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I was uncertain to say which characters this story features, but Arwen, Eldarion and two daughters of my own creation feature in this.

Just a sneak peak into the lives of the Royal Family, so enjoy!

The city of Minas Tirith, a place full of life. Down in the lower levels of the citadel, men and women go about their daily routines, gossiping about their neighbours and labouring hard throughout the day.

The upper levels of the city house the markets, a lively place full of people's shouts and cries, haggling over prices and- of course- buying and selling items of a various nature.

But our story does not take place in these levels of the city.

It takes place in the Palace of the King where, at this precise moment in time, the Palace cook has just finished baking and handing over to a maid, four biscuits.

Why the cook made four biscuits and not three on that fateful day, we may never know. She was an absent-minded lady who often miscounted the number of children that ran around the Royal nursery. Nevertheless, her actions were about to cause an all out war, one that some residents of the Palace would never forget.

A few minutes later the maid had hurried back to the kitchens, a most frightened expression on her face and she immediately made a resolution to make sure the newest maid delivered food to the nursery from now on.

The cook noticed her frightened look and, thinking something awful had befallen her, enveloped the poor girl in a hug, "What on Earth is the matter?" she asked kindly.

The girl's mouth opened and closed for a few moments before finding the right words to say, "It's war!"

"War?" With a puzzled expression on her face, the cook looked outside one of the many windows, half-expecting to see an army waiting to crush the city. Upon seeing nothing but the usual hustle and bustle, she turned back to the girl, thinking that she had clearly lost her mind.

"Not out there!" The maid shook her head, "In the Palace!"

Another puzzled look crossed the old lady's face, and she decided that the young girl needed a rest, "Of course there is dear, now come and sit down here. I'll get someone else to do your work for now." She bundled her into a chair by the kitchen fire, wondering to herself whether she should inform the Houses of Healing about this.

Little did she know, that the maid had been right all along, and a small war was breaking out in the Royal nursery…

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