Darrick, the dockhand dead huh? Nancy thought to herself as she walked calmly back to her own room. Poor girl must be a schizophrenic. There had never been any murders on Tower Bay Island that Nancy had known about. She had only been working here as a bartender for seven years now, but the island had its secrets .Nancy was not worried. She had never run into or encountered any type of problem related to murder or fowl play while working on the island. As far as she was concerned, it was boring here to her. Sure, it s nice to be able to work on a tropical island, but after time passes, you start getting used to your surroundings, and before you know it, you get bored quickly. Nancy was one to get bored within a quick amount of time, but she did not complain all of the time of her boredom, and she especially did not complain to most people, but more to herself She basically avoided most people, and many of the other islanders thought of her as pretty mysterious.

A very attractive young woman she was, with her long wavy dark brown tresses, clear brown eyes, and her shapely figure had most of the men on the island drooling over her. Nancy wasn t interested though. Although, she was seeing a man slightly older than her that she found stunning. He had been working on Tower Bay Island for about five months on the housekeeping staff. His personality seemed dark, similar to Nancy s, and that drew her to him. From that point on, things started becoming more serious between the two of them, up until July of 1998. Jason (his name) had to leave Tower Bay Island for a good month or two. He was eager to see his relatives again, having not seen them for almost a year. He offered to have Nancy along, but being the only bartender on duty, she could not leave with him.

After Jason had left the island, Nancy was partially devastated, but she never lost sleep at night over it. He would be coming back after all, probably in one month. Nancy thought about Jason as she walked back to her room, wishing that he were there. She felt worried as well, knowing that a severe storm was approaching. By boat it would take at least 7 hours to make it to the mainland. He promised he would call the hotel once he had arrived safely. But the phone in Nancy s room had not rung all evening.

Nancy entered her room and closed the door, locking it. Just as she sat down on her bed, there was a knock. Nancy. It was Mr. Brooks. She sighed and opened the door to see him standing there in his evening robe.

What do you want? Nancy leaned against the door frame. Brooks was quick and got to the point. I want to you let me know if you see those kids doing anything suspicious. We are stuck here with them over the weekend and its bad enough with this crappy storm rolling in. There s something about those kids I do not like, from the moment I first laid my eye on them.

Nancy didn t even look at him. They re just a bunch of college kids for Christ s sake. What harm could they do? Besides I m not a babysitter. If you want someone to watch those people, get Estes to do it. Nancy smirked and giggled. Or Titus. Brooks frowned. Fine. But I m telling you. I refuse to let those damn kids get the best of me or MY island. After stating this, he walked away down the hall back into his office.

Nancy watched him as he walked away. She thought about that smart comment he had made moments earlier about her Dark and Stormy drinks. She didn t find it funny at all. Brooks thought he was a riot, but nobody liked him. He was too self- centered and snobby, so everyone on the island steered clear of the man. Especially Nancy. The bartender sat down on her clean bed and switched on her television, then pulled out a paperback to read. Lightning flashed outside, followed by a few claps of thunder. Here we go , Nancy thought as she lit herself a cigarette. She, as well as a few others were completely unaware that a psychotic hook wielding killer was currently stalking around on Tower Bay Island. Two people were already dead, and more were going to die.


July 4th morning. Too bad, there wasn t going to be any fireworks or cherry bombs today. At least not on tower Bay Island. Just constant screaming and bloodshed. Nancy woke up to the heavy sound of falling rain, coming down outside extremely hard. She noticed that she had fallen asleep with the television still going, but there was nothing on the screen but snowy static. The clock on the nearby nightstand read 12:47pm. She wouldn t have to tend bar until six pm. Until then, she would just collect a few things that may be needed due to the severe storm, from the storm shelter. It was expected to become pretty bad.

Nancy headed to the bathroom to shower. As she turned on the faucet, she thought she had heard a high pitched sound, similar to a scream. She looked toward the entrance of the bathroom and shrugged it off. It was probably just the pipes. The place was pretty old anyways. Nancy proceeded with her shower, and stepped out 5 minutes later, drying herself off. The rain sounded heavier now, she noticed. She may as well have gone to the storm shelter before she had showered, but there had to be a raincoat somewhere in the hotel. Damn , she thought. They were probably in the storm shelter. Why me?

After Nancy was dry, she went to her small closet. There weren t many outfits there(most of her clothing was in the laundry room) but she decided to go with a black and sleeveless top designed with a special colorful logo over the breast portion, a pair of black Adidas running pants designed with three white stripes running down both legs, and her brand new Adidas sneakers. Good choice , she thought. After a few minutes Nancy was fully dressed, and she stood in the bathroom blow drying her dark hair. It wasn t fluffy dry, but it was dry. She grabbed her room key from the nightstand and left.

Walking down the hallway, she noticed how empty the place seemed. Olga nor Estes was no where to be found, and they couldn t possibly be sleeping still. Both were early risers. There was always spare work for them to do. Nancy noticed a closet and walked over to it to see if it possibly contained a raincoat. Bingo! Must be my lucky day so far. She put the raincoat around her body and stepped out into the rainy and early afternoon.

The storm shelter wasn t far. She d make it in like 20 seconds. Well, after fighting her way through this rain. Nancy noticed that most of the tables and chairs on the patio and grass had blown over. Darrick was instructed to put them all in storage, but something must have prevented him from doing so. Oh well. Nancy entered the storm shelter, flicking on the light switch. Nothing happened. So she located the emergency power switch, relying on the outside light from the open door to see.

Bluish light filled the basement shelter as Nancy sighed with relief. She found a navy blue gym bag and began filling it with flares, three flashlights, and a set of red candles. This would be all that was required for right now. She would return later if necessary.

The kitchen of the hotel was eerily deserted also. Where the hell was everyone at? Nancy set the gym bag between a large industrial fridge and headed toward the walk in pantry. The shelves were pretty full and the islanders wouldn t have to worry about starving for quite a while. Nancy turned to leave, but not without spotting a bag of Flamin' hot Doritos. Placing them into her possession, she exited the pantry, closing the large door. As she munched on her afternoon snack she headed back to her room, realizing that she had left her smokes in there. As she approached her door, she found it damaged and open. Someone had broken in. OH hell. She cautiously entered and picked up her smokes. There was nothing of extreme value in her room, but that really didn't matter. She noticed on the floor that there were large muddy footprints.

Something strange was going on. Nancy left the room, angry. She would locate Brooks and tell him, but more than likely he wouldn t give a damn. The young woman slipped on something wet on the floor, nearly falling. She looked down at the substance which was of a maroon color. Whatever it was, more of it was seeping from the closet where Nancy had found the purple raincoat earlier.

What is this? she thought. Slowly, she approached the closet, for some reason her heart was beating quite rapidly. But after she opened the door to the closet, she understood why.

Darrick the dockhand lie stuffed inside, dead. Where the eyes of the bloody corpse should have been, there was nothing but a large gore covered gash. Nancy began trembling, not believing what was actually before her, and the scream finally came. Darrick the dockhand was in fact dead, murdered, like the college girl had claimed.

Without another second wasted, Nancy kicked the door shut and ran to find Brooks. She banged on the door to his room, but there was no answer. Shit, shit, shit! Nancy ran to the main lobby, which was where Brook s office was. The door stood halfway open and Nancy barged in, but something made her freeze to the floor. The bartender was right in the middle of a living nightmare. She screamed over and over as she looked into the dead eyes of Mr. Brook s bloody corpse. A rusty meat cleaver had been used to slice into the man s head. Nancy didn t even notice the bloody message scrawled on the wall behind him until the body fell over. I STILL KNOW.