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Day One

"This is my two weeks notice." Your heart pounds as you let the words fall from your mouth, effortlessly; you don't sound nervous, 'Good.'

That all seems to fall to pieces as he turns to look at you. You shift in your spot in front of his desk, trying to keep the eye contact that you know will make or break this plan.

"Okay." It's all he says and you don't shake his hand this time, instead you turn and leave without another glance at him, leaving him to chew on his thoughts.

You make your way down the hallway, the lights seem bright today. 'What if the plan doesn't work?' There is no room for errors now.

Stopping at the lab where you see Foreman and Chase you smile slightly and sit down beside them. "What's wrong", Foreman asks you. You look over at him with your innocent eyes and say, "I just gave my two weeks notice." You choke on the words a bit, knowing that this truly could be your last two weeks.

They look at you like you are crazy, either crazy or like you have just told them that you are dying. You decide on crazy and you smile at them again, "Don't worry its all part of my plan," you say. The smirk on your face as you leave has Chase smiling like a little boy and Foreman knows exactly what it is about, "This is about House isn't it?" Your smirk widens as you close the door and walk away from the both of them.

You make your way back to the conference room, realizing you forgot to make the coffee today. House is standing there by the pot. "There's no coffee." He says, and you just nod your head as you walk by him. Your shoulder hits his as you move past him. 'Perfect.'

You start the coffee, intentionally leaning over the counter so that he can catch a glimpse of your butt, and it works. As you turn you catch that those crystal blue eyes are on you.

"Why Dr.House were you checking out my ass?" You laugh as you sit down in front of your lap top, putting on your glasses.

"I was making sure you didn't screw up my coffee." He says bitterly, and limps towards his office, his red mug in hand. "I want you to work the weekends." The door closes behind him.

You decide as your sitting there that this is good; you now have 4 more days than you would have to make your plan work. 'He wants me.'

It's lunch time so you grab your bag and head towards the cafeteria. He is there. You make sure he didn't notice you noticing him. He didn't, but he sure did notice you.

You stand in line and order a Rueben. His favorite. You smile at the lunch lady and make your way towards a table, you spot one right beside him and Wilson, 'too close'.

You see another about five tables away, with people in between to block his view slightly and decide to sit there. Foreman and Chase are sitting on the other side of House and Wilson about two tables away. You sit down at your table and take a big bite out of your sandwich, washing it down with chocolate milk, your favorite.

You don't know that he is watching you, but he is, and Wilson notices as well. You make sure you have nothing on your face, just in case.

"Allison come sit over here with us." You hear the two boys call you over and decide this is a very good idea. You look over towards them, over House and Wilson, pretending not to see them and stand up. You nod to them and pick up your tray moving over towards their table.

You move past Wilson and House and you see him look away, down at his food, so you don't acknowledge him, instead you give a weak, "Hey," to Wilson and put your small hand over his shoulder. House notices, and so does Wilson.

You sit down with Chase and Foreman, "I didn't see you guys over here."

It's the end of the day and you dread going home, 'the end of day one', you think to yourself.

You gather your stuff and leave, calling it a day.