Author's Notice:

As most of you know or have probably noticed, I have taken an extremely long break from writing/ updating this story. To be completely honest, I haven't even entered this account in years and have almost forgotten all about it.

Yet I am not planning on abandoning A Nerd or Not. I just saw a review alert I have received months ago which actually motivated me into taking a look at my old documents and continuing this. So a big thank you to "Guest" (whoever you may be) that reviewed this story on 11/3/12 and has thus inspired me to go on. It may take a while as I don't really remember where this was supposed to go and I will start to edit the story as it is very noticeable that I started this story when I was 9….

Anyways, the story WILL go on, it may just take a little bit of time. Sorry to keep you all waiting, and thank you to everyone who hasn't given up on A Nerd or Not and kept/keeps reading it.

Ja Ne

Chocalice (formerly known as kikyorotinHELL)