Intro: This story revolves around the guys of Galaxy Angel, namely, Takuto, Lester, and Kuromie. The story is based on the manga, rather than on the anime. (I tried basing this on the game too at first, but have given up since even the game and manga have huge differences between them.) Since these characters are so unpopular, I've decided to make this fanfiction in tribute of them. I tried my best not to make them OOC, but sometimes, I can't help it, since they are such minor characters. I own and have read all of the original GA series. (GA and GA Beta) These first four chapters are in script mode, since I had already written them on paper like that—sorry. Starting with chapter 5, they no longer are in script mode.

Notes: Anything between () is description/action, and sentences with a number (#) next to it are notes that will be explained at the end of the fanfic. Or you could scroll down to it while you're reading.

Legal Stuff: Galaxy Angel does not belong to me. It never has and never will be. The manga, anime, and game all belong to Broccoli. The beautiful artwork of the manga and game is created by and belongs to Kanan.

A New Show is Born—Er, created!

(There is a stage in the middle of a dark room. Suddenly, a lone spotlight shines on the stage, revealing a microphone on a stand. An old man with light brown hair and bright blue eyes walks up to it. Although he is old, he seems strong and energetic. His name is Luft Weizen.)

Luft: Greetings everyone! My name is Luft Weizen, and I shall be your host for tonight. Today is a very special day, because we will be unveiling a brand new show. The producers of Broccoli decided, since the Galaxy Angel anime was so famous, that they would release yet another series based on it. (1) However, instead of focusing on the girls, we will be focusing on the guys in the manga version of GA (Galaxy Angel) instead. Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for, it's time to introduce our new main characters! First off, Takuto Meyers!

(The rest of the lights turn on, as a man of 21 runs onto the stage from the side. He has brown eyes, bluish-black hair, and is wearing a captain's uniform. He also has a cheesy grin on his face.)

Takuto: Hoo-Ha!

Luft: Next up, Kuromie Quark!

(A young teenage boy with brown hair and light blue eyes runs onstage holding a space whale calf(2). The boy is wearing a green and white uniform complete with a poofy hat. He holds up the space whale calf.)

Kuromie: Don't forget Space Whale Jr.!

Space Whale Jr.: Mew.

Luft: And last, but not least, it's Lester Coolduras!

(A man of about 22 calmly walks onstage. He has silver-white hair and grey eyes with an eye patch over his left. He is wearing a loose red shirt and a long cloak that reaches to his ankles. He doesn't look too happy.)

Lester: (sighs)

Luft: (to the gang) Alright guys, you know the drill.

Takuto: We-

Kuromie: -Are-

Lester: (somewhat annoyed) -The-

All: Galaxy Angel Guys!

(Everyone says it enthusiastically, except for Lester, who has a bored expression on his face.)

Luft: Alright, now it's time to fill you in on the series. It will follow the adventures of these three-

Voice: Just three?

(The voice happens to belong to Prince Shiva, who slides in. Shiva has blue hair and eyes, and is wearing an elaborate blue-and-white gown/robe.)

Prince Shiva: I want to be a member of the Galaxy Angel Guys too!

Luft: (nervously) Now, now, your highness, we already went over this. You can't become a member because you have to train to become the next king!

Prince Shiva: Please? (Puppy dog eyes)

(For a moment, it seems like it's working as Luft's face goes soft, but then he brushes it off)

Luft: No! Absolutely not!

Prince Shiva: (angrily) Fine! This leaves me no choice! As Prince of the White Moon (3), I COMMAND you to let me join.

Luft: (sweatdrops) P-prince Shiva, you have to understand…

(Takuto, Lester, and Kuromie exchange nervous glances at each other.)

Prince Shiva: (he raises a fist) If you don't let me join, I will-

Voice: You will do nothing.

(This time, the voice belongs to the Moon Goddess Shatoyan, a beautiful woman with light green hair and purple eyes. She is wearing a long pure-white gown. She walks in, but since her feet are concealed by her dress, she seems to be gliding.)

Shatoyan: As a prince and future king, Shiva, you must remember not to abuse your power.

Luft: (relieved) Ah, Moon Goddess Shatoyan! You came just in time.

(Takuto gawks at the Moon Goddess's beauty while Lester gives him an angry glare, which promptly makes Takuto stop.)

Lester: Don't count on asking the Moon Goddess on any dates-she's busy enough as it is.

Takuto: (sweatdrops)

Kuromie: Shh! (He points toward the place where Luft, Shiva, and Shatoyan are still talking.)

Shatoyan: So what do you say, Shiva?

Price Shiva: (suddenly depressed) I'm sorry...

Luft: (smiling) I forgive you.

(As Shatoyan leads Shiva off the stage, Luft picks up where he left off.)

Luft: Now where was I? Oh yeah! The series will follow the adventures of these three guys. (He motions to them and they wave somewhat unexcitedly) We will be following them through their normal lives as they fight evil! (Luft punches a fist in the air)

Takuto: (does a double-take) Wait—Fight evil? That wasn't listed in the contract… (He takes out a pile of papers and flips though it)

Kuromie: (nervously) …So does this mean that this show is live, and not just acting?

Luft: (whispering) Don't worry, just act normal!

Lester: (sarcastically) What IS normal?

(Luft gives him and angry glare and Lester quickly shuts up)

Luft: ANYWAY, see you next time for the grand premiere! Buh-bye!

(He quickly walks offstage.)

Takuto: (whining) But I don't wanna fight evil!

(He also walks offstage. Kuromie follows him while holding Space Whale Jr. but doesn't say anything.)

Lester: I have a bad feeling about this…

(He too walks offstage, and one by one, the lights flicker off. Soon, there is only one lone spotlight shining on the microphone, and then—total darkness.)

(To be continued…)

Additional notes:

1. Once again, I DO NOT OWN GA! I don't own Broccoli either. I just needed a way to start off the series. Yes, I will continue writing this for a while, so expect more coming soon!

2. Space whales are whales that don't need water to breathe. And they can float, bounce, and make cute animal noises!

3. The White Moon is a special planet that has great technology. Prince Shiva will later become king of that planet. Shiva is currently being raised by the Moon Goddess Shatoyan.

Updated Final Notes: (I'm adding these in mainly to point out additional stuff (i.e. make fun of it) and mostly for my own amusement.)

Oh god this chapter is so bad, I'm sorry. I really did mean for this to be kind of "show" at first, but I ditched the idea (and script mode) after chapter 4. Missions are way more interesting, anyway.

Also, Takuto just kind of pulled the script out of hammerspace there. Good job, Takuto!