Ever since Paine had last seen Isolde she became more distant. It wasn't as if the warrior was extremely talkative. But she wasn't this quiet or isolated. Whatever went down with the crazed magician must have still been affecting her. It didn't matter because she still didn't want to talk about it. As the three friends walked towards Luca they were attacked by a fiend. Normally Paine would have been eager about a fight. Yuna reached for her guns and aimed at the fiend.

"Dr. P watch out." Rikku shouted.

Paine was completely off her game. The fiend had been so close to slicing her. The al bhed thief narrowed her eyes. She had to do something and she needed to do it fast. She quickly ran over stabbing the fiend in the chest. Rikku breathed a sigh of relief as the animal died. She glanced up to Paine who was just about to life up her sword.

"What?" Paine whispered.

"Paine are you alright?" Yuna asked.

"Yeah you were just about to get yourself killed." The blond pointed to her. The warrior held a confused look on her face. As if she had no idea what was happening. Or rather she didn't even seem to know where she was right now. Like they weren't just attacked by a fiend just now. She shook her head trying to pull herself together.

"What happened?"

The former summoner as well as her cousin looked at the warrior. There was definitely something strange going on. The way that she stood there with that empty look in her eyes. The two of them looked on with worried expressions on their faces.

"Um are you okay Paine you don't seem like yourself." Yuna asked her.

At her question Paine glanced over to Yuna. She caught Rikku's concerned gaze as well. she really didn't understand what they were worried about. The silver haired woman was fine at least she believed that she was fine. "What of course I'm fine. Well lets go aren't we going to Luca. I don't want my hair to get any grayer before we get there." They watched as Paine walked ahead. Yes something was clearly wrong with her. Rikku put her daggers away then looked at her cousin.

"Yunie something's not right."

"Hm yeah I know." The brunette agreed.

"Come on you two. What are you waiting for another fiend to attack?" Paine told them. When they finally did get to Luca. They noticed Paine just stand there for a moment. The vacant and lost expression on her face had returned. With her hand Rikku waved to Paine. "Hello Spira to Dr. P are you listening?" However the warrior didn't respond to her. She looked up slightly to see Isolde standing there. Almost immediately as if on cue she started walking towards here appearing to be in a trance. Yuna and Rikku followed after their friend.

"Hey Red how are you?" Isolde smiled.

"Fine." She replied.

Isolde could see that the warrior was starting to become helpless. It meant that the spell she placed on the bracelet was starting to work. It was only a matter of time before she was completely helpless. At that time Isolde could get her to do anything that she wanted. The red head looked up to see Paine's friends. She sighed slightly. She sighed slightly. "Those two just might ruin my plans?"

"Geez have you no life of your own. How many more times do we have to see you before you get that none of us like you." Rikku told her.

"Really well I don't think Paine feels that way." She wrapped her arms around the warrior. Paine didn't respond though she remained silent. There was that expression again two girls noticed.

"Okay what are you doing to Paine?" Yuna asked.

"What me do something to Paine. I wouldn't dream about it."

"Dr. P snap out of it." Rikku shouted. The silver haired woman shook her head slightly. She then focused her eyes on to Rikku. Slowly she pulled herself away from the magician. "Rikku?" she spoke with uncertainty.

"Yea are you alright?"

"I keep telling you that I'm fine. Let's go suddenly Luca seems too crowded." Paine glanced over to the magician. Isolde merely watched as the three girls walked away. It would seem as if her entire plan was ruined. As always a good magician had other tricks up their sleeves. After all she had put a spell on that bracelet. Sure the three of them would figure that out sooner or later. It didn't matter though. Hopefully the spell would come into full effect before then. There was only one major thing that she hadn't considered. There was still the issue of the blond thief. It was clear how much she loved Paine. Just because of how fast she was able to bring her back to reality.

"No I wasn't expecting Rikku to get through to her so fast. No matter my plans will go on. I wont let some little girl ruin everything." she spoke. Later that night while everyone slept Paine was trying to sneak away. Only she hadn't been expecting Rikku to still be up.

"Dr. P where are you going?" she yawned. Paine breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe Rikku would just fall back asleep and not remember anything. If she was lucky maybe she would think that it was all a dream. "Out." Paine answered.

Rikku yawned again then focused her attention on to the warrior. Crimson eyes reflecting into her swirling green orbs. Yet there was something missing Paine wasn't herself anymore. She seemed to be empty that fire that once shown in her crimson eyes was gone. Although Rikku was dead tired she started to think. Somehow Isolde had gotten to her. But what? How did all of this happen without anyone noticing? More importantly why was she doing all of this. What reason did she have to go to extremities?

"Your going to go be with her aren't you? You're going to go see Isolde." Rikku spoke with a hint of sadness. The warrior looked up to the blond thief. Was that sadness that she heard just now? Yes it was Paine could see that. She heard the sadness in her voice. She could see it written all over her face. Being sad didn't suite Rikku at all. She would rather see the blond happy and energetic.

"So what if I am. Why do you care?"

"Paine you cant go I don't want you to." She whispered. There was silence but then there were tears. The silver haired woman turned slightly as she listened to Rikku. She had never heard her cry before. Not only was she crying she was crying for her. Deep down Paine knew that. For some reason she didn't know what to do. Or how she should feel or what she should say to the thief.


"Don't go please Paine."

"Tears? She's crying for me actual tears." Paine thought. Paine walked over to Rikku and wiped her tears away. When the blond looked up hoping to find some glimpse of her Dr. P. she was disappointed to find that she wasn't there. There was only that empty, vacant expression on her face.

"What did she do to you Dr. P?"

"Come on lets get you back to bed?" she walked with Rikku back upstairs to the cabin. Paine sat down waiting for Rikku to fall asleep. Once she did the warrior glanced over to her. She was glad that she was not crying anymore. She knew that she didn't want to hear her cry ever again. especially not because of her. No she really couldn't watch that again. Paine pushed the blond's hair out of her face. Rikku looked especially beautiful while she slept. With one arm wrapped around her moogle.

"No more crying for me Rikku sweet dreams." She whispered.