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Two Weeks to Notice:

Day 9

Barging into his office you linger in the doorframe watching him click the mouse a bunch of times before eventually focusing his attention on something else, his yo-yo.

"Hi, Dr.House," you say sweetly sashaying up to his desk and sitting down gracefully in the chair.

"Dr. Cameron…" He says looking up and stopping mid sentence as he looks at you and the yo-yo flies into something glass on the desk, smashing all over the floor. He doesn't even notice and you raise your eyebrow at him.

"What?" You ask, looking down at yourself.

"Your fun bags are popping out," he says nodding his head towards your chest.

"Not really," you answer, looking down again at your shirt.

"Not really? They are practically screaming for Chase to grab them." He says it with a straight face and you wonder how he isn't laughing.

"I doubt that…and why Chase?"

House stands up and walks over to you motioning with his cane for you to get up and follow him into the adjoining conference room.

"Twenty bucks says his eyes are permanently glued to them all day, and why Chase… because he's stupid," he says, a little too playfully because it makes you laugh and his attention is back down at your breasts. At least now you know how to get his attention.

"You're on."

You both walk into the conference room and as soon as Chase looks over at you his eye are stuck on your chest.

Sighing you throw your bag down onto the table and grab your wallet, flipping a twenty in House's direction. He bats its away and walks past you to the coffee machine.

"The days not over yet," he says waggling his eyebrows and smacking Chase in the back of the head as he limps by him, watching as his pretty blonde locks fall into his eyes.

You make your way for the door but House calls out your name, so you stay behind waiting to see what he has to say. Foreman gives you a curious look as he walks out and Chase tries his hardest to keep his eyes on the floor.

You stare at House expectantly waiting for him to talk, but he just sips his coffee and then looked down at you.

"Are you going to keep ogling my breasts or are you going to say something?" You ask, putting your hands on your hips.

"Can't I do both?" He grins, setting his coffee aside.

"Sure but then I get to stare at your," you pause looking at him for something to say, "…big cane," You finally say, but it comes out as a whisper and you blush profusely.

You hear him laugh and you look back up into his eyes and smirk slightly at your odd choice of words.

"Why Doctor Cameron, you've gotta get your mind out of the gutter…or out of my pants," he says, his grin growing wider as you blush more and it creeps across your chest.

"House what did you ask me here for?" You ask, crossing your arms over your chest and looking him square in the eye. You really don't want to be there any longer than you have to, because your confidence is losing to your nerves.

"Oh right, my shirt," he says and you look down at the floor a little disappointed, you thought that he would have something more to say than that. You thought maybe he would have asked you not to quit, and that he would tell you he needed you.

Wilson is standing outside the conference room not sure if he should come in; you wave him in smiling at him. If Wilson sees what happens next, he will be sure to get House going afterwards.

You grab the shirt from your bag and slowly walk it over to House. You stop in front of him holding it tightly in between your hands, your breath hitches as you look up to meet his beautiful blue eyes, knowing Wilson is watching the whole time.

"I forgot to wash it," you say holding it up to your nose, "sorry if it still smells like my perfume," You let go of it pressing it up against his chest.

"I'm going to get cooties," he mumbles and stared down at you.

"You may have already gotten those from Paula…or you know something else," You laugh and walk away, but not quick enough before you hear Wilson say,

"That was hot."

You lost twenty bucks on day nine.

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