Song of the Void

Compass Points: Act V

A Ranma 1/2 fanfiction

Disclaimer: Takahashi's and Akamatsu's paints, my easel.

Notes: Don't think about something this silly too hard.
That's not the point, and you should know that by now. ;)


He had never considered himself a man of deep thought, and
outside of combat and martial arts, he felt that his mind was slow
about many things. But of late, something had nagged at him, pulling
at stray thoughts and worrying at them in the manner of a young,
untrained puppy.

His eyes narrowed, and his head bowed slightly allowing him
to study the grill before him. His wife was gone at the moment, and
the day was slow. Slow enough that he could stare at the grill and
lose himself in thought, should the fancy strike him.

But he didn't really know what to think of. He supposed that
it meant he was bored. But he wasn't much given to daydreaming,
either. What need did he have for daydreams? He found his life of
simple work and simpler pleasures enough.

A hobby, he decided. He needed a hobby.

He frowned at that thought. Aside from martial arts, all he
truly did with his free time was tell stories to his children. They
seemed to enjoy his tales, as did his wife. Yet....

Eyes growing distant for a moment, he allowed his senses to
drift, casting about him through the earth, stone, and concrete that
lay beneath and around him. His wife was safe, he could feel her
presence a mile and more distant, walking with... with Nabiki. Of
course. Headed to school to pick up their children.

He sighed, shrugging his shoulders uncomfortably as a
pensive spike of apprehension crawled across his spine.



He imagined that his lack of confinement within mental rigid
structures was the product of the knowledge that was bestowed upon
him. Spinning over the lake, he gestured, massive gusts and eddies
of wind slashing effortlessly through the waves, an ethereal Dragon
of cloud and mist parting the waters and uncovering the creature
below the waves.

A thing of light and shadow -- structure frail and empty.
"You do not exist," he remarked.

The creature -- the Orochi -- writhed weakly, fading through
the talons of the Dragon that hovered behind him as he floated,
melting into an ethereal mist.

"Hmm," he mused, watching as the massive creature faded to
nothing. "Unacceptable. This will need to be changed."

Whirling once more, his Dragon faded to nothing, and he
folded his arms at his side, soaring high and away. Far, far to the
west, towards the Gate of Death, the resting place of the sun, he
sensed his brothers. Two of them. But closer, so much closer...

"Yes," he said softly, smiling. "As I am the most elevated,
you will be the most base. Earth."



He lay on the bed, staring at the stone ceiling above him.
He felt oddly pensive, though he knew well enough that he was
happiest waking the way he had. His wife remained asleep -- drained
from the ordeals of the last few days, and contented to rest for the

Tired, he knew in a clinical sense, because the journey so
far from Qinghai amid lands where his own kind were persecuted and
killed drained her. Content because his presence restored her.

His lips curved upward in a smile, and he was unable to
resist the impulse to push his wife's hair our of her eyes, brushing
it gently back, and mussing it in the process. "Nnng," she noised,
screwing her eyes shut and pressing her face into his chest.

She squirmed about for a moment before waking, sitting up
slowly, and yawning. He propped himself up on one elbow and studied
her as she yawned, clad as she was in a thick flannel shift. Done,
she squinted at him blearily, and mumbled, "Morning, Airen."

Smiling, he sat up, nodding to her. "Are you well rested?"
he asked.

"Yes," she said fingers absently raking through her hair and
setting it back to some semblance of order. Cocking her head to one
side suddenly, she asked, "Do you think I would look better with
blonde hair?"

His face betrayed his confusion as he shook his head,
answering, "I like you best as you. Why?"

She giggled, leaning forward to plant a kiss on his lips
before pulling away, eyes glittering with subdued joy. "I'm going to
take a bath," she announced. "Then we will have breakfast with Ranma
and Akane."

"Of course," he warned quietly, "no other woman could tell a
Dragon what to do."

"Then I suppose I'll have to teach Akane," she mused,
grabbing a robe as she headed towards the door and shooting him a
sly wink.


[Visitor From on High]

Ukyou stopped, three steps short of the corner that would
allow her to be seen by her children from the school. "Nabiki?" she
asked quietly, turning to regard the woman. "You've been very quiet,
and you don't usually just visit with me to watch me pick up my
children. You have a flitter, after all. What's troubling you?"

The other woman winced, looking away. She heaved an
uncomfortable sigh, and said, "Of course you'd be the one to see
through me. Ukyou... It's about Ranko."

Which, as Ukyou knew, would mean it was about Ranma, too.
"Oh?" she asked worriedly. She'd harbored both hopes _and_ fears
about the project, as little as she understood it.

"Um...." Nabiki turned around, expression dogged and
worried. "Ukyou," she said plainly, "Ranko hasn't been heard from in
a while, and, well.... Have you heard what happened in Xinjiang

Ukyou struggled to remember, feeling vaguely embarrassed
that she hadn't paid closer attention. "I'm afraid not," she

"They said that it was an accident," Nabiki murmured. "But
nuclear missiles aren't accidents."

"Oh," Ukyou said in a quiet voice. "Was it at around... six
o'clock three days ago?"

Nabiki whipped her head around to stare at Ukyou and
narrowed her eyes. "How do you know that?" she asked apprehensively.

"Ryu-chan got really sick then," she said blandly. "I can
tell you what time it is, or how long something takes -- down to a
second, if I have to. Ryu-chan can sense when things touch the
Earth. We all have our powers."

"Oh," Nabiki said in a small voice. "Of course. You're Fey.
Just like Tofu-chan."

"Ranko, Nabiki?" Ukyou reminded the woman. "My children lose
their patience in about eight minutes, and start to walk home on
their own."

Nabiki sighed, shaking her head. "I think Ranko may be
dead," she said in a quiet voice. "I... Tofu-chan says not to give
up hope, but if they did that... Ranma couldn't stop that. Ranma and
Akane... and Ranko...." Heaving an unsteady breath, she whimpered,
"I should never have let her go!"

Ukyou winced, regretting the harshness she had addressed
Nabiki with. "Nabiki..." she said quietly. "I... I don't... don't
give up hope. Not yet. Maybe she couldn't save Ranma and Akane...."
Something about that struck her false, though she couldn't put a
finger one what -- or why. "Ranko might still be okay."

Opening her mouth to reply, Nabiki looked up sharply,
staring in shock as a figure shot through the space over their
heads, easily passing above the nearby buildings, then streaked
sharply downward. Both women ran full bore around the corner towards
the school building.

Nabiki skidded to a halt, eyes wide, as Ukyou pulled the
massive spatula that the woman could have _sworn_ Ukyou had left at
home from over her shoulder, charging towards her children
determinedly. Both Makoto and Tomoko stared, Tomoko hiding behind
Makoto, and Makoto holding her hands up, as though she intended to
fend off the man before them, that Ukyou was charging towards.

The man that was floating a good half-meter above the
ground, suffused with a faint nimbus of glowing white light. The
light wavered and rippled, and so too did the air about him. Ukyou
yelled something incoherent, swinging the spatula down over in a
hard, overhand arc. The man cocked his head to one side, deflecting
the attack in an errant manner, with one hand.

Makoto yelped, and jumped back as Ukyou circled around the
man, standing before her daughters protectively. "Who are you?" she
demanded of the man.

He straightened up, folding his arms over his chest. "How
remarkable," he mused. "Base he would be, assuredly, but enough so
to have children? Remarkable."

Ukyou growled, eyes flickering briefly to Nabiki, then back
to the man. Stubbornly, she warned, "My husband can be here in...
in... in two minutes and three seconds, if someone calls him right

"Is that so?" the man asked, shooting a glance at Nabiki so
laden with contempt that she dropped the communicator she had
retrieved at Ukyou's words. "He can be here even sooner, I think."
Smiling sardonically, he unfolded his arms, reaching a hand towards
the children. Makoto and Tomoko backed away at Ukyou's gesture,
retreating into the schoolyard. As his gesture, a violent whirlwind
erupted around him, wind biting into the ground at his feet and
spiraling upward, traced out only by stray dust and leaves.

His arms slowly rose, and the column of wind about him
increased its speed, whirling over his head and into the sky. Nabiki
felt an impulse she couldn't quite identify, and took three steps to
her left, feet moving nearly of their own accord. The giant column
of air slowly curved, then vanished, one heartbeat there, and the
next, gone.

Above the man, mammoth wings beating slowly, nearly lazily
in the air, a monstrous Dragon of smoke and mist hovered, head
swinging low to pass the man, and sniff at Ukyou, tail lashing. The
lashing tower struck a power relay, and Nabiki shielded her eyes
from the trail of sparks as the tower collapsed, crashing into the
ground only two steps to her right.

Rearing back, the Dragon made a soft, quiet noise, and
suddenly lunged its head towards Ukyou where she stood defiantly.



"Aoyama?" Keitaro asked dumbly. "What the hell'r you doin'

Ranko cocked her head to one side, heels kicking absently at
the rim of the stone fountain as she sat on its lip. Keitaro had
been relating some other mission he had been on, though she hadn't
been paying much attention to the details as much as she was
watching him, and thusly neither of them noticed a man of about
Keitaro's own age approach.

The man bore a strong resemblance to Keitaro, too, though
his dress was entirely different. He wore the standard garb of a
swordsman in a long passed age, and too, a blade was at his side.
The grace he carried himself with warned that he more than likely
knew how to use the sword, too. He smiled, inclining his head to
Keitaro. "Koara," he returned levelly. "I come on my own business."

"Dad told you to seek your destiny?" Keitaro asked,
narrowing his eyes slightly. "Said you had to pick a college or find
someone to serve, eh?"

Aoyama's expression shifted to mild annoyance. "Close
enough," he mumbled. "Mother said that I needed to make something of

"You failed the entrance exam," Keitaro returned bluntly.
"Didn't ya?"

"Ahem," Aoyama pronounced, not meeting Keitaro's eyes. "One
failure, to your three."

"Hey!" Keitaro protested. "I made somethin' o' myself. And
you would'a failed as much as I did, if ya didn't spend all those
years tryin' 'to find yourself'."

"Do we have to settle this with a duel, Koara?"

Keitaro glanced behind him, to where the Tama was resting,
engine casings removed so he could work on it, then back to Aoyama.
"The Tama's kinda not in shape for a duel, ya know."

Ranko shook her head, trying to understand what was going
on. "Wait," she protested. "You'd fight him with the skimmer? He's
only got a sword!"

"Yeah," Keitaro returned blithely, "and she's too damaged.
Don' wan her to get messed up worse fightin' Aoyama."

"I see you've learned a healthy respect for my skill,"
Aoyama remarked, pleased.

Continuing as though he hadn't heard Aoyama, Keitaro
explained to Ranko, "I might dent the hull on 'is skull, or

Aoyama bristled for a moment, then grinned, shaking his
head. "It's been too long," he said, throwing his arms apart.

Keitaro chuckled, and embraced the man. "Good ta see you
too, bro," he said, pounding Aoyama on the back.

Ranko relaxed slightly. If it was merely two brothers joking
around.... "Keitaro?" she asked quietly, as the men broke apart,
grinning at each other -- with the exact same vacuous grin.

"Yeah?" he responded, turning to Ranko, as Aoyama looked at
her expectantly.

"If he's your brother, why does he call you by your last
name?" she inquired quietly. Not exactly a polite question, but she
noticed that Keitaro generally didn't care much for a lot of
civility anyway.

"Oh," Keitaro answered slowly. "Well... that's... uh, he's
only my half-brother, see... I don't got any brothers, just a bunch
of half brothers...."

Aoyama gave a pained sigh, looking away. "... And our
mothers all named us 'Keitaro'," he finished quietly.

Ranko boggled at that, then asked, "How many of you?"

"Uh... lesse... there's me, Aoyama here, Konno, Otohime, and

She winced at that. "Five brothers named Keitaro? That must
have been really confusing when you were children, growing up

"Er..." Aoyama began, coughing. "We didn't... um... grow up

"Dad is the wandering type," Keitaro Koara advised. "You'll
prolly wanna call me 'Koara' til this lug gets out of here."

"Um. Konno is here to," Aoyama noted.

"Oh, great," Koara grumbled. "Watch your fingers if you
shake his hand," he warned Ranko. "And after you watch them, count
them to make sure they're all still there!"


[Sanctity of Blood]

Makoto wanted to cower, to run away and flee, but Tomoko
wasn't very good at running -- her little sister fell down too much.
And she didn't want to abandon her mom, especially with the strange
man being there and acting so funny.

But then the man summoned wind, and scared her, and her mom
started getting nervous. She didn't usually, but Makoto could
recognize the telltale warnings that spoke of her mother's warnings.
The spatula in her hands trembled slightly, but she refused to stand

Which meant that her mom was fixedly defending her. The
man's summoned wind gave way to a Dragon, and Makoto yelped, as it
lunged, moving to strike her mother. Acting completely out of
reflex, not remembering her parent's admonishments and warnings that
she never misuse her powers, she lashed out, yelling, "Spirits of
Earth and Cloud, heed my Call!" The words, as they always did, came
from somewhere under her heart, not from her own mind. With that
same familiarity, though strangely brighter then it had ever been
before, a bolt of lightning surged from her fingertips, searing
through the air, and passing only a hairsbreadth from her mother.
But she knew well enough to not let the power strike her mother, and
it arced smoothly around the woman, slamming into the gaping maw of
the smoky Dragon, and passing through that to wreath the man behind
the dragon in writhing bands of electricity.

The Dragon froze, pulling back to look at the man in
consternation. For his part, the man seemed dubiously impressed,
though he made a single gesture with his hand, and the writhing
force leapt from him to strike the ground. "Some small hint of your
father's heritage?" he queried. "No matter. Call your father,
child." The Dragon reared its head back, smoky eyes suffusing blue
as it regarded her maliciously, preparing to strike again.

Makoto's mother muttered something vile, and raised her
spatula menacingly. "Don't you _dare_ threaten my children!" she

"No?" the man asked, frowning. "Perhaps, then, it should
begin with you. Where is Earth?"

"Daddy!" Tomoko shrieked, bawling loudly as the pressure of
the situation grew too much. "Daddy! Come help us!"

"Foolish mortals," the man grumbled, another of his errant
hand gestures sending a torrent of power towards them. The Dragon
reared its head back, and lunged again, unerringly aimed towards
Tomoko -- though Makoto stood steadfast in her path, and her mother
flung herself to interpose herself as well --

But the Dragon's lunge was met with a fierce uppercut from
her father.

The Dragon reeled, the force of the blow knocking its head
back, straining the creature's long, slender neck. The strange man
hissed, raising one hand to his temple, then growled, as the Dragon
recovered, eyeing him warily. "Ah," the man grumped. "You arrive.
Let us be quit of this place -- our brothers and we have much work
to do."

Ryu spat, shifting his stance, and shook his head. "No way
in hell," he said flatly. "I don't know what you think you're doing,
and I don't really care -- you are not going to get away with
threatening my family."

Makoto sagged with relief, only having a moment before her
mother pushed her backwards, giving her father room. "Daddy!" Tomoko
squealed joyfully. "Daddy!"

"Yeah," Ryu grunted. "I'm here," he continued, not looking
back. "Now who the hell are you and what do you want?"

"Base indeed," the man spat. "I am the King of Staves, as
you are the King of Coins. Of course, you're probably still so slow
you don't even know what you are."

"Uh... I ain't a king that I know about," Ryu countered,
eyeing the Dragon uneasily.

"Quaint," the man remarked. "But far, far, far from useful.
What do you call yourself, King of Coins?"

"Kuonji Ryu," he answered warily.

"Ryu... Dragon... how... fitting," the man remarked,
grinning. "And there, we have our brother, the King of Cups,
bearing... but it is of no import now. We must find them and
complete our predecessor's task."

"Anyone ever tell you that you talk crazy?" Ryu grumbled, "I
don't have a clue what you're talking about. All I know is that you
threatened my family, and I'm going to beat you within an inch of
your life for it."

"But you can't," the man notified him. "And you know it.
There's a gap between us, as there should be."

"Shut up!" Makoto's mother yelled, stepping forward. "Ryu-
chan, kick his ass!"

"He can't," the man sighed. "Are you all daft? It is natural
for me to be above you for I contain the wisdom of Shen-Lung, but
isn't this a bit... much?"

"Ryu-chan! Why are you just standing there."

Makoto's father growled, then turned his attention to his
hands, fascinated by them for the moment. "I don't know," he
confessed. "I... I can't do anything. I keep... I try and move to
hit him, but I can't! It's like my body won't listen to me!"

"Not without proper cause," the man noted drolly. "Observe."
With that, he streaked from his position in the air, descending on
Ukyou like a streak of lightning, while the Dragon behind him moved
in tandem, sailing towards Makoto and her sister.

Makoto grabbed Tomoko, and flung herself on top of her
younger sister, intending to shield her with her own body if she had
to. She wouldn't let the crazy man hurt her little sister!

And yet, her precautions were unneeded. The man's strike was
halted, his extended fist caught in her father's hand, as he stared
at it in fascination. He had not moved to intercept the strike; he
had simply stopped being in one place, and immediately started being
in another. And the dragon too was held in check, the entire body of
mist and smoke being rebuffed entirely by a massive plate of stone
that had risen from nowhere at the last possible moment, looming
over Makoto and Tomoko protectively.

Makoto's father's eyes tracked from the hand that clenched
the strange man's fist, while Makoto's mother turned to stare at
Makoto and Tomoko in confusion. Nearly the entirety of the abandoned
schoolyard was filled with the bulk of another monstrous creature,
this one made of earth, stone, and bits of metal. Its eyes gleamed
like polished onyx, as it stared firmly at the other Dragon, one
gargantuan wing extended to cover Makoto and her sister, guarding
them as through they were the Dragon's horde.

"That... that..." Makoto's father stuttered, his hand
falling limp, and releasing the other man's hand as he stared at the
massive Dragon of Earth. "That's... that's mine."

"Not yours," the man corrected him, drawing back and
massaging his hand, as his Dragon withdrew, vanishing into a cloud
of mist and smoke, then nothing. "It is _you_."

"I...." Makoto's father looked distant for a long moment,
then shook his head. "I remember," he warned, "but don't think for a
heartbeat that I'll ever forgive you for what you've done! I don't
care what your plan is--"

"No!" the man shouted, gesturing at Makoto's father
urgently. A fierce wind blew, literally tearing the words from
Makoto's father's mouth. "Anything you say will be binding by Oath,
Kuonji Ryu, King of Coins, and Pillar of Earth," he advised. At
Ryu's glower, he continued, "We must go and bring Summer to these
lands. If we do not, your blood kin," he paused to nod at Makoto and
Tomoko, "will lose themselves, and fade. And your chosen... mate...
will, as well. We cannot live in Spring forever, with the hints of
Winter nipping at our lives, and the existence of magic." Done with
his speech, the wind whipping about Makoto's father suddenly

Nodding grudgingly, he said, "I know... I know... I remember
now." He fumed silently for a moment, glancing Makoto's mother, who
was speechless still, her spatula hanging limply from her fingers.
"Why the hell did you attack my family?" he yelled. "Why are you
such a sadistic bastard?"

"I am no such thing," the man assured him. "It is merely the
most efficient path. For now, however, you have more power than I in
the realm of moving about the Earth, because you _are_ the Earth.
Take us to our brothers, and we can finish our assigned task, and
complete the will of our predecessor."

Grunting unhappily, Makoto's father shook his head. "Not
until Makoto and Tomoko are put somewhere where they'll be safe," he



He wasn't at her side when she awoke. She knew it should
have upset her, but at the same time, it didn't. She knew there was
a bond between them, forged by the warmth that survived through
twenty years and more of lying frozen....

She shivered at that. So easy, now, to control the heart of
ice. But the cost....

Her own curse was the merest price to pay, and one she could
not complain about truly. His curse was old, but in the end, without
that curse, she wouldn't be alive. Again, it was a small price to
pay, she thought.

Rising from the bed that she had rested in throughout the
night, though her lover was gone at the moment... she smiled,
relishing the sensation. Even the feel of the muscles in her face
moving. So strange, such a strange power that had brought her back
from death and restored her flesh. Shaking her head, she gingerly
paced across the floor, the thick carpet unable to completely
protect her from the cold of the stone beneath.

A note in a hand that was far to concise to be Ranma's
informed her of the location of a bath for the guests of the Musk,
and a thick robe was hanging from a hook on the back of the door.
Taking the robe in hand, she idly wondered to herself, "Where is


[Mirror, Mirror]

After a quick scrub, she let herself slip into the warmth of
the vast, segregated bath. No mere bamboo divider, instead high
stone piled up to separate the two halves. And the water was, thanks
entirely to the Phoenix people, very hot.

She hissed slightly, lowering herself into it, as a cold
wind breezed through, swirling the steam upwards and allowing her a
clear view. Except for one other, climbing into the opposite end of
the vast bath, it was deserted.

Lips quirking upward in a smile, she realized who the other
woman would be. She slipped into the water, slowly working her way
through the water, and enjoying the warmth.

It took her only a second to utilize her power to draw on
the threads of magic that suffused the area. Her great-grandmother
had hated when she used her power... "Hello!" she announced
cheerfully, jumping through a passing veil of cloud.

The girl who she had surprised was not the girl she had
thought, and she spent a moment staring, absorbing the red hair and
strong features, before she remembered.

"Kiima?" Akane asked warily, eyes wide.

"No..." the woman said, shaking her head, and shifting again
to emulate the form before her. "I suppose... 'Shampoo is copy-
cat'," she offered, smirking.

Akane stared at her, now that the woman was a mirror for
herself, then burst out laughing, while Shampoo let her own form
become dominant once more. "How are you, Akane?" she asked, watching
the girl... no... woman. She was a girl in body only.

Akane recovered herself, brushing her red bangs out of her
eyes, and allowed, "I've been much worse. How have you been, Shan

"Ah?" she asked. "I have been worse. I was only frozen for
hours...." She shivered, shaking her head. "It wasn't fun. What
about you?"

"I don't know," Akane admitted after a moment, eyes distant.
"But I think that as long as Ranma is with me... I'll always be

"Good catch," Shan Pu advised. "You could have done far
worse. I'm just glad that we got you out of there. Koara found out
some fairly frightening things while he was investigating."

"Oh?" Akane asked, narrowing her eyes worriedly.

"Mmm. Ranko gave them much in trade for the rights to free
you.... I'll not lie to you, Akane. We took a very substantial risk
in allowing what we did. As it stands, Xinjiang may have enough
power to destroy us."


"Where you were," she clarified. "With Ranma... perhaps with
Ranma, if he agrees to stand with us, that risk will be lessened.
But... I don't know."

Akane's brows furrowed, and she stared fixedly into the
water. "I... I think Ranma will help. I don't know why he
wouldn't... he... we both owe you a lot, I think." Smiling slightly,
she added, "And don't count me out, either!"

The younger woman raised her hand to strike the surface of
the bath to emphasize her point, a faint nimbus of blue energy
expanding from her fist to flash brightly, rendering the entire bath
nothing but ice. Shan Pu shook her head, warned by an unnamable
reflex, and had seized the other woman, hauling her out before she
struck. "Maybe," she allowed, shivering at the cold air, and
frowning at the frozen bath not three steps away. "And maybe Ranma
will want to teach you a little more first."

Akane had the decency to blush, while Shan Pu dropped the
other woman's hand and raised a single finger in demonstration.
"Control is important. The Heart of Ice... you should be more
careful, I think," she warned. "I'll find someone to melt the bath.
For now, I think we should eat. When was your last meal?"



He flowed through the forms with a strangely surreal ease.
He had known he was good, but then, he also used to know what he was
doing wrong. That sensation was lost now, merely the smooth,
flawless artistry of motion left to replace the strain and effort.

How much had being without a body for so long taken from
him? So much of his martial arts... but then, he had more than
martial arts, should he need it, though he didn't understand it all

Sighing pensively, he threw himself into a more complex
kata, straining to remember the details and nuances, and to try and
get it right. His ruminations were interrupted as a presence
intruded on his senses, and he broke from the kata, tossing his head
to one side, as a fist passed through that same space only a
hairsbreadth later.

Not bothering to speak, he offered the other man a smile,
and continued with the kata, simple strike throwing the overextended
arm away, and opening Herb's guard. Herb grinned back, launching a
kick in before he could take advantage enough to strike, and then
the two lost themselves to a level of combat that booked no thought,
merely action.

So caught up were they in the melee, they did not notice
until a pair of fierce calls distracted them and they both paused,
turning to look to the courtyard, some meters below them. Akane and
Shan Pu both stood, dressed in similar clothing, both with hands on
hips, and both looking upward with looks of faint amusement and
simultaneous worry.

He blinked at that, while Herb drew away a short distance,
scratching the back of his head. Then something penetrated, and he
looked down to his lover, at Shan Pu's side.

"Hey, I can't fly...." And with that realization, he
plummeted, hurtling headlong towards the cobbled stones below.
Akane's eyes widened with realization, and the absurdity of the
situation sent him into a fit of laughter, as his servant -- the
other part of _himself_ in all truth, emerged from seemingly
nowhere. He caught himself on the Dragon's neck, swinging around and
landing easily atop the creature's head, barely able to maintain his
laughter at the whole affair.

"Hey, Herb?" he asked, chuckling and looking upward, where
the man floated idly, watching him curiously.

"Yes, Ranma?"

"How did you let me float like you did?"

Herb blinked, frowning. "I don't know," he admitted. "I
think it was because we were sparring."

"Figure it out," Shan Pu grumped. "Then come back. We want
to eat, and there's much to discuss."

Herb sank to the ground, Ranma leaping to Akane's side and
dismissing his servant. "Very well," Herb grumped.

"And thaw out the bath first," Shampoo advised. "It's a bit


[Folly of Dreaming]

"Who are you?" Shia Hai asked bitterly, not rising from her

Across the room, peering at the young woman intently, the
young man smiled -- smiled so deeply his eyes narrowed to the point
of nearly being closed. "You can call me Keitaro," he said. After a
pause, he added, "Right now you should probably call me Konno,
though. I have a lot of half-brothers."

"Fey," the woman spat. "Why are you holding me here?"

"Do you even know who you are?"

"Of course I do! I'm Shia Hai, servant of the People."

The man smirked, shaking his head, and sinking to sit at the
floor across the small stone room. "You know that, but you don't
really understand. Would you like me to tell you a story?"


"Too bad."


[Song of the Void]

"Um... Ucchan," he began haltingly, smiling at his daughters
as they stared at him in awe. "I'm afraid that I need to go... go to

"Then you're taking me with you," she insisted, glaring at
the man who called himself Ryu's brother angrily. "I don't trust him
anyway. Why should you trust him?"

Judging that it was safe, Nabiki approached from where she
had watched the entire display, and added, "If this is about Ranko
and... and Ranma and Akane... then I want to go, too."

He frowned, and shook his head unhappily. "Where would I
leave the children?" he asked warily.

"Damnable relations," his brother grumbled, crossing his
arms over his chest. "Have you no one who can watch over them?"

"Konatsu?" Ryu asked, struggling.

"If you can find him," Ukyou grumbled. "He doesn't like to
come out into the light much anymore..."

"A being of shadow and fleeting thought," Ryu's brother
noted. "Inadequate."

"Uh," Ryu grunted. "Nabiki? What about your family?"

"What?" she asked, taken aback. "Oh, well... you could ask
Kasumi, I suppose."

"Okay," Ryu mumbled, smiling at his children. They blinked,
and he used his newfound power to shift them about -- and they were

Ukyou squawked indignantly, "Ryu! Where are they?"

"With Kasumi," he answered slowly, feeling his children's
feet pattering about the backyard of the old Tendo home, delighted
at the new trick. Kasumi's light step was not far away, hesitant and
confused, but slowly gathering confidence as she led the children
into the house, and then, onto a surface he couldn't sense as well.
"They're fine," he added. "Let's go."

And with that, they vanished from the street.


[Scent of Spring]

When my father was a young man, his life, and indeed,
reality began to reshape themselves. As you know, Winter is the bane
of the Fey. But around one woman, as incidental as she was, hints of
Spring lurked, allowing some who would not otherwise have been
anything other than... mundane... to be more. To be Fey.

There was a man who loved this woman, this key. And this
man, after the fall, when hints of Fey became true Fey, became a
symbol of Fey. He was the Magician. Some say that the first is not
the Magician, but instead the Fool. Some insist that it is the other
way about.

However, the Fool is my father, and my father loved the
Magician like his _own_ father. Someday, the Fool will outgrow his
own foolishness, and then he'll be the Magician.

But, of course, Spring came, after the Fall. And with the
Fall, there was no longer a need for a key, a hint of the Spring to
come, and room was needed to be made for the next key, the doorway
to Summer. And with the loss of the key, then too was lost the
Magician, for his life was... but that's not important at the

I will tell you this much of the woman though, Shia Hai. Her
name meant Scent of Spring. Haruka.


[Center of the Spiral]

Ukyou staggered, unsettled by the sensation of being one
place, then suddenly shifting to another. She stared at the
flagstones of the courtyard around her in confusion, noting Nabiki's
equal disorientation.

Ryu stared about, bearing not trace of uneasiness at the
process, then to Ryu's self-proclaimed brother, who rose to float
off the stones and drifted about, smiling faintly. "This will
suffice," he remarked critically, studying the layout of the court,
and the fountain in the center. A pair of young men and a young
woman -- Ranko -- sat on the fountain, staring at the newcomers'
arrival with some interest.

"Ranko!" Nabiki exclaimed, rushing towards her daughter.
"You're okay! You're okay! Why didn't you call us?"

"Ack!" the woman sputtered, shoving one of the men away from
her and embracing her mother awkwardly. "Mom! I wanted to call, but
I couldn't -- they said that the communication lines were being
watched by Xinjiang...."

Nabiki shook her head, drawing away from her daughter, and
offering a relieved smile. "You're okay?" she asked.

Ranko nodded, looking distinctly nervous. "Just peachy,
Mom." Glancing towards Ryu, as the young man she had pushed climbed
to his feet, she called out, "Hey, Uncle Ryu, Auntie Ukyou! How did
you get here?"

Ukyou stared at Ryu for a moment, then turned back to Ranko,
admitting, "I'm not sure. I think Ryu learned how to teleport

Ranko's eyes widened. "Really?" she asked, surprised. "How

"He's always known how to do that," Ryu's self-proclaimed
bother noted dryly. "It's simply that today he's learned to stop
fleeing his own shadow."

The other young man at Ranko's side, the one dressed in the
immaculate dress of a swordsman, drew his sword, eyeing the
levitating man suspiciously. "What manner of man are you?" he asked
carefully. "I sense something about you that puzzles me."

"I was once called Shinnosuke," he addressed the swordsman.
"You serve my brother, the King of Swords, not I. I am the King of

"I serve no such man," the swordsman countered, not
sheathing his blade.

"You will," Shinnosuke informed him casually. "Earth, we
must summon our brothers, and find the key. We have much work to be

"Uh.... Can't you at least pretend to act like a normal
human?" Ryu complained, as the swordsman unhappily sheathed his

Shinnosuke looked genuinely confounded. "Why would I care to
do such a thing?" he asked.

Ryu hung his head, sighing. "Okay," he said a moment later.
"Who's the key?"


[Dreaming of Folly]

Blinking away her confusion, Shia Hai asked, "What does that
have to do with me?"

Konno shrugged, drawing a package of cigarettes from his
pocket. "My brothers serve, or will serve, the progeny of Shen-Lung.
I myself, will serve the one who brings Spring to the world."

Shia Hai reluctantly took a cigarette from the package,
hands close together, afraid of touching Konno unnecessarily.
"There's no lighter," she complained.

Nonchalantly, the man drew a coin from his pocket, flipped
it with his thumb, and when it landed in his hand, it burst into a
tiny ball of flame. Grinning, the man presented Shia Hai with the
handful of fire. She drew away fearfully, whimpering.

Laughing, Konno asked, "Are you afraid of fire?"

"No!" Shia Hai snapped. "Just magic!"

"The magic will not harm you," Konno assured her, holding
the small ball of fire out to her. "You can take it."

"But... but it's not even real!"

"Neither am I, and yet you address me as if I were real. And
you can change that, as well...."

Shia Hai tentatively, slowly reached out and gathered a
small finger full of the flame. "It's warm," she said, confused, too
stunned to remember to use it to light her cigarette.

Konno smirked, asking, "Do you understand, then? Are you
willing to bring Summer to us?"

"Absolutely not!" she said, dropping the fire, to have let
it wink out on the floor with a metallic clinking noise as it became
a coin once more. "It would not serve the People at all."

"You serve the People, Shia Hai? The Fey are people too. Are
you going to chose to serve only some people, when the whole world
deserves to be able to make the choice for themselves?"

She shook her head, uncertain. She had known the moment she
had entered the lands of the Fey, they had begun altering the way
that she thought, who she was. But...

But what if that was someone who she'd always been?

Alone, trapped with one of the Fey, and being told that she
was their messiah -- it was too much, and the woman spat out her
cigarette, burying her face in her hands. "I can't! I'm not like
you! I'm not Fey!"

"But you can be," Konno countered. "And if you are, then you
are free. Freer than you ever thought possible."



"Ucchan?" he asked, surprised. At the nickname, his lover
drew him close to her, pouting, even as the man at Ukyou's side put
an arm around her protectively. "Hey!" he exclaimed, turning to
Akane. "Look, Ucchan came to visit us!"

Ukyou giggled, shaking her head. "Ranma," she said quietly.
"This is such a strange day... you're alive!" She sniffled, wiping a
tear from her eyes, and unmindful of the others in the room. "I'm
sorry, Ranma," she said quietly, bowing her head. "I... I didn't
wait for you. I.... Ranma, this is my husband, Ryu."

"Long time since I've seen you," Ranma allowed, bowing
politely to Ryu. "You been doing okay?" Glancing at Ukyou, he
smirked, dismissing her hurt casually as he added, "You been taking
care of my friend, there?"

Ryu blinked, obviously taken aback, then relaxed, and said,
"I've been worse, I suppose... Ranma. I only got lost for a while.
You... how have you been?"

"Mighty cold," he chuckled, grinning. "I... Why are you
here, anyway? And Shinnosuke?"

Shinnosuke snorted derisively, shaking his head. "That I
would be more elevated would be assumed, but must my brethren all be
so base?" he grumbled.

"What?" Ranma, Herb, and Ryu asked in tandem.

"Nothing," Shinnosuke sighed. "Merely that we're wasting
time. We are here, and thus, we should set about the task left us by
our predecessor."

"Who?" Herb asked, frowning. "I've divined long ago that
there were four of us, and that we each embodied some trait, but I
could never discern what bestowed that trait... nor did I know of
you two."

"Hmm," Shinnosuke mused. In an authoritative voice, he
began, "Legend speaks to us of Shen-Lung, the great dragon that
supports the palace of the gods in the heavens...."



"I can choose to do nothing and let you all die, can't I?"
Shia Hai accused. "I can just turn my back on you and let you

"You could," Konno allowed. "But even if we never thrived,
we cannot all perish in Spring. Only in Winter. And then, we would
return anyway. Eventually, your life will end, and then another key
will be reborn. Chronos is on our side. The only thing you can do is
delay what will happen."

"You're bluffing," she countered.

"Why would I bluff? I am your servant."

"If you're my servant, then light a cigarette for me," she
insisted, watching him carefully.

He shrugged, stooping to gather the pack where she had
dropped it, his head easily within kicking range should she try and
lash out at him. Of course... was he trusting her, or merely
foolish? Rising, he touched the tip of a cigarette with his finger,
and it glowed faintly, already alight. "Here," he said, offering it
to her.

She accepted it, relaxing as she inhaled the thick smoke.
"What if I tell you to get me out of here, to return me to

"Then I tell you how to leave," he answered, shrugging. "I'm
not dumb enough to go there myself. You shouldn't be, either. Koara,
he's a damn big fool, he'll do it. Did already, I guess."

"Why do I trust you?" she mumbled. "Are you working your
magic on me?"

"Only the family charm," he offered, grinning. "Dad got it
worst, though."

"I... What will I get if I do this thing? If I bring Summer?
What if I hunt down the key to Winter after that, to finish you

"You'd be skipping Fall," he noted. "And the key to Winter
would still be you. Just reborn, like."

She sighed, hanging her head as a vague memory of a house
she had never lived in swam through her head, followed by the
memories of a man... a man she had known.... "You're messing with my
head!" she accused, glaring at Konno.

The man sighed, saying, "No, but this much magic is
awakening your true nature. The four pillars are pretty close by,
and they'll keep generating more magic as long as they're together."

"So there's going to be more magic even if I don't help
you?" she asked, wincing.

"Well... yeah, I guess so."


[Compass Points]

"Okay," Ranma said, shrugging. "Let's do this thing. Any
words of wisdom, Shinnosuke? You seem to know what's going on."

The man nodded, gesturing to the courtyard. "Take the places
you know in your hearts that you're needed to go," he advised.

With that, he drifted through the air on an errant breeze,
standing at the northernmost edge of the courtyard. Ryu shrugged,
shifting and not moving -- simply _being_ at the south edge. Ranma
folded his arms, as Herb strode purposefully to the western edge,
each of them standing at the outermost ring of the circular

All four stepped forward, stopping midway to the center,
unsure of how to proceed, excepting Shinnosuke. He merely smiled,
summoning his servant to him, the Dragon looming ominously overhead,
and swiftly joined by a trio of others.

Shinnosuke's Air, glowing a smoky blue, which seeped into
the courtyard beneath him. Herb's Fire, malevolently red. Ryu's
Earth, wisps of dark power rising slowly about it. Ranma's Water,
cerulean and placid.

The courtyard beneath them suffused a solid white, when Herb
intoned, "I am the King of Swords, and I am Shen-Lung's left hand."
As he spoke, the air about him suffused red, charged with a power
and energy far greater than himself. "Keeper of the west gate."

"I am the King of Coins," Ryu said next, from the south. "I
am the feet of Shen-Lung." Dark, earthly strains of magic rose
further about him, streaking upward in a column. The red about Herb
rose in challenge, as Ryu finished, "Keeper of the south gate."

"I am the King of Cups," Ranma returned easily. "I am Shen-
Lung's right hand." At his words, the cerulean blue streamers rose,
pushing the magic higher, nearly threatening the clouds themselves.
"Keeper of the east gate."

"I am the King of Staves," the final man concluded. "I am
the wisdom of Shen-Lung." A final column, this one of bluish-green
energy, sprang into being, twining around the others, and swirling
them all into a tower of purest white. "Keeper of the north gate."

Someone else spoke, hesitantly, from the edge of the circle
of magics. Where, was not possible to say, for she was no closer to
the east or west, than north or south, yet she was only at the edge
of the circle. Her voice, wavering and unsure, said, "And I am the
key... the key to Summer."

And with those words, Summer began.


[Lazy Days of Summer]

Koara lounged lazily on the hillside, pleasantly green and
lush. The springs were below, beyond the library. He could see a few
people scurrying about excitedly in the courtyard below -- likely
looking for his brother's master.

"So," he drawled, shooting a glance at Ranko, who sprawled
only a short distance away, then beyond, to where Aoyama sat. "Got
what you were expecting?"

Aoyama snorted, shaking his head. "I could do worse," he
allowed. "Herb is a fair enough man to serve."

"Eh. You realize that the King of Staves and the King of
Coins gotta deal with Maehara and Otohime, right?"

"I don't know that the King of Staves would care much for a
servant. He seems more content to flit about and call things

"Yeah. True. I wonder why, though."

"I think I know," Ranko offered, staring up at a passing

Both of the men looked at her askance.

Sighing, she explained, "Ryu feels the Earth, and he was
wounded when the Fall happened, because the radiation was hurting
him. What happened to the air around the world when that all
happened? I think that Shinnosuke lost it because of the pain... and
what was left of Shen-Lung took over for him."

"Could be," Koara allowed. "Could be."

"Anyway," Ranko said, shaking her head and turning her
attention to Koara. "Sorry about... um... that whole pushing thing."

"What, not like you're the firs' girl ta shove me an' try
an' hide me from 'er mom," he snickered.

Aoyama snorted, shaking his head. "Yes she was," he remarked

Ranko giggled quietly, then asked, "Koara? What... what
happens next?"

"Well," he said at length, turning to look her in the eye.
"I guess that's all up to you, ain't it?"

[END, Compass Points]

Author's Notes:

Not sure it's exactly what I was going after, but this is
the closest I could really come...

Anyway. This is based off of Nanashi's 'Fey', which is based
off the earlier chapters of 'Compass Points', which is based off of
Nanashi's 'Soul of Ice' (Deus ex Machina) which is based off of
Matt's 'Soul of Ice', which is based off of Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma
1/2. And something in there is based off of something that's based
off of 'I am Become...'. No, that's not a joke.