Nancy was not going to end up like the others on the island. Estes and the others were still missing in action. She assumed that half were already dead. Whoever had gained access into her room by breaking in was obviously the one behind the killings. Had she remained in her room a few seconds or minutes earlier, Nancy would have possibly been slaughtered as well. Thinking of this made her shudder violently, as she ran back into the hotel kitchen. This psycho could be anywhere. That was the really bad thing. Nancy sat on the floor hugging her knees to her chest. She wasn t going to go out this way. If she was going to die, she didn t want to die like this. She needed a weapon, a good weapon that could inflict great damage. Also, she needed a good place to hide.

Nancy grabbed the navy blue bag containing the flashlights and raced over to the walk in pantry. This part of the hotel where the kitchen was located seemed dead still. More than likely, no one was around. So she opened the door and slipped inside soundlessly. Too bad there was no inside lock.

Nancy closed the door and entered another door 8 feet inside of the pantry. Behind this door, most of the hotels raw meat, condiments, beverages, extra dishes, spices and salts were stored. Nancy hid herself there, not knowing how long she would remain. Maybe until someone found her or until she could surprise the killer, and kill or injure him, or her. That s right. I need a f#king weapon. Nancy had forgotten to look while she was in the kitchen. There were plenty of knives, but she wanted to stay hidden, and didn t want to take any chances. Instead, she found a good sized rolling pin. Nancy kept it at her side, along with the gym bag full of supplies.

The one thing she did not have was a watch. She estimated the time to now be around 1:58pm. But who knew. She wasn t going to leave her hiding place for any reason. Not until she knew it was safe. In the mean time, Nancy stayed put. Out of nervousness and fear, she fished the pack of Benson and Hedges from her pocket and lit one to her mouth. The bar maid was going to be here for a good while. Outside the rain pounded down on the hotel viciously, as more screams suddenly erupted somewhere on Tower Bay Island.


Nancy had dozed off. She wasn t tired or sleepy, but there was simply nothing else to do, but wait. She was resting in a beach or lawn chair that she had found sitting in a corner. The sound of the pantry door being wrenched open shot Nancy awake with a start. Oh my Goddd She jumped up, quickly, yet quietly, grabbing her rolling pin. She took her place beside the entrance door to the large storage locker but keeping out of view.

Nancy listened closely, trying to figure out who was inside of the pantry. She had no way of knowing. There were no peepholes on the door. Nancy held the rolling pin over her head, bracing herself, and in the process accidentally knocked over a can of jam from one of the shelves standing nearest her. Got damnit Nancy bit her lip in frustration, but she kept her place by the door, keeping out of the way from the entrance.

The door was suddenly jerked open and Nancy s heart stopped. Whoever stood in the pantry was hesitant to enter. A large mouse ran out of the locker into the pantry and Nancy heard a couple of feminine screams. Another voice, masculine, but she couldn t make out the words being said. A shape entered the locker and Nancy swung the rolling pin hard at the intruder, knocking him down to the floor. A grunt of effort escaped from Nancy and she swung at the fallen man a second time. More screams now. No, Nancy! The bartender looked up with fear on her face up to see Julie and Karla. They were still alive! Karla s boyfriend, Tyrell was lying on the floor, nearly unconscious. Nancy sighed with great relief. But she remained hysterical. What the hell is going on here? Everyone is F#$king dead!

Karla applied ice wrapped in cloth to her boyfriend s bald head as he sat there pouting while Julie was spoke to Nancy Are you ok? Do you know where there s another radio we can use to call for help?

No there s only one radio on this whole damn island and it s in Brook s office smashed up.

Julie spotted the bag of flashlights and set it on a counter. She opened it up and looked inside. So, that s where the flashlights were. Tyrell scoffed at Nancy, who turned to him. Look, I m sorry man, but you could have been the one doing all of this.

Tyrell rolled his eyes. Yea, so could you, crazy bitch. The bartender rolled her eyes. Hey you re the one who broke into my hiding place

Tyrell wanted to laugh. Oh I m sorry, I must have missed the damn sign. Ohh gosh, this guy was getting on her last nerve. Excuse me, but this place didn t have any type of murder rate until YOU PEOPLE showed up! Everyone in the room went quiet, knowing that what she said was true. I ve never seen a dead body before. Nancy said. Julie was staring off into space. Yea, well get used to it. Nancy glanced over at her. Who s doing this? (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)

A shaped jumped down, landing on the stove behind Tyrell. The metal end of a large hook burst through his gullet in a bloody explosion. All three women screamed in terror as Tyrell was lifted from the floor by the killer dressed in the shiny black slicker. Nancy was the first to flee the kitchen followed by Karla, but Julie just stood there, transfixed. Come on! Nancy shouted. Karla grabbed Julie by her arm and raced out into the main lobby. The killer stepped off of the stove after allowing Tyrell s body to drop to the floor. He walked out of the kitchen, brandishing his bloody hook, with an intention to kill the three young women that had just escaped his bloody grasp. Most of all, he wanted Julie James. And he was going to get her one way or the other, no matter who stood in his way.

(From this point on, the story s events take place exactly as in the film.)