The Fourth Tournament


Hijacked by Astro V.

Note: After the third tournament, the bladers went back to their original teams, with the exception of Kai, who was replaced by Daichi.

Key: NMOC Non Major OC, Unfamiliar NameMajor OC

Pairings: Kai/Suzannah(Suzy) McGregor, Tala/NMOC, Johnny/NMOC, Robert/Kasrina (Kasi) Rosetti, Lee/Katryna (Katt) Morgan, Raul/Jessrayvhen (Jess) Morgan, Bryan/NMOC, Ray/Mariah, Mathilda/Iescie (Ici) Morgan, Brooklyn/NMOC, Garland/NMOC Hiro/NMOC, NMOC/NMOC, Mariam/Ozuma, Spencer/NMOC... I think that's it!

New Teams: Flying Stampede (Raul, Julia, King, Queen), Astro V. (Jess, Katt and Ici), BBA Team Stallion (Hiro, OC, OC, OC, OC)

Main Characters: Jess, Katt, Ici, Kasi, Bryan, Kai, Raul, Lee, Suzy.

Secondary Characters: The Majestics, The Blade Breakers, The White Tigers, All Starz, Biovolt Psykick

OC Main Character Profiles

Name: Katryna Morgan (Ka-tree-nah)

AKA: Katt

Team: Astro V.

Known Relatives: She's the middle triplet of Astro V.

Main Physical Feature: Black and blue striped hair that goes down to her waist, and black eyes that glow white when she attacks.

Cool Stuff: Cheerful and chirpy, Katt doesn't have many enemies...

Not So Cool Stuff: ... But the ones she does will pay!

Beyblade: Scorpius

Form: Giant scorpion

Beyblade Special Attack: Sun Star Formation; Hands of Water; Scorpion Sting

Rating: 5/5

Name: Jessrayvhen Morgan (Jess-ray-ven)

AKA: Jess

Team: Astro V.

Known Relatives: Eldest triplet of Astro V.

Main Physical Feature: Black, red, orange and yellow striped hair in bunches and black eyes that glow white when she attacks.

Cool Stuff: Extremely tall, she is fiercely defendant of the ones she loves.

Not So Cool Stuff: Unfortunately, She doesn't take kindly to losing.

Beyblade: Sagittario

Form: Centaur with bow of fire

Beyblade Special Attack: Arrows of Fire; Sun Star Formation; Burning Spirit; Fountains of Fire

Rating: 5/5

Name: Iescie Morgan (Eye-ee-sea)

AKA: Ici (Ee-sea)

Team: Astro V.

Known Relatives: Youngest triplet of Astro V.

Main Physical Feature: Smallet beyblader on the planet! Also has black eyes that glow white when he attacks.

Cool Stuff: Highly intelligent, he can speak to bit beasts.

Not So Cool Stuff: Can get a bit of a head on at times.

Beyblade: Virgo

Form: Beautiful Woman

Beyblade Special Attack: Sun Star Formation; Words of the Magi; Castles of Air

Other Bit Beast: Aquaria

Rating: 4/5

Name: Kasrina Rosetti (Kaz-ree-nah)

AKA: Kasi (Kaz-eye)

Team: Blitzkreig Omega

Known Relatives: Kai's her younger brother.

Main Physical Feature: Extremely beautiful, long black hair, wrapped around her head in a plait, with the remainder of the plait hanging down her back (Think young Mm Giry). Strict vegan.

Cool Stuff: She's very sporty and plays netball and does gymnastics and swimming as well as beyblading.

Not So Cool Stuff: Her bitbeast's attack attacks the blader, not the blade.

Beyblade: Black Onyx (actually made of obsidian)

Form: Large black bird, with glowing violet eyes, uncannily similar to Kasi's own.

Beyblade Special Attack: Evil Eye; Scarlet Eye of Vengeance; Protection of the Weak

Rating: 5/5

Name: Suzannah McGregor

AKA: Suzy

Team: Majestics

Known Relatives: Johnny's her brother, younger sister Jo, dead sister Grace.

Main Physical Feature: Long red hair, flyaway, spikes out.

Cool Stuff: Being a Majestic, she has morals.

Not So Cool Stuff: Hanging around Kasi has increased her violent nature.

Beyblade: Hydralyon

Form: A mythological Hydra, ten heads, each head can take a different form.

Beyblade Special Attack: Achain Airson an Laidir

Rating: 4/5


Change is coming. I can feel it in the winds.

The winds that bring the ships to the abbey. The winds that control Bryan's blade.

All one and the same.

All you who come to this mystical and ancient land will suffer.

All you who dare challenge them will suffer.

All you who know the magi will suffer.

There will be no escape from the pain.

The fiercest, most emotionless blader cannot withstand the pain without crying out.

And all you who love will suffer.

Whether it be friendship, sibling, romantic, you will suffer.

Whether you can endure it.

It's up to you.

When she opened her eyes, it was dark.