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Real World: San Francisco

Chapter 3: A Night On the Town

Chantal: This is the story…

Jake: Of seven strangers,

Alana: Picked to live in a house.

Devon: Work together, and have their lives taped.

Eddie: See what happens…

Chelsea: When people stop being polite.

Raven: And start getting real.

All: The Real World: San Francisco!

"Cheers." they all said.

"Okay! Okay! I say we should play Truth or Dare!" Eddie shouted.

"What are we, teenagers?" Alana asked.

"Come on, I'm sure it will be fun." Chantal said.

"I think I'll pass." Alana told them.

"What are you, chicken?" Devon asked mischievously.

"No I am not."

"Prove it." Jake said.

"Fine, I'll go first." Alana said.

"Okay, Truth or Dare?" Chantal asked.

"Truth." Alana said.

"Truth! Come on. That's for wimps!" Jake said.

"Screw you." Alana retorted.

"Oooh. Feisty." Jake said.

Jake- From what I can tell, Alana is a spitfire.

"Okay, Alana, how far have you gone… with a guy?" Chantal giggled.

"Come one! That was a baby question!" Devon said.

Alana- Chantal… that girl is a little goodie two shoes.

"Alana, you haven't answered my question." Chantal whined.

"What do you think?" Alana said.

"Ohhh." the others said.

Alana- Actually, I have never had sex, but these people are too stupid to figure that out.

"Okay, Devon, Truth or Dare?" Alana asked.

"Dare." Devon said, which was followed by 'ooohhhs.'

"Okay, I dare you to… give little Miss Goodie Two Shoes here a lap dance." she said pointing at Chantal. Raven gasped.

"My pleasure." Devon smirked. He moved toward Chantal, and began to give her a lap dance. Chantal blushed a bright red. Eddie and Raven both sipped their drinks, looking very mad.

Chantal- Wow! I cannot believe that Devon is doing this. This is crazy. I mean he is just so… wow!

"There. All done." Devon whispered in a husky voice, that made Chantal quiver with pleasure. Devon sat to his seat. "Okay, Raven! Truth or Dare."

"Um… I pick Dare." Raven said.

"Okay. I dare you to kiss… Chelsea. And when I mean kiss, I mean really kiss." Devon told her.

"Okay. Fine. Chelsea, are you ready?"

"Um… I don't know." Chelsea said. But Chelsea was shut up by Raven. Raven grabbed Chelsea and

placed her lips on Chelsea's. The two kissed passionately, their hands roaming all over each other.

Devon- Holy shit! I can't believe those two are going at. This is what guys dream of.

The two girls finally pulled away from the kiss. "There, satisfied?" Raven asked seductively. Devon just sat in the Jacuzzi, nodding.

Raven- I knew Devon would like the little show I put.

"Okay, let's see, who do I pick. Oh, Jake, Truth or Dare?" Raven asked.

"Um… Dare! No, I mean Truth! Truth!" Jake exclaimed.

"Sorry, Jake. But you said Dare first." Raven said. "So I dare you to… let's see. I dare you to… run around the house… naked." Raven grinned mischievously. Everyone cheered.

"Alright! I'll do it!" Jake shouted. He got out of the Jacuzzi, and took off his boxers, revealing his package.

The girls screamed of embarrassment, and the guys were just laughing. Jake ran around the house, his package flopping around. Everyone was crying from laughter. Jake finally reached the Jacuzzi, and jumped in. he started moving toward Chelsea.

"Jake! Don't even think about it!" Chelsea explained. Bu it was too late; Jake grabbed her, and pulled her into a huge hug. "AH! Jake! Ew!" Chelsea shouted.

Chelsea- What can I say about Jake? All I can say is that he is quite a character.

After an hour of playing Truth or Dare, the gang decided to wash up and decided to go out clubbing. Once the gang reached the bathroom, they found out that the shower was a large shower, which more than 7 people can shower… at the same time.

Raven- When we walked in the bathroom, we just saw a huge shower, and Eddie suggested that we should all take a shower. That way we can go out faster.

Everyone heads in the shower, wearing nothing but their swimsuits. Chantal is next to Devon; the two seem to be whispering to each other, giggling. Raven is watching all this, and is growing more furious by the second. Alana notices.

Alana- From what I can tell. I already predict that there will be trouble between Raven, Devon , and Chantal.

Finally, everyone is done, and are starting to get dressed. "So Chelsea. Do you find anyone in the house attractive." Alana asked Chelsea.

"I don't know. I haven't really gotten to know any of them in that level. But I know that they are good-looking." Chelsea responds.

Chelsea- When it comes to relationships, that subject is pretty foreign. It's just because my past relationships have just been about physical thing, and no emotion. I just want someone who actually cares about me.

"Come on people! Let's hurry up!" Eddie shouts.

Eddie- Let's see. Who do I want to hook-up with in the house. That would hand down have to be Chantal. Either her or Raven.

The gang head out of the house and begin to walk. Devon is giving a piggy-back to Chantal. "Come on, Eddie! Me and Chantal vs. you and Raven." Devon shouted.

"Fine with me." Eddie said. "You down with it, Raven?"

"Sure." Raven responded. Eddie placed Raven on his back, and the two met up with Devon .

"Okay guys, on the mark of three." Jake explained. "Ready." The two groups nodded.

"Good. One. Two. Three!" Chelsea exclaimed. Devon and Eddie raced off, dodging people who were walking on the sidewalk. After five minutes, they were only a block away from the club that they were going to. The club, which was named Tipsy, had an eclectic feel. Eddie was in the lead.

"Come on Eddie! We are almost there!" Raven shouted. Just as they were only 10 feet away, Devon and Chantal run past them, and win.

"Yeah Devon! We won!" Chantal exclaimed. She climbed off him, and Devon pulled her in for a hug.

"That's because we make a great team." he told her. Raven climbed off Eddie, and saw Devon and Chantal hugging.

"Come on, guys. The others should be coming soon." Raven said. The two immediately pulled away from the embrace.

Devon- For some reason I feel that Raven is getting a little jealous. I don't know, because she already has a boyfriend.

After a few minutes, Alana, Jake, and Chelsea showed up, and met with them. "Okay, so are we ready to dance?" Alana asked.

"Yeah. We are all 21 or older?" Jake blurted out. Everyone nodded, except for Chantal.

"You're not 21?" Eddie asked.

"Close, I am 20. But don't worry." Chantal handed them an I.D. "It's my sister. She's 22, and she looks just like me." They all nodded, and were heading toward the club. They were waiting in line, and after a few minutes, they were all in the club. They ordered their drinks, and looked for an open table.

"Isn't this great!" Chelsea shouted.

"Yeah! This club is off the chain!" Eddie exclaimed.

"You said it." Alana said.

"Come on! Let's dance!" Chantal whined.

"I'll dance with you." Devon said.

"Okay. Let's hit to the dance floor!" Chantal shouted. The two walked toward the floor, and began to dance. The others soon followed. Everyone was having a good time. Jake, Chelsea, and Alana were dancing with each other., whiling Eddie and Raven were dancing, Raven keeping a close eye on Devon and Chantal. Jake noticed.

Jake- You can tell that things between Devon, Chantal, and Raven will get ugly really fast. Already, things are starting to get crazy. It's only a matter of time before the claws come out!

(Shows Devon and Chantal dancing, while Raven is staring at them.)

Next time on the Real World: San Francisco…

Chantal- I am very attracted to Devon.

(Shows Devon and Chantal kissing.)

Raven- I feel like I am cheating on Andre, why am I feeling this way for Devon.

(Shows Raven crying, while Chelsea is at her side, trying to console her.)

Alana- That girl needs to reevaluate herself.

Devon- Things are going to get crazy up in here.

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