Elemental Stimuli

Chapter 1: Sound

His voice reminded her of velvet.

Of something deliciously raw and royal; a scratchy tenor that belied arrogance (aren't you a big girl now?) and a desperate impatience. Silk swathed bullets (insults, threats, challenges) that dripped amber honey-smooth.

She felt his words lick at her ear, flicker and inflame her mind; and as she struggled to hold back a shiver (as she felt a flush crawl up her neck, a strange heat steal the moisture from her lips) she wondered when she had stopped listening to his voice and had begun appreciating what was only a sound.

A/N: All righty all, this is my first avatar fic and yes, I have jumped onto the drabble-wagon. This is a bit of an experimental collection of fics, though, so the style will change from chapter to chapter (the theme will always be the fives sense though). I'm hoping to keep a one chapter a week schedule, but life will probably sumo-wrestle that idea out of the ring, but I'll try my best. This wasintended as a very light Zutara, but as the chapters progressthe happy shippy-ness should increase. Yay.Hope you enjoyed the drabble, and please no flames, they'll only be used as ammo for my flamethrower.

Oh, and sorry to the tenth power to you guys waiting for a Peregrination update! This thing's been in my head for a while, and now that I'm letting it out I should be able to focus more on that story. The new episodes have really thrown me off and I have to re-evaluate the direction of the story a bit. Again, much sorry-ness.