Love's Foolish Gift

Rating: Mature for sure, because of the yaoi you know

Warnings: Does contain yaoi so please be aware of that. Also contains much drama, hurt feelings and misunderstandings.

Pairings: Rufus/Reno in that order

Timeline: For this chapter, one day before the 70th floor of the Shinra office explodes

"So the cannon (Sister Ray) will be firing Mako-infused artillery shells and I believe it will be capable enough to defeat the Weapons that threaten us… even breaking the energy barrier surrounding the Northern Crater." The technician finished with a flourish and turned around eagerly to look at Rufus. In fact everyone in the room turned to look at Rufus, who seemed to be staring at his lap behind his desk, to gage his reaction.

Rufus looked up, trying his best to hide his utter boredom. "Yes, that sounds adequate," he replied to the unspoken question that hung in the air. The technician's face fell and he returned to his presentation with a little less exuberance.

Rufus inwardly sighed. What exactly did he want from him? Did he honestly expect a standing ovation for telling him something he already knew? Honestly, they should have known him better than that.

From the corner of his eye Rufus noticed Scarlett trying desperately to get his attention as she tapped her high heels on the floor. When he could finally ignore her no longer, he turned his head slightly to look at her and she made a point of bending down low to show him her deep cleavage, on her inappropriately low dress. Unable to suppress a grimace of disgust, he quickly looked down at his hands again. The woman was more then 10 years his senior and he knew her interest had nothing to do with him, it was just his power. He, President Rufus Shinra, was the most powerful man on the planet, in command of a mighty army and the most profitable company in existence. Probably the most intriguing thing to her was that he was only 21 years old.

It didn't matter anyway. Meteor was coming, and it was only a matter of time before the whole planet, including him, was going to be wiped out as if it had never existed. Nothing mattered… except, maybe…

Rufus moved his hands slightly catching the light and clearly showing what he had been busy winding around his fingers during the whole dull meeting. The three long bright red hairs that contrasted strongly with the pure white of his trousers. A small smile flickered quickly over his face as he remembered collecting them three days ago.

"It's possible, now that Sister Ray is here in Midgar, that we can use the Midgar Mako reactors to form a kind of particle beam instead of using artillery shells." The technician continued to drone on while Rufus's mind left the meeting and began wondering to the recent past that played so heavily on his concentration.

Three days ago, the heavy materia that he had wanted to use for his brilliant (yet faulty) rocket ship plan, had been lost. Lost in the same way that he lost so many things these days. Cloud and his rugged band of misfits had once again outwitted one of his so called very best, Reno the Turk.

Reno had started working for Shinra when Rufus was still at the university in Junon; a place that it seemed he had been since he had started to walk, being groomed to become a god. Reno's record listed him as sloppy, ill mannered, and defiant, but extremely good at whatever work he was put to. Yet ever since he had started working for Rufus, he had done nothing but wreck missions and cause problems. So when it came down to it, there was really no choice but to impose punishment, especially for failing at such an important task.

Rufus looked around the table at his so-called loyal employees and saw that they were all still paying attention to the uninspiring technician, so he allowed himself to daydream about that utterly exasperating redhead.

Reno had stood in the middle of the office alone as Rufus sat on the front of what use to be his father's desk. "They stole a submarine and posed as Shinra and they got away with the materia you wanted, Boss." It seemed Reno spoke to Rufus's shoes as they dangled off the floor rocking back and forth slightly.

"Reno, this isn't the first time you've lost to them." Rufus tipped his head slightly down in order to catch the startlingly mako blue of his employee's eyes, which contrasted fantastically with the bright crimson of his hair.

"Yes, I'm sorry, but they are so strong." Reno met Rufus's eyes for a second before looking back to the floor.

"Perhaps they are, but you're supposed to be as well."

"I can be. I will the next time."

"I'm afraid I can't allow there to be a next time, Reno." Reno jerked his head up and looked straight at Rufus, his mouth falling open.

"I am demoting you from your position in the Turks. In recognition of your years of service, I will allow you to take another lower position in Shinra or allow you to take your place back at Soldier, your choice. I'm sorry it couldn't work out. That is all." Rufus folded his hands on his lap to indicate that the conversation was over and there was no point in arguing.

Reno slowly closed his mouth. He turned around to leave, then seemed to reconsider, spinning back suddenly and hissing the word "no."

"No? Did you just tell me no?" Rufus remained in his position on the desk and froze with astonishment. It was a very rare occasion indeed when someone dared to tell him no.

"No, I will not leave you, sir."

"Reno, I gave you an order. It is not your choice whether or not you 'leave me'. And what do you mean by that anyway?"

"As I told you in our first meeting, I will be loyal to you, always. So no, I will not leave you." Reno looked the very picture of a man who had suddenly decided that he had absolutely nothing to lose, as he looked Rufus directly in the eye.

"I could very easily order you killed where you stand for your unbelievable insubordination." Rufus found that he really was more flabbergasted at this than angry. But it wouldn't do to let an employee know thoughts like that, even one as intriguing and alluring as the one in front of him.

"Then do it. But I will not leave you."

Rufus pushed himself off the desk and using his long legs he stood in front of Reno in a single movement. He reached into his bottom jacket and in one smooth motion he pulled his shotgun out and pressed it to Reno's forehead below his goggles. "Leave, now."

Reno didn't even flinch. His eyes remained fixed to his boss's. "I will not leave you."

Rufus had never actually considered pulling the trigger, though he was certain nothing in his stance or expression betrayed that. He had killed only a few when he had been forced to. Besides, to destroy something as beautiful as this man was would be a travesty against nature.

Rufus lowered the shotgun and looked at Reno, aware that his complete surprise was finally showing on his face. "Why is this job worth your life to you? Loyalty will not win me wars."

"No job is worth my life. But you are."

A loud belch directly to the right of him jerked Rufus suddenly out of his recollection. Palmer raised one hand in apology as he continued to stuff himself stupid with the other. Oh, the man was so disgusting… not to mention a total coward. Why did he keep him on the staff? If it weren't for his skill with electronics, he was sure not to be here. Or would he? Heidegger, Palmer, and Scarlet were all more or less dead weight and yet Rufus couldn't quite take it upon himself to cut them loose. He knew it was his father continuing to influence him from beyond the grave. They were close to his father and so they stayed. It was as simple as that… only it shouldn't have been.

"Uh, Sir?" asked the pretty young secretary that he had hired after the one before her had been murdered by Sephiroth. "The Turks are here and they want to give their report, if that's okay." She spoke only to Rufus even though he was in the middle of a crowded office.

"Yes, that's fine", he replied, trying to push down the bubble of excitement that rose immediately at the thought that 'he' would be with them. "Send them in." He nodded a small apology to the technician who sat down obviously disappointed that he couldn't continue listening to the sound of his own voice for the moment.

Rufus ordered his body not to lean forward in eager anticipation, as it so wanted to do, all eyes in the room turned toward the front door. Rude, the larger and stronger man, was framed in the doorway for a second before being rammed out of the way by the more wiry intense man behind him. Reno sauntered into the office with a casual gait as if he owned the place. He paused briefly when he saw the office was full of high-ranking Shinra employees, but apparently didn't care as he continued on toward Rufus.

Rufus felt his breath catch as it always did when Reno came into his field of vision and it most certainly was even worse now considering what had happened in this very office just three days before. In a way that he hoped wasn't too obvious, Rufus licked the inside of his mouth remembering just how that fiery phoenix, disguised as a Turk, had tasted. He wondered briefly what would happen if he did what his impulses were screaming at him to do and jumped over the desk to take Reno in his arms, again.

Such a thing was practically unthinkable of course because even though he owned the very lives of all the others around him, he had an image to uphold and such an action would completely slaughter the idea of a man who wanted to rule by fear. To his further horror he felt his perfectly tailored trousers begin to grow tight. Oh this couldn't happen now, not in the middle of this meeting. Keep your eyes on Rude, a good solid subject, Rude, do not look at Him, and do not even think about Him. Rufus issued these stern instructions to himself and fixed his eyes on the sunglasses of the dark skinhead. "Go on, what do you have to say?"

"Well not to much has been happening, boss," Rude answered, "but some of us really felt the urge to see you." Rude glanced slightly to his left and Rufus didn't even dare to try to follow that gaze. Instead he kept his eyes on the man in the middle of his three blue suited Turks.

"Tseng is recovering nicely in the hospital," piped an eager voice from the right side of Rude, and Rufus turned his glance in that direction thankful to have something else to look at to avoid looking at what he really want to see.

"That is good news, Elena, thank you for you it." The small blond smiled happily at Rufus thrilled to have been acknowledged. Tseng, yes he probably should go visit him in the hospital, his former unofficial nanny and then lover. Strange that he didn't think of him that way now. Still he felt a warm affection for the man and he should visit him as soon as possible, if only he had the time. Reno, though, Reno he had all the time in the world for Reno, Reno had felt so good in his mouth. Stop it! Rufus harshly berated himself again; stop thinking about him.

"Well if that's all then I suppose you three should be on your way," said Rufus looking from Rude to Elena and back again, ignoring the rather loud throat clearing that was happening to Rude's left. "Oh Janet," he said addressing his young secretary, "please make sure they receive the paperwork I gave to you, as I'm still not sure who I'm going to promote. It appears Tseng is going to be recovering for quite some time now."

Rufus couldn't keep himself from glancing longingly at Reno's back as he turned to leave, but quickly looked down again at the three precious stands of hair on his lap when Reno turned around and walked backwards a few steps before his arm was grabbed by Rude and he was pulled out of the office.

"You may continue," he said to the technician and was angry with himself again when he noted a slight breathlessness to his words.

"You know, that redheaded one," said the tech as he stood up, "I think he might have a crush," 'Oh goddess,' thought Rufus closing his eyes slightly, 'now what,' "on Scarlet", the technician finished triumphantly and looked around expecting laughter and he got it especially from Heidegger when Scarlet answered, "Really?" looking slyly at the door. "Of course we all do," the technician continued on with his crazy flirting as Scarlet preened in her seat.

'In the name of all that is holy, if I don't stop this now, I'm going to be sick,' thought Rufus; 'there will just be no stopping it.' At least this whole ridiculousness had taken care of the problem in his trousers. Rufus caught Reeve's eye for a second and saw that the mustached man was as disgusted as he was so at least he wasn't alone in his standards. "I don't believe I hired you for your match making skills, nor your speech making skills for that matter, I hired you for your technical know how so please continue." The engineer turned Casanova looked chagrined as he started back to his drone on the various uses and origin of Mako.

I'm going to pay attention to this information that I have known since primary school, Rufus thought, and that is that. Unfortunately his mind had different ideas and kept pushing him back towards three days ago until Rufus finally gave in.

"No job is worth my life, but you are." Reno replied in a defiant matter a fact way as if this answer was obvious. There was a twin circled impression on his forehead where Rufus's double barrel had been pressed moments before.

"Oh please," Rufus replied hitting his leg lightly with his gun to keep it in play. "If you want to worship something, don't worship me, worship the planet like the rest of us. She deserves it much more then I do."

"I will worship who and what I choose, and 'she' hasn't done much for me so far in my life"

"I haven't done much for you either."

"Your wrong there, sir."

"I'm wrong!" Shock rushed through Rufus's mind and he struggled to keep evidence of it off his face. This crimson haired rebel had managed to break all of the unspoken rules of his office in less then five minutes while the rest of his staff of thousands had not even dared one in the three months since he had taken over the company after his father's murder.

"Yes your wrong and no I will not leave you." A slight smile played on the corners of Reno's mouth as he said this and Rufus realized that despite being the one with the sawed off shotgun, he was being teased.

"Unbelievable. What do you expect to accomplish with this attitude, if you think that your going to bewilder me to the point that I'm going to let you keep your job, you're the one who's wrong." said Rufus giving up all pretense and stared at the either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid stunning creature before him.

Reno's eyes grew serious again, as he said; "I'll do anything to prove myself to you."

"How about leaving my office right now, as you are out of a job."

Reno took a step closer to Rufus and may the planet help him, Rufus found himself wanting to take a step backwards to get away as he felt his body start to warm when Reno whispered, "I'll do anything."

In an effort to take control of a situation that was quickly slipping out of his grip Rufus gestured towards the white painted wall on the side of his office. "If you'll do anything then go over there and stand in front of that wall."

Reno looked at the wall and back to Rufus, obviously surprised, as this was not what he was expecting. Rufus stared him down forcing Reno to drop his eyes and do as his boss had bid. Rufus walked slowly over to stand in front of him twirling his shotgun as he went. He turned and took aim in his favorite one armed stance that had taken years to perfect at the now slightly more nervous redhead and said calmly, "Take off your clothes, all of them now. Just throw them anywhere, as I'm sure you treat them no better at your flat"

"What?" asked Reno in shock fingering his open blue jacket. Open, always open in a way that Rufus was suddenly convinced was just to tease him. 'Damn him if it hadn't worked just as Reno had intended it to'. Rufus vaguely noticed that the red hair made an excellent contrast to the white of the wall.

"I believe you heard me that first time," answered Rufus not moving his aim and thrilled to be back in control once again, "and you better hurry, my finger is getting itchy."

Reno eyed the shotgun, which was pointed right between his enchanting eyes and took off his jacket then placed it on the floor. Rufus stood calmly not moving, as Reno took off his shoes and socks, removing the goggles from his head, telling himself this was only for control, and it was only another man's body, nothing to get excited over. Reno then unbuttoned his shirt slipping it down his finely grooved arms and Rufus's hand started to tremble so he lowered the shotgun. For such a slender guy, he was remarkably well built, from the soft pink of his nipples on his smooth chest, which were visibly erect, to the flatness of his stomach. Rufus noticed that there was a soft redness under his arms, well of course there was. What other color did he expect to find there? Red was the color of blood, of life, energy, heat and passion and it was the color of Reno.

Due to this revelation, Rufus struggled to maintain a neutral expression as Reno with a touch of uneasiness reached for his belt. "Go on," Rufus tried to instruct the aggravating striper, but it came out too quietly, so he cleared his throat and tried again, getting a more authoritative tone this time, "Keep on going."

Reno glanced up at the throat clearing at Rufus's throat clearing for a second as the pulled his belt out of his trousers his eyes narrowing through his hair as if he were struggling to understand what, if any, effect this was having on Rufus. He stepped out of the blue trousers and the reason for his unease became immediately apparent as his red boxer shorts were bulging at the seams. Rufus eyed the cotton-covered erection with eyebrows raised; ignoring the one that was most definitely on its way in his own white silk boxer shorts due to this visual proof that Reno was enjoying the little game of submission.

"Well your almost finished, there so keep it up." Rufus had by now lost all sense of propriety and had just decided to go with the rushing in his head and roaring in his ears. He slipped his shotgun back into its place in his coat as Reno touched the parting of his lips with the tip of his tongue in nervousness. In a way that made Rufus want to taste them, but moving towards the nearly nude man now would ruin his position of dominance and he wasn't about to stop this game. Reno pulled out the band around his hips and slowly pushed the small shorts down then kicked them away from him.

Reno was now one hundred percent naked and one hundred percent excited and Rufus couldn't help but admire the fantastic sight before him. In fact Rufus's entire body seemed to be admiring him as he felt his higher brain functions start to take a back seat to his primitive ones. Reno stood breathing heavily, his arms resting by his slender hips his hands twitching as he waited for further instructions. Rufus, who was starting to breathe deeper himself, breathed his order, "Touch yourself, I want to watch you."

Reno moved his hands to the source of his excitement and slowly started to stroke himself. He moaned with soft hunger and closing his eyes, he pushed his head back against the wall.

"No." Rufus walked forward despite his earlier reservations. "Open your eyes, I want you to open your eyes and look at me."

Reno moved his head forward revealing his deeply flushed cheeks in the sterile office light, his mouth opened slightly as he continued to rub himself. He opened his lust-veiled eyes as commanded and with a heaving chest looked right into Rufus who was by now only a few inches from him. Rufus felt a shock of deep arousal go through him that electrified his body numbing his brain. He abandoned all attempts at thinking in complex thoughts and instead was consumed with only what he wanted and what he wanted was pretty clear.

Rufus dropped to his knees in front of Reno and batting his hands away, he took him into his mouth. He heard a long groan of utter surprise and pleasure above him, as he tasted a watery salt. Rufus kept his mouth around what it wanted but rolled his eyes up to see Reno's slack jawed shocked expression and smiling a little bit to himself he rolled his tongue around the sensitive head and got down to it. Even though he was the one his knees he was the one still in total control.

Reno's hands wound themselves in Rufus's blond locks as he fell back against the wall moaning "Oh god, oh fuck, oh Rufus, oh my god, oh my god Rufus, it feels so fucking good, oh god oh god oh god!" Rufus felt Reno's body stiffen and his back arch as he groaned toes curling, "Oh Rufus, I'm going to, your making me, I'm going to.." The explosion occurred deep in Rufus's mouth as Reno collapsed his legs buckling bringing him down to Rufus's level, skin shinning with sweat. Reno, breathing heavy, watched as Rufus spat into his hand holding Reno's cum mixed with his own salvia.

"Turn around," Rufus hissed his eyes hard with lust and need; when Reno hesitated for a second, Rufus took him by the back of the neck and strongly encouraged him to turn. Rufus pulled him up and pressed the top part of his body against the wall with Reno's knees still bent. Pushing his forehead and the palms of his hands against the wall, Reno gasped when he felt a wet mixture and two fingers push themselves into his opening. "Rufus, I've never…"

"It won't be that bad" Rufus moaned trapped in a cycle, of needing, really needing, couldn't care less about the first name informality especially considering the circumstances. He licked the sweat off the Reno's back as he worked open his belt and fly. Finally pulling himself free with little relief, he positioned himself and biting down on Reno's shoulder he said, "It will hurt for a minute, but I need to do this, you turn me on so much baby, god you turn me on so much." He pushed himself inside the magnificent toy and vaguely heard him hiss in pain, but his senses all were dulled compared to the unbelievable feeling of the strong grip of Reno surrounding him.

"So that's what we know of Mako today, and I believe if it is properly controlled anything can be accomplished. The next time Weapon acts we will be ready." The technician finished receiving a light smattering of applause to which Rufus, slightly dazed, actually joined in with. He looked down and saw what day dreaming during meetings accomplished; he was rock hard. Well this was just what he needed to finish off this meeting. He just thanked the goddess that this dull fest was over.

"That was probably the most informative way of telling us everything we already know," Rufus said loudly to catch everyone's attention, "now most likely it will be another exciting day tomorrow, so please everyone, relax tonight." He made a gesture of dismissal to the group at large and put his hands behind his head and leaned back.

He got a few odd looks as he didn't stand up to see people out, but he knew that no one would dare to question him, no one except for the person who was the reason he was having this little problem to begin with. A sudden nudge on his arm caused him to look up. Scarlet was whoring herself around again slinking on his desk and had pressed her high heeled foot to his white coat. Rufus stared in horror at the dust mark on his normally pristine outfit. "So do you want me to stay here tonight," she purred and it was all Rufus could do not to pull out his shotgun and leave one unholy mess for the cleaning crew to deal with. "No, I prefer my own company to yours."

"Fine then." she pouted for a second and then added. "Maybe I'll find that red haired Turk of yours and see just how real that crush of his was. I'm sure he'll appreciate a real woman."

Rufus reached for his shotgun. There was a line; and that women had just tramped herself across it. Reno was his and no one else's, there had to be a limit to what Rufus would endure for his deceased father.

"Or maybe I'll just go home and be by myself, all alone." She looked at Rufus impassively having not noticed the motion of him reaching for the gun.

Rufus's arm relaxing as he decided that there was no reason to get worked up at all over something as inconsequential as she was. "Leave," he said pushing his hair back and half hoping she would give him an excuse.

Scarlet gave him one more look and walked out swinging her hips hard to give him a taste of what he was missing. Well it did turn out she was good for one thing, his lap had, not surprisingly, gone completely soft.

Still there was a reason he was getting turned on this easily and that reason was Reno. Rufus fingered the three red hairs one more time before placing them carefully in his pocket. He stood up and walked out of his office and over to Janet, his secretary, informing her to hold his calls, as he felt like going out tonight.

"Your going out, sir?" Janet looked slightly shocked at the possibility but hid it well. "Let me call your bodyguards, which would you prefer?"

"I don't need…" Rufus started but then reasoned that if he were able to find Reno he would much prefer him to be alone. "Yes, thank you. Please call Rude and tell him to meet me in the cafeteria." He wouldn't have to worry about Elena he knew she spent every free moment at the hospital with Tseng.

Before Janet could be further shocked with the idea of him going to the cafeteria he strolled off towards the small conference room where the Turks held their meetings. Rufus, poked his head in the door checking for any movement, fortunately it was late enough for most people to have left for the day but not late enough for the cleaning to have begun. Turk uniforms were Shinra property and while not on assignment, they had to be left at the head quarters where they were cleaned and cared for accordingly and this is what Rufus was after.

He was after what was hopefully in the pockets, at any rate. A quick search of the Turks's locker room found both the blue uniforms and their pockets, but a search of said pockets revealed nothing but lint even of the one crumpled up in the corner of the wardrobe. Rufus was undiscouraged but did wonder just who he could trust not the raise the alarm if he did ask where the Turks lived when they weren't here. They would deem it not to be safe, he was too important to take the risk of going out in such dangerous times. Rufus shook his head; he was going to have to figure it out himself. He had never seen Reno without his uniform, unless you were to count the naked look. A nice look, especially for Reno. However Rufus had never seen him off duty and that's what he wanted to do.

He was about to close up the wardrobe, which contained both the Turks professional clothes and street clothes, and check elsewhere when a black sheen caught his eye. Rufus reached down and picked it up off the floor where it had been hiding, it was a short soft lamb leather coat. Rufus couldn't believe that Reno treated his clothes so badly, as it was undoubtedly his and gave it a sharp shake to straighten it out a bit. Something clinked in the pocket and indeed it was what Rufus had been searching for. A set of keys, all marked with little paper circles, that said, home, office, Rufus's office and so on. Wait, what was that? On the circle that said Rufus's office, there was a crude drawing of a heart just in the corner. Rufus smiled and touched it with his fingertip, why how sweet.

Now he had the keys but he needed the address. Rufus turned the most abused coat around in his hands a few time before he noticed a quick scribble on the label in Rude's broad script. It was the address that he was looking for and Rufus reflected for a second with maybe just the slightest glimmer of jealousy how Rude seemed to take good care of Reno. It was probably Reno's favorite coat and Rufus wondered for a second just why it was here and why had it been treated so cruelly. Since there was no one around to care, Rufus buried his nose in the coat breathing in the intoxicating aroma of Reno mixed with leather. Hmmm, enough nosing around, it was time to find that redheaded tease, besides that Rufus knew that it was only a matter of time before Rude walked in here looking for his uniform.

Speaking of which, sneaking out to catch one's plaything unaware did require some discretion. As much as he loved his outfit, the pure white, matching his view on things perfectly, it was a dead give away to who he was. Of course if he left his long jacket here, there would be no place to keep his shotgun, could he really leave it behind? Meteor, it was coming with nothing to stop it, Rufus remembered suddenly. He secretly hoped Reeve was right and Cloud was finding a way to stop what seemed to be the inevitable. He cast the doubt aside. He was going out by himself, unarmed if need be, and he was going to find Reno and that was the end of the story.

Rufus took off both jackets and his shotgun and hung them in the Turk wardrobe then put Reno's jacket on over his own black turtleneck. It fit rather nicely, which wasn't too much of a surprise, as it had always appeared that Reno and him were the same size, with Reno being maybe a touch broader in the shoulders. Just to be cheeky Rufus finished off his new look with a pair of what had to be a Reno special; torn and faded blue jeans and his black belt. Nice, it worked and it seemed that for a moment a weight had been lifted. Ha! Let someone else worry about the company's problems; tonight he was going to lay with the most fantastic man on the face of the earth and not a responsibility to stop him.

President Rufus Shinra, the planet's human ruler, practically ran down the back stairs of the Shinra building, nearly giggling like a schoolboy on holiday as he snuck off into the night of Midgar, oblivious to what danger the future would hold for him in the next twenty four hours.

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