The Emperor's Revenge

Summary: Sequel to 'The Emperor's Gift, The Emperor's Curse.' Anakin and Padmé are married, but darkness still looms around them.

A/N: As this is the sequel to 'The Emperor's Gift, The Emperor's Curse,' I recommend that you read it before starting this one. Things will be recapped in the first part of this story and you will probably be able to follow it, but you will understand this better if you read the original.


The Force is an energy field created by all living things. The field surrounds and penetrates individuals, binding the universe together. Upon death, a person's essence becomes part of this all-encompassing Force to add to its strength and growth. However, not all Force presences are peaceful. Some are malignant, with a desire for revenge.

Chapter 1: The Force Presence

It had been six months since the destruction of the Sith. Six long months had passed since an apprentice turned on his master and destroyed an ancient order that had survived millennia. Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith and former Emperor of the galaxy had been killed by his apprentice when he was swayed away from the lures of the dark side.

For years, the Dark Lord had poisoned the young man's mind making him believe that the galaxy could only be safe under the rule of the Empire. For years, Darth Vader, as his apprentice had once been called, blindly performed the Emperor's bidding. Systems fell under Imperial rule and the Sith Lord's power grew as he used his gifted and naïve apprentice as a tool against his enemies.

The galaxy had almost been his. Darth Vader pursued and decimated the troublesome rebel alliance, which wished to bring democracy back to the galaxy. All seemed well with the universe for Darth Sidious, he could stay in his palace in Coruscant, and let his young minion do his bidding. Unfortunately, Darth Sidious was unaware that his apprentice was not fully consumed by the dark side of the Force, and unwittingly supplied the means to turn Vader against him.

The treacherous Senator Padmé Amidala, one of the leaders of the rebel alliance, had been captured by Palpatine and subsequently tortured and interrogated for information. However, the woman would not talk and Sidious became infuriated by her presence. Amidala could not be killed because her death would create sympathy for the rebellion. Therefore, to rid himself of her presence, Sidious gave her as a gift to his apprentice. To further humiliate the young senator, he had declared her to be Vader's slave before the entire galaxy.

Vader had once been a slave himself, and Sidious had assumed that his apprentice would enjoy controlling another. Additionally, although she would not talk to him, Sidious thought that maybe his apprentice could "convince" her to reveal information about the rebellion. However, even if she did not, he was just pleased to get rid of her.

Sidious had been able to use the Force to foresee the future, but he had no warning that his gift would soon lead to his death. He recalled reveling in his apprentice's hate and anger as he lashed out at his slave's insubordinate behavior. He was completely unaware that these outbursts were kindling an emotion that the Sith Lord knew nothing about. The apprentice and the slave were falling in love.

When Darth Vader fell for the charms of the lowly slave girl, he ceased to dwell in darkness and became Anakin Skywalker. Anakin's growing love for Padmé eventually made him see the great evil of Sidious, and he soon betrayed the Sith Lord by joining and helping the rebel alliance.

Lucky for Sidious, the Force had warned him of his apprentice's treachery and he quickly devised a plan to bring his apprentice back to the dark side. He kidnapped Amidala and attempted to kill her. As her life force had dwindled, he could feel his apprentice slip into darkness. However, Padmé declared her love for Anakin and grounded the young man in the light side of the Force.

Anakin Skywalker drew strength from Padmé's love and had destroyed the Sith Lord. He had been stabbed through his cold heart and fallen from the top floor of his Coruscant palace. As his body fell to the ground, Darth Sidious's life left him. His evil essence became a part of the Force once his life had ended.

When the former Emperor had become one with the Force, his essence had scattered itself across the galaxy. However, the Emperor's Force presence still held a conscious, and he was bent on seeking revenge on his former apprentice. Through the Force, Sidious vowed that Anakin Skywalker would rue the day that he betrayed him. Over the six months following his death, Sidious worked to pull the pieces of his Force presence together.

As he became more and more complete, he masked his dark presence so he was undetectable to his former apprentice and the other Jedi Knights of the galaxy. Sidious was disgusted to see that his apprentice had joined the ranks of the Jedi, the Sith's enemy. He also watched as his once great Empire was broken up into a democracy once more. With all of these acts, Sidious worked harder to pull his Force presence together so that he could destroy Skywalker.

Finally, six months later, the former Emperor had pulled himself into a dark mass of Force energy. Although he longed to act on his hatred and destroy Skywalker immediately, he knew the importance of patience. So the dark mass of Force energy continued to shield its presence as it observed the young traitor, looking for the right opportunity to strike. The dark presence cackled softly, sending faint ripples throughout the Force. The Sith order may be no more, but he would have his revenge.