My first scene in my series of one shots. I thought I'd start with something cute and fluffy. It's Kyoru cause I love that pairing but since this is a series of one shots I won't play favorities. I will have Yukiru moments. And a bunch of other pairings.

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Fruits Salad

AS The Sun Sets

Kyo and Tohru sat on the roof, the sun setting. He had come up because he couldn't stand the thought of Yuki being with Tohru. She had come because she couldn't stand to Kyo mad.

Kyo remembered the sight, angrily pictureing it in his mind. Yuki had been talking to Tohru. Standing very close to her, too close. He whispered something to her. Tohru, blusing, started to ramble about how he was so nice. The thought pissed him off.

Tohru sat next to Kyo, looking at him wooriedly. She couldn't stand for him, or anyone else, to be mad at her.

"Kyo." Tohru said quietly. "Are you mad at me? Did I do something to upset you?"

"No." he mumbled. He wasn't really mad at Tohru. He was mad at that damned Yuki. He got everything. Everthing. It wasn't fair that he got Tohru, too.

"What are you mad about?" Tohru's innocent voice snapped him to reality.

He looked at her. She was wearing those ribbons. The ones that Yuki gave her. Without really thinking, he pulled the ribbons out of her head. Crumbling them in his hand.

"Kyo." She said with worried eyes locked on his.

"Sorry." he mumbled. He looked softly at her. "Ther's something I want to tell you."

"What is it, Kyo?"

He moved closer to her. Sat as close as could be allowed.

Tohru willed him to be closer. Wanted him to close the space between them. As if readind her mind and granting her wish...he did.

Softly resting his hand o her cheek, he pressed his lips to hers. Tohru melted into a moment she didn't want to end. But he ended it. And once he did, she was glad he did so.

"Tohru, I-I love you." he forced out, meeting her soft gaze.

"I love you, too, Kyo." she replied.

And he kissed again. Longer this time.

Opening his hand, he let the ribbon be blown in the wind, along with the thought of that damn rat steeling her away. She was his. Just his. And, for now, at least, he could enjoy it.

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