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"Are you sure you'll be okay on your own, Aang? Zuko's probably still out there."

Aang winced as his friend Katara's overprotective-ness. He was, after all, the Avatar. He'd be fine, and said so

"Right, well, don't expect us to come save you when you get yourself captured again," Sokka told him, and went back to poking at the nuts that were his dinner.

The young Avatar shook his head at his friends, and wandered off. If he was going to stay in practice with his AirBending, he'd have to actually practice, something that was pretty hard around camp. Katara had been trying to teach him to sing, saying that it improved lung capacity, or something like that, but it really wasn't the same.

Aang ran around on his Air Scooter for a while, not really getting any work done, just pretending that he was still normal, which was a pretty futile exercise, but oh, well. Then he saw a large head of cabbage. He decided that he was tired of nuts, and maybe he could make Katara a salad. Of course, he'd save some for himself and Momo and Appa. Maybe even give some to Sokka, if he was nice.

Dropping off his Scooter, Aang ran towards the head of cabbage and picked it up. Then, glancing on the ground, he saw a string with a note attached to it. The note appeared to be written in some foreign language, but Aang picked it up and looked closer, just to see if he could read it.

As soon as he picked it up, however, the string was pulled and a large wooden cage fell down around him. Before the boy had a chance to wonder what had happened, a taunting, familiar voice sounded from somewhere in the trees.

"I told you, Uncle, that he would fall for this," Zuko laughed.

"Fall for what?" Aang asked with childish innocence.

Zuko laughed again. He was starting to sound slightly evil. "You pulled a string that said 'Avatar, pull this'. How stupid can you get?"

"Now, now, Nephew," Uncle Iroh admonished. "Don't gloat. He's only a child."

"Wait," Aang frowned in confusion. "Where did it say that?"

Angrily, Zuko grabbed the string from him and pointed at the note. "Here. Right here!"

"What language is that… ohh! I see it. Sorry, I didn't see that. You've got really bad handwriting, no offense."

Zuko yanked angrily at the string, maybe attempting to show it to his uncle and ask if his handwriting was really that bad. But he didn't get a chance because just then, a second cage fell down and trapped Zuko and Iroh.

Blinking cheerfully and ignoring his nephew's grunt of frustration, Iroh commented, "Hmm. I didn't see that coming."

"Why did you even insist on building a second cage?" demanded Zuko furiously. Iroh shrugged.

"In case the Avatar wandered over this way instead of that. It seemed logical at the time."

Zuko gave a shout of anger and hurled a fireball at the cage. Nothing happened, except that the fireball burned out. "What? Uncle, why…"

"Oh," Iroh shrugged again. "It must have gotten wet in the trees. Anyway, we're too close to the Avatar's cage. You can't burn us out without killing him too. Goodnight."

"Goodnight? Goodnight? What do you mean, goodnight?"

"I'm going to sleep. There's not much else we can do until the crew comes and rescues us. I left my tea outside." He stared sadly at the packs, which were, indeed, trapped outside the cage.

Iroh curled up and, to all appearances, went to sleep. Zuko groaned and sank against the wall of the cage. Aang, inside the other, cocked his head and gave the older boy a considering look.

"I know what we can do to pass the time," he announced finally, deciding that refusing to speak to the two Fire Benders would only make the remainder of his imprisonment lonely and boring.

"I don't want to pass the time with an eleven-year-old enemy of the Fire Nation!" snapped Zuko.

"I'm twelve," Aang retorted. "But I'll forgive you for ignoring that. Do you want to hear my idea?"


"Now, now, Nephew," Iroh said, sitting up. "Be nice. What's your idea, child?" he asked Aang gently.

"Well, earlier today, I was trying to practice my Air Bending, but that's kinda hard when you're on a flying bison. So my friend Katara decided to try to teach me a certain exercise to improve lung capacity. She calls it a sing-along, but I don't really know the difference between that and normal singing."

"What!" Zuko sat bolt upright and glared at him. "You want to have a sing along?"

Iroh laughed, sounding much less evil than Zuko did. "That's a wonderful idea, Avatar, but I don't know how to sing very well. Maybe you should try it."


"Actually, my name's Aang," Aang said.

Iroh smiled. "And I am Iroh."

Zuko glared at the two of them. "You're both insane." But at least he didn't cover his ears, which Aang took as an offer to go ahead and sing as loud as he wanted.

"Alright. Here goes." he said. And he started singing.

"We like the moon!

'Cause it is close too us!

We like the moo-o-oon!

But not as much as a spoon.

'Cause that's more use for eating soup.

And a fork isn't very useful for that.

Unless it has got many vegetables.

And maybe the you'd be better off with a CHOPSTICK!

Unlike the moon.

It is up in the sky.

It up there very high,

But maybe not as high as

Dirigibles or Zeppelins or LIGHTBULBS!

And maybe clouds.

And puffins also I think they go quite high too.

But maybe not as high as the moon!

We like the-"

"Stop!" Zuko shouted. Now he really did put his hands over his ears. "We get it! Change channels, sing something else! Or better yet, don't sing at all!"

"Now, Nephew, Aang's a very good singer," Iroh told him. Zuko looked confused.


"What, what?"

"What did you say?" Zuko asked loudly. Iroh sighed, and removed one hand from it's ear. Zuko looked embarrassed that he hadn't thought of that and moved the other hand.

"I said Aang's a very good singer!" shouted Iroh. "Do…"

"Uncle!" exclaimed Zuko.


"You can stop shouting. I can hear you now."

"Oh." Iroh flapped his hand as Aang. "Continue your song, young Avatar."

"Actually, I forget the rest," Aang said sheepishly. Zuko perked up, but then he added, "So I'll sing something else!"

"Here's a llama,

There's a llama.

And another little llama.

Fuzzy llama.

Funny llama.

Llama, llama duck!

Llama, llama

Cheesecake llama

Tablet, brick, potato Llama

Llama, llama mushroom, llama

Llama, llama duck!

I was once a Treehouse.

I lived in a cake!

But I never saw the way

The orange slayed the rake.

I was only three years dead.

But it told the tale.

And now listen, little child,

To the safety rail.

Did you ever see a llama?

Kiss a llama on the llama?

Llama's llama, taste of llama

Llama llama duck.

Half a llama,

Twice a llama

Not a llama

Farmer, llama.

Llama, in a car

Alarm a llama

Llama, llama, duck.

Is that how it's told now?

Is it all so old?

Is it made of lemon juice?

Doorknob, ankle, cold.

Now my song is getting thin.

I've run out of luck.

Time for me to retire now and become a duck."

Zuko stared at him. "That was the most random thing I have ever heard. What is wrong with you?"

For once, Iroh decided not to intervene as Aang retorted. "Gee, I dunno. What's wrong with me? Do you mean, besides the fact that I've just spent a hundred years trapped in an iceberg? And you're constant attempts on my life? And that my only home is the back of a flying bison with an arrow on his head? Besides that? Well, let me see… I'm stuck in a cage that you put me in, my friends are too busy fighting to notice that I'm gone, and the only one who cares about me enough to attempt a rescue is a lemur!"

Momo, who had followed Aang and was now sitting on his shoulder, bounced down to the ground and turned his back on him.

"What's wrong with you?"

Now it was Zuko's turn to be sarcastic. "Oh, not much. See, I've got an insane protégé sister, my father gave me this," he pointed angrily at his scar, "when I was fourteen, and then banished me because I was scared! I've spent the past two years looking for a great warrior who had eluded my people for a century, because capturing him is the only way to ever be allowed home! And then, when I did find him, he turned out to be twelve! I've got a crazy general after me because he wants to capture you first, and you're blaming me for your problems? You talk about your friends being annoying? At least you have friends! All I've got is my uncle who's obsessed with tea! Do you know how annoying tea gets after a while? Do you?"

"Gee," Aang commented, slightly subdued by this outburst. "You've got serious issues."

Zuko rolled his eyes. "Yeah, well, everybody does. Get used to it, kid."

"For the last time, quit calling me kid! I know I'm young, but still! You're not that much older than me!"

"Not that much older! Try six years older!"

"Well, obviously they don't teach stuck up Fire Nation princes basic arithmetic! You're only four years older than me! I'm twelve, not ten!"

"Doesn't anyone want to hear about my issues?" demanded Iroh. The squabbling pair ignored him.

"Yeah, well, you sure don't act very mature! You act like a spoiled four year old! And you look like a monkey!"

"I guess not," sighed Iroh.

"A monkey! You're one to talk! What animal do you look like? At least monkey's are cute!"

"Cute!" They scratch their bums!"

"Oh, come on! You don't know the definition of cute! You look like a girl! With a bad case of poison oak!"

Without much of a cue, a loud clap of thunder sounded from overhead, and it began to rain.

"Great," muttered Zuko. "Just great."

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