That's Why
by awilystar for fanfiction (dot) net

A/N: Bones/Booth, like I write anything else. Set in no particular time. Reviews are loved!

Prompt: 057. Lunch.

It's summer and the weather is warm and she wears a skirt to work. There is no case and nothing needs to be organized or identified, so he takes her to lunch at one of those fancy cafés downtown. Their waitress says they make a cute couple, but she laughs and crosses her legs and promptly responds that they aren't dating and never will be. She doesn't notice his face as he spins the umbrella in his drink around and around.

(It's her idea to take a day off and he decides that he has things to do but they're not as important as spending time with her. He offers to pay and she takes advantage of him by picking an expensive café not far from the Arlington National Cemetery. He thinks it's morbid to operate a business so near to such a sacred burial ground and she laughs and says she'll tip their waitress extra just to irritate him.)

She orders a salad and he wants one too, but he gets a burger because real men don't eat that healthy girly stuff. When she asks for a second beer to go with her meal, he sniggers and she hopes that he'll spill ketchup on his tie because that would just make her day. They eat in silence and he offers to pay the bill, but she declines and they each pay for their own food.

(She hasn't had a turkey burger before and he knows she won't like it because he's had one here and they make them too rare. He tries to warn her and she doesn't listen and he realizes that some things never change. He orders a large Caesar salad and promises to share with her. When her burger comes and she tastes it, she is angry that he's right and she hopes that he'll spill ketchup on his tie because that would just make her day.)

(It's Murphy's Law and she's dabbing at her white t-shirt with a wet napkin, but the ketchup stain only gets bigger. He laughs and slides his salad to the center of the table and they split it. Her mood is soured and she forgets to tip the waitress extra when they leave.)

(She takes off her ruined t-shirt when they leave the café and tosses it in the wastebasket by the door. The camisole she has on underneath is green and her freckled shoulders gleam in the sunlight. He stares because he's never seen this much of her skin and she catches him looking but doesn't say anything. His hand encircles her bicep and she tenses and he's surprised by the muscles he feels. He asks her what she does – yoga, Pilates – and she answers – Tae Kwon Do. She says that she could kick his ass right there and he drops his hand and chuckles and tells her that's why she doesn't need a gun.)