Witchling Stories

By Diamond118

Disclaimer: I do not own Magical DoReMi or any other anime, but however, I do own some original characters.

You're No Fun Anymore

Part 1

Dorie and Reanne were in the magic shop with Patina and Lorelei when Mirabelle came rushing in.

"You guys, I've got an idea," she said. "Let's try to build a house in the sun and --"

Patina laughed jokingly. "You'd think we should build a house in the sun," the green blob replied to Mirabelle, "but you've been dreaming, kid!"

"You see, that's the point, but --"

"Lorelei and I will go to Lunaverse to get more spell drops for you three, and Dorie, you and the others will have to stay in the shop while we're gone. Got it?"

"Yes, ma'am!" Dorie said.

After Patina and Lorelei left, the witchlings started to talk about Mirabelle's idea.

"What? You're building a house in the sun, Mirabelle?" Dorie said. "You've got to be kidding."

"I agree with Dorie," Reanne said. "The sun is very hot and everything would either melt or burn up if you try to build it there."

"Well I guess you two are right," Mirabelle said, "but we have to think of something else."

So they thought about it. After almost an hour, Dorie, Mirabelle, and Reanne became bored.

"I can't think of anything, you guys," Dorie said.

"Me, too," Reanne said.

"Me, three," Mirabelle said.

Suddenly, the door to Lunaverse opened. It was Patina and Lorelei!

"Patina, did you get the spell drops you get for us?" Reanne said.

"We did," Patina said, "but we'll give them to you tomorrow when you'll get to wear the uniforms again."

"Looks like it's closing time, so you better hurry home," Lorelei said.

"We will," Dorie said as she and the other witchlings left. "So anyway, good-bye, Patina, Lorelei."

"Good-bye," Patina and Lorelei replied. Later, Dorie and her sister, Caitlyn, were in Dorie's room. Caitlyn was asking Dorie about the steak she ate for dinner. After Dorie told her that she wanted to eat it very quickly, Caitlyn laughed and went into her own room. Dorie realized that it was late, so she went to bed. The next morning, Dorie, who already had a headache,went downstairs to see her parents.

"Oh, good morning, Dorie," Mrs. Goodwyn said. "Do you want some breakfast?"

"What kind?"

"Well, we're having rat bacon, rice corn pancakes, and scrambled turtle eggs," Mr. Goodwyn said.

"What? What's wrong with this picture?" Dorie thought. "I must be dreaming or something."

"Dorie, is something wrong?" Mrs. Goodwyn asked.

"Uh, no, no, Mom," Dorie said nervously.

"Still, do you want some breakfast?"

Before Dorie could answer, Mirabelle and Reanne came inside the house to see Dorie.

"Dorie, you won't believe what happened outside," Mirabelle said.

"Come on, we'll show you," Reanne said as she and Mirabelle grabbed her arm.

"I guess I'll see you later, Mom and Dad," Dorie said as they went out the door.

"Now what was that for?" Mrs. Goodwyn asked.

"I have no idea," Mr. Goodwyn responded.

Next Chapter: Dorie finds out that something is really wrong with her.