The Final Step

Revan trembled ever so slightly and stared out at the sea of faces, looking upon her with awe. They would do anything she asked them too. Anything. She struggled to contain the apprehension inside her and looked down at her bare arms. They were already started to lose their colour, a greyish tinge taking over instead. She put a hand on her throat, the protruding veins not startling her anymore. If they did this… If they did this there would be no going back. She looked over to her right, to Malak. She saw the slight touch of yellow in his eyes and wondered if hers were the same sickening colour. He looked just as uneasy as she felt. She looked at him, waiting for a sign, anything that would reassure her that this was right thing to do. After a while he very slowly gave a small nod, unnoticeable to anyone but her. She stifled a breath and slowly surveyed the now-restless crowd. Then she spoke.

"Repeat after me…" her voice was monotone and grave.

There is no emotion…

Revan winced as the familiar words rushed into her mind, and searched for a way to silence them. But maybe…perhaps she was wrong…maybe they coul- Malak cleared his throat impatiently, and she shook her head forcefully. That was the past. She continued with a slight tremor.

"Through passion I gain strength." the sea of faces copied her words and Revan smirked slightly. If she ordered them to kill themselves they would. She had power. She had control.

"Through strength I gain power. Through power I gain VICTORY!" her words had more conviction now. She sounded surer of herself; she knew what she was doing. The crowd started to cheer.

"Through victory, MY CHAINS ARE BROKEN!" she was yelling by now, and the crowd was roaring. Malak grinned as Revan turned and smirked at him. The crowd was chanting now.

"All hail Lord Revan! All hail Lord Revan!"

Somewhere, in the back of her mind, something told her she had made a mistake. Something told her she had gone too far. But she ignored it and showed off her newfound power with a impressive show of Force Lightening. The new Sith shouted in twisted delight.

It was only when she saw herself, hours later, in a mirror and gazed upon her burning yellow eyes and obtruding veins she realised exactly what she had just done. But by then it was too late.