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IFF: I was so happy that things were going my way. I was smiling ear to ear. Kakashi was walking next to me, asking me a ton of questions. My favorite one was this, "Are you single." I just cracked up laughing. It was hard for me to breathe. "Thanks, I hadn't laughed like that in a while.Oh, and yes I am." He nodded. I was so glad that I could laugh again. I has as tall as Kakashi's shoulders. I didn't have to look up far.

"So what's up with this thing?" I asked, taking the book out of the little pouch of his pants. His eyes...or eye I should say, grew wide and he grabbed the book. He replaced it and looked at the three behind him. They looked confused. He leaned over to me a bit and said, "Uh..I'll tell you about it later." I laughed and shook my head.

"Your an unoffical ninja I hear from Naruto, huh?" he asked me. I nodded. "Yeah, I mean. They wouldn't let me join the academy so, I am but not." He nodded and said, "Would you like to go into the academy in your real hometown?" he asked without looking at me. I was so happy that I hugged him. "I honestly can?" He nodded with a smile.

"I'll even see if you can be in our group." I smiled and took out my sword. It wasn't as heavy as before. Probably because all of the dirt was cleaned off. When had finally gotten to my family's hut as I was feeling the dull edges of the blade. It reminded me of the cut I had gotten from Kasing. My arm was now bandaged up, thanks to Sakura. I did feel a bit weak though.

I was staring down at my sword when I noticed that Kakashi had stopped walking. I turned around and saw that the others had stopped as well. All four of their eyes were huge. "What's the matter guys? All it is is my family's hut. There are nobody who will--hurt--you--." I stopped as I turned around and saw our hut in ruins.

The roof was caved in. The windows and furniture were broken and throw outside. There was blood everywhere. It was a mess. I ran inside and so did the others. I had to throw away boards and fallen pieces of ceiling. I ran into the center looking around me at all that was broken. The others walked in and Sasuke said, "Something is not right. Something is wrong." I nodded and stopped short and stared at the ground. 3 dead bodies laid on the ground, bloody and cut open.

I fell to my knees and looked away and Kakashi ran over to me. He put his arms around me from my back.He squeezed me hard andplaced his head on my shoulders. Hesaid into my ear, "No, don't look away. Look at what enemy ninja's will do to you and your family. It is hard. I know. You just have to get revenge. Just ask Sasuke and he will help you deal."

"You may be an orphan once again, But, you are with us. Your are with me now and I will help you. As well as the others." I turned around to him, hugged him hard and stood up. I walked over to the bodies. "Can you help me, bury them?" I asked. They all nodded and walked over to me. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura lifted my father. Kakashi lifted my 9 year old brother and I lifted my 3 year old brother.

We all walked them to a spot by some pretty trees and a small lake. After we buried them, Kakashi and Naruto came to me with crosses that they both made.