Just a warning for my stories: there are generally two stories happening at once – ie the chapter is told in at least two different POVs. The stories are told in third person, but in the minds of the characters. (If that was not too confusing enjoy!)

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To the World of Despair

Sirens could be heard in the distance as a young woman ran along the streets, her speed hindered by her high-heeled shoes. Breath came out of he mouth in short puffs of white smoke; a contrast to the burning in her lungs and legs.

She stopped for a short time, looking around like a scared rabbit leaving its burrow after danger had appeared. In some ways that was how she felt. The city's high buildings caged her in and the few streetlights there were did not comfort her uneasiness.

She had come to cherish the night and the shadows for, contrary to most people, that was when she felt the safest. Of course she knew that she was never safe, not anymore.

She had started to run again and soon found herself at her destination. She smiled as she unlocked the door, revealing a very humble setting. The only things she had were the bare essentials: a table, a bed and a few more 'luxurious' items in the kitchen.

She sat on the bed, picking up the paper as she did and began to read. This was basically her only way to keep up with events, although you could never trust the news anymore since the Government owned it. She glanced up to see that there was some mail waiting for her. As she sifted through the letters, all seemingly containing advertisements of some sort she came across one that stood out.

Miss. Hilary Tatibana

She dropped the letter in shock, the others forgotten. With shaking hands she opened the letter.


I am sorry that this will not reach you sooner as I am writing this on the 15th December. First of all I would like to wish you a happy New Year, although considering the circumstances I would say that this year will not be very happy.

Speaking about happier times, though, I would like you to meet me at our special place on the special New Year's Day. As always check no one follows you and trust your instincts. The ones that are left will meet us there. I hope you can come.

With all my love,


Dragon. The name on the letter was cut off by Hilary's tears, which freely fell down her face. She hugged the letter wishing she could keep it, but she soon scrunched the letter and envelope into a ball together and threw it into the fire watching as the flames consumed her secret past, protecting her and keeping her warm.

"Phoenix! You paying attention?" A large man stood in front of him glaring down as his fellow soldiers looked at the situation in worry.

Phoenix had just been promoted to the new personal army of King Serpent, hence why he was named after the mythical creature. Before he had been called Alex Holmes. It was strange being called something new, but he was used to sacrificing things to get to the top.

Phoenix raised his head to his superior, "Yes sir. You were commenting on the fact that Harpy lost track of her prey."

The man gave him a glare and continued.

"Man I thought General was going to get you for sure that time Phoenix." The other men nodded in agreement to what their friend was saying.

The boys were walking along one of the corridors after the meeting. Everyone lived pretty well despite the rest of the country's situation.

"You know General wouldn't lay a finger on Phoenix." Another said. "Serpent likes him much more than General." At this everyone laughed except Phoenix.

"Phoenix." All the boys turned to see a girl running up.

"What do you want Harpy? Trying to earn points with General after last night?" The guys snickered as Phoenix stood to the side.

Harpy looked straight at Phoenix. "We need to talk." Phoenix followed her.

"What is it?" Phoenix shut the door to his room and looked at Harpy.

"How much of your life do you remember before the take over?"

"What kind of a question is that?" The fact was he did not even remember the take over.

Harpy looked at him. "You don't remember do you?"

He turned his back to her. "What does it matter? The past is the past and I could carer less about it."

"I found your old file." His eyes widened.

"That's impossible! It was destroyed in the fire."

"Didn't you think it was strange that yours was the only one to be destroyed? Don't you question them?"

"Are you a traitor Harpy?"

"I don't like what they do to get what they want. My village was wiped out a few days ago. These people are insane!" Tears were threatening to fall down her cheeks. "You may not be the friendliest guy here, but I know you care about this more than you'll admit."

She turned to leave, placing the file on the table. "I'll leave this with you then. You deserve to know your past for everything you've done for us." And with that she was gone.

Phoenix looked at the file in hesitation. Did he really want to know about his past?

To answer any question about the romance. This is not Tyson/Hilary. In my mind Tyson is like a brother to Hilary, so that is what the letter means.

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