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After placing the twins to bed, Anakin and Padmé had to diffuse a mild argument between R2D2 and C3P0. C3P0 complained that the astromech droid was interfering with the Skywalker family. The golden droid claimed that, "R2's antics at attempting to play with the two small children are distracting and unbecoming of a droid."

"Boop beep boop!" R2D2 had called out angrily in response. He loved to play with Luke and Leia and was not about to let his counterpart spoil his fun.

Padmé shook her head at the argument while Anakin replied, "3P0, there is nothing wrong with R2 spending time with the children."

"But, sir…" C3P0 began.

"No, 3P0. R2 is allowed to play with the children. Luke and Leia like having him as company and he is causing them no harm." This was true, Luke and Leia squealed with delight when the little astromech droid spun and twirled for them. It would not be long before they were chasing him around the apartment. R2D2 was a great babysitter when Padmé and Anakin needed a moment to themselves and his actions helped burn off some of Luke and Leia's seemingly endless supply of energy.

"Boop booop!" R2D2 replied cheerfully.

"But…" C3P0 began.

"3P0, everything is fine, let R2 have his fun. You might want to read the twins a story one of these days, I am sure they would enjoy that." Padmé suggested, trying to end this argument so that she could spend some quiet time with Anakin.

"Oh!" C3P0 exclaimed and took a step back in shock at Padmé's suggestion. He still did not approve of R2D2's behavior, but he was pleasantly surprised by Padmé's suggestion. He had never thought about interacting with the two young Skywalker children, and he felt a feeling of pride that Miss Padmé seemed to think him capable of reading a story to the younglings. C3P0 rationalized that she wanted him to educate her young children to counter the destructive behavior of R2D2. If the golden droid could have smiled it would have when it replied, "I would be honored to, Miss Padmé. I am sure I can help develop their young minds.

Both Anakin and Padmé tried to hide their smirks at this statement. However, R2D2 let his amusement show by letting out a series of incomprehensible beeps.

"And what are you laughing at?" C3P0 asked indignantly.

"I am sure it was nothing." Anakin stated while trying to keep from laughing himself. "Now why don't you two shutdown for the evening."

"Very well, Master Ani." C3P0 answered and slowly made his way to the small room off the kitchen where he and R2D2 powered down each evening. "Come along R2." C3P0 called back, ordering the smaller droid to follow him.

"Boop beep boop." R2D2 fired back as he followed the droid.

"Don't speak to me like that!" C3P0 fired back angrily. His voice fading as both he and R2D2 moved away from Padmé and Anakin. The two humans smiled at each other in response, finally allowing their mirth to show.

"I'm sure R2 will be teaching the twins how to shut him down." Padmé stated with a chuckle.

"Or how to take him apart. I have a feeling I'll be putting him back together, often." Anakin shook his head and rolled his eyes in response.

"We'll have to set some ground rules, but not tonight. Tonight I want to spend a quiet evening with you." Padmé replied softly as she moved closer to Anakin gently teasing his lips with her own.

Anakin would not let Padmé tease him and firmly held her to him as he pressed his lips more forcibly on hers to meld in a passionate kiss. They both hummed in approval when their lips parted from one another.

"Is that so?" Anakin whispered huskily.

Padmé smiled up at him, her eyes glowing with a hint of mischief. Needing no further answer, Anakin scooped Padmé into his arms and carried her to their bedroom.

"Anakin?" Padmé quietly spoke as her fingers painted invisible circles on her husband's bare chest.

"Hmmm…" Anakin replied sleepily.

There was a moment's pause before Padmé spoke again, "Would you have given all this up to destroy Sidious?"

Anakin did not answer immediately as he seriously contemplated Padmé's question. However, he soon nodded while stating, "Yes, to protect you, Luke, and Leia. You are the light in my life, my reason for living. I was shrouded in darkness once and you guided me down the light path, the right path. I had vowed to destroy the Sith a year ago, and I was and still am more than willing to take up that task. As a Jedi, it was the right thing to do."

"Oh." Padmé said, casting her eyes to her fingers that continued to trace lazy patterns across Anakin's skin.

Anakin shifted himself slightly and gently used his left hand to lift Padmé's chin so that their gazes met, "But Master Yoda had other plans. He gave me another chance to live and be with my family. Everyday, I thank him for that."

Padmé smiled warmly before her face fell and tears threatened to fall from her eyes. She choked a little at her next response, "I thought I was going to lose you." She then embraced Anakin tightly as if afraid he would disappear if she did not hold him.

Anakin tenderly wiped away the tears that had escaped from Padmé's eye before admitting, "I thought I'd never see you again and never see our children. But, I could not let Sidious go free. He would have destroyed you, the babies, and the galaxy. I could not let that happen." Anakin held Padmé close, gently brushing a kiss on the top of her head before running his fingers through her silky tresses.

"I know." Padmé whispered. She knew she was being selfish because if positions had been reversed she knew she probably would have considered sacrificing herself to end the Sith's evil reign.

"I don't think I can ever repay the gift Master Yoda has given me." Anakin said on a sigh.

"Neither can I." Padmé added as she snuggled closer to her husband, resting her head on his chest so that she could hear his heart beating.

"I guess we will just have to live our lives in the best way we can to honor him." Anakin finished. Neither Anakin nor Padmé spoke after this, quietly reflecting on their own thoughts. They were truly fortunate that Master Yoda had given them moments like these that they could share with one another. With a grateful smile, both lovers settled themselves to sleep next to one another. However before dreams overtook them, they both said one more "Thank you," to the great Jedi who had made it possible.

Lost in dreams, the two lovers never heard the soft reply that echoed throughout the Force. In an acknowledgement of their gratitude and a hope for the couple's future, the voice of Jedi Master Yoda echoed, "May the Force be with you."

The End