Author's Note: Ok, this story comes with a warning. Those of you who have read my other pieces are probably thinking this is another sweet "fluffy" Tommy/Jude story. Well, this isn't that. This is something darker, and very R rated, written by the more perverse side of me. A side that needed to test my range and push my limits. A side that needed to confront demons by writing about them. I actually wrote this a while ago, but was afraid to publish it. Well, I refuse to be scared anymore.

Special thanks to B- you and I played with this concept a while ago. Feel free to weigh in on it... especially since I don't know if it's going beyond a one-shot... Right now, it's just my personal exorcism.

Oh, as usual, I don't own IS or Depeche Mode's song, "Strangelove"...

Since this is a new style for me, please let me know what you think... I'm very interested! Thanks!



They'll be times,

When my crimes,

Will seem almost unforgivable.

I give in,

To sin,

Because you have to make this life, livable.

And when you think I've had enough,

From your sea of love,

I'll take more than another river full.

Yes, but I'll make it all worthwhile,

I'll make your heart smile.


Strange highs and strange lows,


That's how my love goes.


Will you give it to me?

Will you take the pain,

I will give to you.

Again and again.

And will you return it...

They'll be days,

When I stray,

I may appear to be,

Constantly out of reach.

I give in,

To sin,

Because I like to practice what I preach.

I'm not trying to say,

I'll have it all my way.

I'm always willing to learn

If you got something to teach.

Oh, but I'll make it all worthwhile.

I'll make your heart smile...

Pain, will you return it?

I'll say it again, pain.

Pain, will you return it?

I won't say it again.


Jude Harrison sat brooding in her room. It was the evening of her 17th birthday; one she didn't feel at all like celebrating.

"Like this year didn't completely fucking suck! Dad divorced mom, knocked up that slut, Yvette and married her. Mom now dates more than I do. She's never home anymore and drunk off her ass when she is. Jamie dumps me for Kat after I catch them making out on my couch. So called best friends- they can both go straight to hell! And Tommy's still screwing Sadie."

She tossed her long, carefully designed blond hair back in anguish.

"Now, I'm supposed to go to this damm party and play perky, sweet little wholesome Jude. Well, fuck that. Fuck them all!"

Jude knew there was no way in hell she could pull that off. No way she would get through tonight. Not without help, anyway.

She opened the small enamel case and carefully selected a little, white tablet.

"Bottoms up!" she sneered, as it coursed down her throat.

Tommy Quincy sped up to the Harrison house. The Viper peeled madly as he recklessly drove to fetch his girlfriend. Veering abruptly into the driveway, he stopped the car and exited. He knew Sadie waited eagerly for him.

However, Jude answered the door, with a scowl on her face, as opposed to her sister's easy, sexy, kittenish charm. She greeted him with frozen silence; things had completely changed between them. Once they had been friends, talking and laughing easily about everything and nothing. Now, somehow, even the pretense of warmth had vanished from their relationship.

"She's not ready yet!" Jude finally snarled and turned away.

"It's your birthday. I came here. You could at least be civil..." Tommy exploded.

"Fuck you! Why should I? You didn't come here for me. You came for her. It's always about her! You think I don't know what you guys are doing?"

"Like that's anything to do with this!"

"Screw you, Quincy! It has everything to do with me and you know it. You started something..."

"Jude, I've no idea what you're talking about..."

"That's just pathetic! And you think I'm "too young" and too stupid. Seems to me, you're the one who doesn't get it."

She turned away, deferring him to Sadie, who soon appeared on the landing. Tommy greeted her with all the unresolved rage Jude provoked in him.

"What was that for?" Sadie commented naively, tasting the fierceness of his lips.

"Nothing. Let's just go!"

He grabbed her arm and led her into the blackness.

Jude struggled through her party. The pills enabled her to put on the necessary show, smiling on cue and saying all the "right", carefully scripted words. Darius was pleased. However, she burned in her heart, hating everyone and everything. Paradoxically, despite the huge crowd of people, no one was there for her. She was merely their puppet, existing at their will and for their convenience. Used by them only as she was useful to them. No wonder she didn't know who the hell she was anymore.

She depleted the contents of her enamel box as the evening went on, chasing each pill down with a couple of shots of vodka. Jude refused to feel any pain tonight.

"My damm party!" she thought.

Tommy also sought that same oblivion. His nerves hit the breaking point as he found himself distancing further and further from Sadie. Her light chatter seemed mindless and meaningless as his thoughts and eyes kept drifting towards another platinum haired girl, dressed in a short, tight black skirt, and V-neck top. The neckline was low, but revealed no cleavage, just plenty of flawless skin. That outfit symbolized Jude to him. Never blatant or obvious, yet she somehow revealed just enough nakedness to make him ache ceaselessly for more, emotionally and physically.

"Fuck it!" he thought, belting down his drink, and signaling for another.

"Tommy, what is your damage?" Sadie angrily demanded.

"Wha... What?" he slurred.

"You've been acting strangely all night. And now you're drunk. I'm not going home with you like this."

"Like I care." he said, perfectly calm.

"I don't need this. There are at least twenty guys here who would kill to love me."

"So, then why don't you just give one of them the chance?"

"Fine." she agreed and stomped off.

Tommy's head spun dizzily.

"Whatever!" he thought, stumbling back to his office. The party was breaking up, but he needed some quiet. Inside his black leather and chrome space, he tried to relax. Until something in the corner stirred.

"Jude!" he said, shocked.

She lay, stretched out provocatively on the couch.

"What the hell are you doing here?'

"Dunno. Quiet." she whispered.

"Jude, you're messed up. What the hell did you take?"

"Stuff..." she drifted off. "But I know what I'm doing."

"You can't possibly..."

"Fuck you, Quincy! Stop pulling that crap on me! Like I can't know anything! I'm too young, too stupid, too innocent. Well, I stopped being all that long ago. You just didn't notice!"

"I noticed." he replied softly. That was always their damm problem. That was why he continued lusting after her.

"Tell me you don't want it..." she challenged, walking over to him.

"Jude..." he moaned, already helpless.

"Don't say we "can't"" she added, mercilessly, brutally pushing her mouth on his, finally hurling Tommy past his limits.

He pushed her down to the hard, bare floor.

"You want to feel it! What I can do to you! What you do to me! Ok! But just remember, you asked for it!"

His lips returned to hers, bruising and feasting. Tommy then devoured her face in that way, and moved downward to consume her neck. Jude's hands wandered over his body, stroking everywhere.

"You like it. You want more..." he growled.

"Yeah!" she threw back with equal force.

His hands found his way inside her shirt. Seams tore as he yanked it off her body. He heard buttons popping as he dimly realized Jude had done the same to him. Her hands now clawed at his shoulders, and moved down his back, nails digging into his flesh.

Tommy's hands were on her chest now, sucking each bare breast, then letting his fingers work the nipples, going from gentle strokes to firm pinches. He heard her small cries of pain blending with moans of total ecstacy. But he was beyond caring. He had held back for too long. Far too long.

His hands sought and quickly found the waistband of her skirt. Fumbling, he undid it, hurling it too to the side of the floor. Her black silk bikini panties were the only remaining barrier, and he soon stripped her of those. Finally, Jude lay on the floor, completely exposed to him.

"No more secrets, girl. No more games" he demanded.

"Yes" she echoed.

His mouth pressed ravenously between her legs, lips and tongue traveling everywhere, deep inside her. She grew hotter and hotter, consumed with her desire for him. It drove him insane.

"Please..." she moaned, desperate.

"Beg for it" he arrogantly replied, as his mouth continued to work her most sensitive areas.

"I..., Oh, yes!" she cried out, engulfed in searing waves of pleasure.

"That'll do!" he said, lifting himself up, and stripping off his remaining clothes.

Taking her in his arms again, he selfishly and selflessly reclaimed her body. Pushing Jude hard onto her back on the floor, he drove within her. She was tight, he felt her tender flesh give way and finally tear as he penetrated deeper and deeper, taking what he wanted and giving her everything she needed. Her legs wrapped around him, aiding his unrelenting lust and his hands seized her hips, wanting her to feel his every stroke, and his complete domination.

Jude gyrated beneath him, embracing the pain, the deliciously wonderful aches within her. Powering them was a deeper, more intense need. The need to feel, to release the want... to finally know what he felt for her urged her forward. She yearned to satisfy herself and to satisfy him in that deeply intense way that she knew instinctively uniquely belonged to them together.

Climaxing together, they screamed in unison, finally totally gratified. Bodies drained and replete, they collapsed together on the cold floor.