Keels, I have one thing to ask you- please forget me, please move on. You once asked me to wait for you, that's easy, but I can't have you throwing your life away. You need a life, you told, me, that before you changed back time, you were just sitting in your room. If I was there, I'd hold your hands, and tell you how special you are, but I'm not. I'll visit you when I can, but I think it will be much better if you forgot me completely, I know I will try to do the same about you.

Always and forever


Keely could feel the tears escaping her eyes again. She got up and walked over to her window. Pulling it open, she climbed onto the thin ledge outside. She used to do this when she was younger; it was like her way to escape the world. For some reason, the ledge seemed a lot thicker when she was younger, but the fall seemed a lot further. Gently edging herself across the wall, she found the lattice. Carefully, she climbed down and landed softly on the ground. She wondered down the street, the fresh air clearing her mind. Sighing, she sat down on someone's front garden and extended her legs along the pavement. Deep in thought, she didn't notice the scruffy-haired boy walking down the pavement. Headphones in his ears, he didn't see a pair of leg in his way until it was too late.

"Ow!" he cried out in pain, grabbing his knee.

"Oh my gosh!" Keely yelled, realizing. She ran over to the boy, blood stains coming through his black combats, "Are you okay?"

"Sure," he winced, picking up his I-pod, "Just a little cut" Keely helped pull him up, and as she did, he brushed thick, dark brown hair from his face.

"Phil…" Keely muttered, averting her eyes downwards. Her looked

"Keely!" Phil said in shock, "no…you shouldn't see me, it'll muck up everything!" Keely looked confused, "What are you on about?" As Phil ran his fingers through his hair, she saw something long and silver inside his jacket.

"Sorry, Keels, for what I wrote and everything. This is the note I was meant to give you" He handed her a yellowing piece of paper, it was crumpled. She looked back at him, then looked down.

"Love means never having to say you're sorry" She told him, staring in his eyes. Something had gone from them, the sparkle, he seemed, dead. Phil muttered something illegible under his breath.

"Pardon?" Keely asked

"Maybe I don't fucking love you anymore"

Sorry for the swearing and for the loooong delay. I've noticed that people always get killed in my stories or badly hurt…this one won't be any different :D enjoy and review :D