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Chapter 5: Besaid Village

That night, in the village, a party was held in honor of the summoner.

After the summoning of the aeon, a name which I learned from Wakka, people began making preparations for a party. Tidus and I took this time to rest up, not sleep mind you, but rest. I did keep getting hostile looks from the blue lion, unfortunately I had no idea what I did to deserve such looks. I shrugged it off hoping it would forget about me. I assumed it was male, but as such species did not exist on my home planet, I could not be sure.

The black mage, whose name was Lulu. Seemed to be a definite personality of Snape and McGonagall, which in itself was quite frightening. She carried more personality of Snape than McGonagall, and I wasn't sure if this was a good or a bad thing.

Our official meeting was quite awkward, as I kept saying ma'am in her presence, and unhealthy side effect from staying at Hogwarts for so long. I do not believe she liked me calling her ma'am, she told me she was only twenty. Oops. I decided to call her Lulu from now on. It didn't help that she glared at me for interfering with the summoner. She probably held a grudge like Snape.

The summoner…she was beautiful. No words I could say in place. She was simply stunning and I think Tidus also was interested in her. I wasn't quite sure yet, how I was interested, as a friend, as an ally, or maybe something more? I don't know. I never thought I could like anyone after Ginny, and even then I broke off the relationship, and even if I wanted to try it, she had been killed. This girl, however with her one blue, and one green eyes took my breath away.

I shook my head. Now was not the time to be thinking of such a thing. I didn't quite understand how this summoner was feeling, in fact I didn't even know what they did. Hopefully I would find out on the way. I look away from her as she looks at me. I snap out of my thoughts and begin walking towards the forest, I begin to feel too much pent up magic.

Once a little ways into the forest I slowly begin to practice calming techniques and release a bit of my frustration, anxiety, and anger on a nearby tree. It slowly turns to ash by the power of my spell. I begin doing other spells, this way I stay in practice, this way I don't forget. I never notice the person watching me.

A blitzball lands at my feet and startled I look up to see Wakka with a stupefied expression on his face, looking at me. He looks blank a moment like he doesn't believe what he just saw. I take a quick look around and notice that my released magic had just caused a bit of damage to the nearby environment. Turning back to Wakka I grin and ask.

"So you liked my demonstration? I'm only assuming by the stupefied expression on your face, that you've been watching me for quite a bit?" Wakka finally snaps out of it and nods.

"Ya. I knew you had special magic, but this is somethin." Wakka says in his slightly Jamaican accent.

"Well at least you know, I'm not helpless." I say shrugging my shoulders.

"Dats for sure." He says laughing, Tidus walks up from behind.

"Whoa what happened here?" Wakka and I grin at each other.

"Nothing. Nothing at all. Did you need something Tidus?" I ask the blond.

"Oh right. The party's about to start!" He nodded to himself and then ran back the way he came most likely heading for one of the tables piled with food.

I shake my head at his foolishness. Always thinking with his stomach, it was eerie that he could be so like him. Looking up I frown. The sun has indeed slowly been going down. In the heat of my magic releasing and thinking I had been gone for quite a while, it was definitely growing dark. I made sure to have a firm grip on my wand, terrible things happen at night.

I begin walking back towards the village wand in hand, a howl made me begin running. I was not looking forward to meeting another fiend. Especially not in this condition. Releasing magic often made me weaker afterwards, but like most things, needed to be done.

I arrive at the village and am amazed. Early that day I wouldn't believe that the village could get so riled up, but rest assured it did. Everyone in the village is out, talking and laughing with lanterns, drinks, and games, the lanterns illuminate the area. I glance at the table and sure enough it is piled with food and Tidus is there stuffing his face; a few of the villagers eyeing him warily. Suddenly he gets up and heads over to Wakka who is surrounded by the people who were at the beach. Probably the Aurochs. Walking over I catch the last bit of their conversation.

"...a little fuzzy, so don't mind him if he says anything odd. Come on, say hi." Wakka says and shoves Tidus in front of the Aurochs.

"Uh...Hi, guys." he says, obviously nervous. "So, what's our goal?"

"To do our best!" the other Aurochs reply. Wakka cuts in a second later, shaking his head.

"Nope, we got a new goal now! Our new goal...is victory! To win every match, defeat every opposing team! To bring the Crystal Cup back to our island! That's all we need to do to win! Easy, ya?" he says, pumping a hand into the air. I can truly see Oliver Wood within him. The Aurochs look a little unsure of this, but soon begin muttering 'Victory?' they continue before finally beginning to shout.

"Victory! Victory!"

I smile and then begin walking away. Looking around I spot the summoner and decide to introduce myself, maybe I could get a few questions answered. Walking over it hits me again how absolutely breathtaking she is. The light from a lantern makes her look even prettier.

"Come on Harry. You're not here to examine her. Even though she is definitely worth examining…Snap out of it Potter! Just introduce yourself and quit standing there like an idiot."

"Uh...hi." I say, awkwardly trying to introduce myself. I really do have trouble with this type of thing. She looks at me and smiles, noticing my unease.

"Hello. What's your name, if you don't mind my asking?" she says, folding her hands in front of her.

"Harry. Harry Potter. And you are?"

"Yuna. Very nice to meet you HarryPotter." she replies, doing the prayer gesture as an offer of greeting. I smile, before trying to mimic the movement.

"Same. But call me Harry. Potter is just my last name." I say to her smiling nervously.

"Last name?" The girl asks me and I begin to be confused.

"Yeah. You know? The family name you were born into, Potter is mine." I say seeing what her reaction is.

"Oh! So you're not a Potter?" She says and bows her head. "I'm sorry."

"No, no. It's fine, you have nothing to be sorry for. Easy mistake. I can see that it is obviously different here than where I'm from."

"Where you're from?" She asks curious.

"It's a long story, and it has not yet ended. Let's just say that Spira is all new to me. Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime?" I ask her.

"I…I would like that." She says shyly, and glances at my face, we stare into the eyes of each other and seem to see into the others souls. An awkward silence falls and it seems that quite a few people are listening in. I don't care.

"So what does a summoner do exactly? I know you're starting your pilgrimage but that's about it."

"Summoners go on a pilgrimage to temple to temple to retrieve every aeon to earn experience to battle and defeat Sin." She says this but I cannot help but feel there is more to it than that.

"Aeon?" I ask, Wakka had said something similar earlier.

"An example of an aeon is Valefore, if you remember the bird I called forth earlier. That was an aeon."

"Oh. So what's with the blue cat?" I ask glancing at the blue lion-like creature, it seems to be glaring at me I turn away quickly.

"Kihmari? Nothing he's probably just upset with you for beating him at his job." She replies a bit mischievously.

"Job?" I ask in ignorance.

"When you caught me in your arms on the steps." She replies, I feel myself blush.

"Well, I just…So what is he?" I quickly try to change the subject.

"Kihmari is a Ronso from Mt. Gagazet, he along with Lulu and Wakka are my guardians."

"I see." I say and it is obvious to all that I probably do not understand.

"Thanks." She says shyly. I notice that most of the villagers near us are listening in.

"For what?" I ask.

"For treating me like a regular person and not just a summoner."

"Oh well…It was nothing. I didn't even mean to. It just sort of happened."

"So tomorrow then." She says and I look at her confused.


"Tomorrow. You will be riding with us on the same boat correct?"

"Oh really?" I say and then add. "Good we can talk more."

"Yes, you can tell me about where you come from."

"Sounds good." I say, I notice a kid pulling on her robes. "Well I think I'll take my leave, your adoring public wants you back. Tomorrow." Yuna giggles and nods heading back to the villagers and the kids, I watch after them and then turn around and walk away. I watch as Tidus goes over to make an introduction. Not wanting to eavesdrop on them, I walk over to Wakka.

"She's cute, ya?" Wakka says nudging me in the elbow.

"Yeah!" I say before I realize what Wakka just asked me. "I mean…yeah." I just surrender, I couldn't think of a better word.

"Don't be getting no ideas. I'm impressed though. She seems to like ya. But no ideas, ya?" Wakka says and looks at me.

"I cannot make any promises. But do you think she likes me?"

"I think she likes you, but nothing can come from it. It just won't happen." Wakka says and again I get a feeling something is being hidden from me, I ignore it for now. Wakka looks at me and then changes the subject. "If you get tired let me know, I have beds made up for you and Tidus."

I look up at the sky and notice that it is quite dark, who knows what time it is. I often don't sleep, and only need a few hours when I do. The war does that to people, it changes them. I decided to get some sleep now, who knows when I would get another chance.

"I think I'll take that offer right now, Wakka." I say and after Wakka points to the hut we were in earlier I head inside. It's a miracle that nothing happened with my clothing yet, thankfully Wakka gave me a change of clothes, although the clothes look rather dressy or old fashioned and are missing a shirt, it will do for now. After changing the clothes into something more comfortable, I lay down on the cot and begin to sleep,

(line break)

"I hate you!"

Those words jolt me from my slumber and I know it will now be impossible to get back to sleep. I almost fall out of bed do to be so startled. I look over and on the cot a little ways away, Tidus is sitting up breathing heavily on his bed and looking as if a ghost of his past had just caught up with him. Suddenly I hear a pair of voices outside. I don't even have to move to hear the conversation, but apparently Tidus does and decides to tiptoe to the door and listen in. Once by the door he turns back to me and mouths 'Lulu' and 'Wakka'. I knew that already though, the voices were unmistakable.

"He does look a lot like Chappu. I was surprised, too, the first time I saw him. But no matter what he looks like, he isn't Chappu." she says, her voice calm. I stop and think, Chappu. I saw Wakka's memories and remembered what happened. Chappu must of died, and his girl Lu…Lulu! I was beginning to understand it now.

Suddenly, Lulu's voice changes, becoming laced with anger. "You shouldn't have brought him here in the first place!" she hisses at Wakka. Wakka looks chastised for a moment, before replying in what he hopes is a persuasive tone.

"Yea, but...he needed our help!"

"Excuses again?"

"Yeah, but..." Wakka says, trying to find a way to calm his fellow guardian down. Lulu however resembled Snape too well, and like Snape could not be calmed down easily.

"That's it. No more. Enough, Wakka!" she says, making Wakka cringe, before she walks away, leaving Wakka to his own devices. Wakka simply sighs, before turning back to walk in the tent, and coming face to face with Tidus.

"Ah! Scare me half to death, why don't ya?" Wakka says as Tidus spooks him when he comes in. Tidus whether he cares or not doesn't do anything for a moment. After a short pause he speaks up.

"So, who's Chappu?" The look on Wakka's face flashes to anger for a moment, as he realizes that Tidus was listening, then to sorrow as he starts to explain.

"My little brother, Chappu. He looked like you."

Giving a small nod of acknowledgment, Tidus speaks again. "He's dead?"

"The Crusaders, their weapons did not work. He was killed by Sin" I say and cause both Tidus and Wakka to look at me.

"That's right. But how you know that?" Wakka asks me. I mentally slap myself.

"Err, well, you see…" I needed to think of something. I couldn't just go ahead and say I read part of his memory. Thinking quick I picked a reasonable excuse. "I could tell by how you responded to the conversation you and Lulu just had and your conversation earlier explaining about the Crusaders. There was something in your voice that screamed something against them, I just didn't know what until now."

Wakka nods apparently accepting my excuse and looks at Tidus. "Ya, he's right. "He was with the Crusaders when they fought Sin last year. He didn't make it." he says, hanging his head. "I first heard on the day of the tournament."

Looking over at Wakka, I begin to speak again, I understood how he felt. "Man, bet that was tough. Having one of the most anticipated days of your career shattered by the news that your brother died, it's enough to mess with anyone."

"Yeah. It was tough. But, I had my team there for support, it helped a great deal, no better place I could be."

Smiling, I nod. "I've been there. I know how it feels to lose a loved one..."I trail off, lowering my head. The thoughts of the Weasley's, Dumbledore, Sirius, Neville, Luna, Hermione, and Ginny flash in my mind. I shake it off.

"I became a guardian to fight Sin, ya?" Tidus frowns at this.

"Revenge, then?" Wakka nods.

"It will change." I say causing Wakka and Tidus to look at me.

"What?" Tidus asked.

"Revenge. It will start off as revenge, but in the end turn into justice. Trust me, justice is much better."

"Justice eh? Revenge was the idea, but what you said makes sense. But now, I'm more worried about a stupid game then avenging my brother. Well, after the next tournament, I'll be a guardian full time." Hanging his head again for a moment, he continues. "I know it looks like I'm using you, but I'm not."

Tidus smiles, and shrugs before replying. "Don't worry. I mean, I owe you a lot. You really helped me out, you know? What I mean is...thanks, Wakka." he says, extending his hand for Wakka to shake. Wakka lifts his hand, but then pulls away, shaking his head slightly.

"Stop, you're embarrassing me!"

That was the last I heard that night, I had fallen asleep within seconds, my mind was on other things. The summoner for one…Voldemort for the other. Was Voldemort on Spira? I felt he was, he could not die, only I could vanquish him, but kill. It was a word that was hard to go together with Voldemort. I mean Voldemort would or could kill, but kill Voldemort. It was almost unheard of. Tomorrow would be the start of my journey, and the summoners. I made a vow that night. I would follow the Summoner and her guardians as long as I was able, I would protect them as well as I could. I did not want to see anymore death. That hope though, like much else, was in vain.

line break)

The next morning I awoke before Tidus and decided to take a look at my Sphere Grid. I added two spheres to it and soon felt healthier and more magically strong than before. I brought it up and noticed an odd empty slot with only the head of a serpent it was quite curious. I would have to find out what it did later, another one a bit later had the head of a gryffin.

I continued to look at the Sphere Grid for a bit before coming to another conclusion. I had no money. No money whatsoever, I wouldn't be able to buy a decent pair of clothes or any other items without money. I couldn't even buy food. That brought me to another question. Even if I had money where could I get any of this stuff? I dismiss these questions as Tidus begins waking up.

"Morning. Sleep well?" I ask, stifling a yawn. Tidus yawns, and stands up stretching before answering.

"Yeah. You?"

"Fine." I did sleep better than normal, but I never actually sleep well. I hadn't slept well since my fourth year. "Come on, let's go find the others before they take off without us." I walk out of the tent with Tidus right behind me and look around. Down the village trail, lit by the still rising sun, Wakka and Lulu stand near the village entrance. Thankfully Kihmari is nowhere in sight.

Tidus notices this too and bounds over to them intent on starting a conversation; Wakka beats him to it.

"Hey! Sleepyhead! Something I want to give you." he says, drawing out from behind his back what appears to be a sword made out of fine blue crystal, glimmering in the early morning sunlight. Lulu seems to be in a small bit of shock over this fact. I recognize the sword as the one he tried to give Chappu.

"Whoa! You're giving this...to me?" Tidus says, taking the sword and examining it. I simply stand there, doing much the same at a slightly greater distance.

"Yeah, use it well!" Lulu seems to have finally gotten over her initial shock, and starts to speak. I speak as well. We both say something similar at the same time.

"That's the sword you gave Chappu." she says, making Wakka turn to her, a tinge of anger on her face. At this same time I blurt out.

"Isn't that the sword you tried to get Chappu to take?" What I say causes both Wakka and Lulu to look at me sharply.

"How would you know that?" Lulu asks almost hissing at me. Wakka too is looking at me angrily.

"Umm…I recognize certain things from real dreams I have about real people. It is both a gift and a curse. I'm sorry if I spoke out of turn but I cannot control this power." I say, it is not the total truth, but partially correct, hopefully they wouldn't be too angry.

"…" Lulu doesn't speak, just looks at me, Wakka does however.

"I see. One of your perks to being a Gray Mage ya?" Wakka says and doesn't look as angry. I nod. "Where's Yuna?" This last is to Lulu.

"We're taking the same boat as Yuna, right? Why do we gotta wait here?" Tidus asks. Nice courtesy Tidus I think to myself, definitely like Ron.

"Yuna came to this village ten years ago, when the last Calm started." Wakka explains.

"The Calm?" Tidus interrupts, a confused expression returning to his face once again. I also look for an answer. Wakka just continues, ignoring Tidus' query for the moment.

"Since then, she's been like a little sister to me and Lulu. But she had the talent...she became an apprentice. Now, today, she leaves as a summoner."

"This is our journey...we should leave together." Lulu finishes. Turning around, I notice Yuna coming down the stairs of the temple, with several bags dangling from her hands. As she gets closer to us, Lulu yells out to her.

"You really don't need all that luggage." she says, causing Yuna to stop. I chuckle remembering a similar incident back home.

"They're not really my things. They're gifts for the temples we're to visit." she explains, causing a small look of disapproval to cross Wakka's features.

"This isn't a vacation, Yuna." he says, as Yuna slowly nods, placing the bags down beside Wakka's hut.

"I guess...I guess you're right." As she walks up to the four of us, I smile shyly at her and nod.

"Okay! Off we go!" Wakka says, turning to leave. The rest of us do the same, except for Yuna, who spares a small glance backward at the temple, and the place she calls home, before turning to follow us.

I didn't understand that gesture until later. But seeing as how I did the same thing leaving Hogwarts and never knowing when I might return, or if I would survive my hunt, I should've realized then. I didn't however, but when I did there was going to be hell to pay.

As we walked down the path I admired the scenery, it was green, a color that had faded from my own world. Voldemort would do the same here, if he was here, I would stop him. I notice the lush vegetation, the clear blue water, the growling Coyote fiends watching us from the trees, the sight of summoner Yuna…wait a moment. Coyote fiends?

"Coyotes!" I yell and Wakka and Tidus turn around Lulu looks around and protects the Summoner. There are three fiends this time. Drawing our weapons, we prepare to battle them. Yuna and Lulu had not seen what I could do yet, it was time to change that. Taking my wand it quickly begins forming into the sword of Godric Gryffindor, I step back just as a Coyote lunges at me.

I do something crazy and run towards the Coyote swinging my sword it jumps out of the way and right into Tidus who takes the time to slice it in half with his new sword. It works remarkably well. Wakka throws a blitzball that is half covered with ice at one of the fiends and it freezes for a moment. Wakka takes the time and changes the blitzball to his regular one and shatters the fiend.

One fiend is remaining and is quickly killed by my sword swiping through its flank. Like before however, no pyreflies begin appearing, but the strange light shoots out of them and heads off again, Lulu and Yuna look at it confused.

"What happened?" Lulu asks.

"Unsure. It happened last time, ya."

"It happened before?" Lulu asks and glares at Wakka. "You should have told someone! It could be important. We will tell the priest at the next temple of this incident."

"Yes, Lu."

"Don't call me that!" Lulu snaps at him. Before Wakka can reply two odd birds about the size of a Coyote swoop down at us. I stare at them in surprise. On the ground two jelly-like creatures begin appearing both blue and demon-like.

"Divebeaks and Flans! Yuna cure us if we get hurt." Lulu says and steps forward to the flans, Yuna nods.

"Leave the Divebeaks to me and the Flans to Lu! Keep a watch to make sure no more Coyotes come by." Wakka says and flings a blitzball at a Divebeak. The Divebeak looks similar to that of pterodactyl only with feathers, it dodges the first blitzball thrown at it, but is hit painfully by the second it falls from the sky and dissolves in a bunch of pyreflies. Wakka does the same to the other one, managing to get hit once, causing a large gash on his shoulder Yuna heals it by a spell called Cure.

Lulu on the other hand electrocutes the first of the Flans and is attacked by the other one, she barely dodges it and prepares to cast another spell on it. She raises her hands in the air and brings it down sharply a bolt of lighting comes down as she yells Thunder, the fiend flops into jelly before bursting into pyreflies. The other fiend is still alive however so I step in.

I change my sword back into a wand and whisper wingardiumleviosa the Flan is picked off the ground and set hurtling away to parts of the jungle unknown. This act has caught the attention of the others. Normally I would not need to say the words, as that is an easy spell for me, and can be done wordlessly, I added the word though to make it more powerful.

"How did you do that?" Lulu was the first to ask.

"Simple. One of the many spells I can do as a Gray Mage, my school taught it to me." I say and notice everyone again looking at me.

"School?" Yuna asks. I glance at her and notice her confusion.

"Where I come from all magic users go to a school to learn magic, before I left however the school had been destroyed for a few years. I'll tell you about at a later date if you wish." I say and begin walking away in front of the group. Rounding a bend in the road we reach an odd pillar thing and looking down we can see the village down below. Yuna and Lulu walk over to it. I realize that this is important to her and smile encouraging to her. Lulu puts a hand on Yuna's shoulder.

"Take your time." she says, and Yuna nods. Giving one last look at her home, she turns and walks back down the incline, towards the rest of us. Tidus, however, seems to be getting slightly impatient.

"Let's get going, man!" he says, turning to Wakka.

"Tidus, chill. How would you feel if you were about to leave your home go all over the world and not know if or when you could ever see it again. Wouldn't you want to stay as long as you could?" I interrupt, a little annoyed at his childish behavior. I watch as Yuna, Lulu, and Wakka kneel down in front of the pillar

"What's going on?" he asks, causing Wakka to pause for a moment to explain.

"It's an ancient custom. People leaving the island pray here for a safe trip. Chappu didn't pray that day. Said he'd miss his boat." Tidus seems to understand, I also understand another reason Wakka believed Chappu died. I kneel down beside him and begin praying as well, after a moment Tidus does as well.

"That should do it!" Wakka says, standing up after a minute. Turning away the rest of us, he begins to walk down the trail towards the harbor again, quickly followed by Yuna and Lulu. Tidus and myself rush after them, not wanting to be left behind. As we near a group of old ruins, a low growl catches my attention, and I look up just in time to see Kimahri leap down from a high pillar, right in front of Tidus and I. He growls at us and point towards Tidus before beginning to attack him. I pause wondering if I should jump in, but realize that this is most likely a test just for Tidus.

Kimahri makes the first move, whipping the dull end of his polearm around in an arc, hoping to catch Tidus in the side. Ducking, the polearm whips over his head, Tidus then jumps in slashing downward at the blue guardian. Kimahri brings the weapon up to block, however, and twists it, knocking Tidus' sword aside and smacking him in the side of the head as well. Tidus dizzily charges in and throws a right punch at Kihmari followed by a high kick. Kimahri dodges the punch, then ducks under the kick, swiping his legs out from under him. This has caused him to be in a position to grab his sword and he does so with much effort. Grasping the sword Tidus rolls to the left as the polearm comes down where Tidus neck had just been previous. Tidus leaps up, and smashes the flat of the blade into Kimahri's side, earning a grunt from the Ronso for his efforts. Kimahri holds his hand up to his face, before jumping on his polearm like a pogo stick, and bounding into the air.

He lands directly in front of Tidus and a shockwave is soon felt as it knocks Tidus over and sends him flying. Determined not to lose so easily he stands back up and runs at Kihmari again, Kihmari's polearm is swung knocking the sword out of Tidus' hand. Tidus then tries to kick Kihmari to no avail before bringing his fist back and hitting him in the head dazing the Ronso. Wakka steps in at this time sensing the need to stop the fight before the Ronso goes all out on Tidus.

"That's enough!" he yells, causing Tidus to stop moving, as well as Kimahri. Kihmari glares at Wakka before pointing to me with his polearm, he gestures for me to follow him. After looking at the others who are as confused about this as I am, I begin to follow Kihmari. I have no idea what he wants of me. I leave the others behind and follow the big blue cat, a bit nervously.

The last thing I hear from the group is Yuna yelling "We'll meet you at the docks!" Kihmari nods, while I wave and seeing my lack of eagerness about going with him, he growls at me. I go a bit faster after that, all the while wondering what on earth the Ronso wanted with me.

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