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Title: Photographs

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Yugi was bored. The young teen lay fully clothed in his bed, his one booted foot tapping irritably against the wall. He was waiting for Yami to return from his "quiet time" so that he could show the former pharaoh his new deck format.

The hikari had tried not to be offended, but it had begun to irk him that his other self needed to be alone at least once in a day. He said he needed a time of quiet; a time to think in his soul room, without Yugi. The boy had agreed not to intrude on these times, and had kept quiet about how much it was beginning to annoy him.

"He needs a break from me?" The teen muttered, still tapping his foot. "He's the one who always gets me into trouble, and drags me on these save the world journeys, and he has to take a break from me to think? What does he need to think about, he lost all of his memories." Yugi knew he was being bitter, but he couldn't help the words. The pharaoh was one of his best friends and even shared his thoughts. It hurt that he didn't want to share that bond.

Whenever Yami went on his "alone times", it was inevitable that Yugi would also be inclined to sit and mull over his thoughts. Yugi did not like to mull, he preferred just to be happy in an almost ignorant way. He believed everything would work out in the end so why bother worrying about it? But lately, he had been worrying. Yugi was troubled by one thought that danced endlessly through his mind. Am I truly happy?

Annoyed with this way of thinking, the boy got up swiftly; ignoring the mess he had made of the sheets, and started to prowl his room uneasily. His amethyst eyes roved over his belongings; a clock, a stereo, his duel deck and duel disk. Yugi's gaze caught and held on his desk. Nearly everything in his room was neat and tidy—his grandpa wanted it that way—but one of the drawers of his desk was hanging crooked and off the track as if it had been shut improperly in a hurry.

"Odd." Yugi muttered, reaching to pull it out and jar the drawer back into place, "I don't remember leaving it like that…" when he yanked on it, it rolled out and back onto the guide. Peering inside, he was surprised to see a small black photo album lying in the bottom. This drawer was empty this morning, the teen mused silently.

Confused, and—as always—curious to a fault, Yugi pulled it out, holding the object gently in his hands. He did not recognize the heavy book, and turned it over to see the front. Written there in bubblegum pink marker was "ANZU'S PHOTO ALBUM".

Strangely, it was crossed out, and written above in bold white letters was "My memories." Yugi felt a thought stir in his mind, he was certain he had seen this writing somewhere else before…

Tentivly, an odd feeling in his throat, the hikari opened the cover of the album. A tiny pink post-it note was crumpled and stuck inside. Gently he pulled it off and it read:


Hope you like the pictures! You said you wanted ones with all of us in them so I gave you all I had! Enjoy!



Yugi's eyes widened. "This is Yami's book?" he breathed in disbelief. "With pictures of…?" his heart started to beat erratically, but he couldn't place why. Trembling slightly—was it fear or anticipation?—he looked at the first picture in the album's plastic pages. It was of himself and Jounouchi, standing in front of their high school on their first day back. Jou had his arm slung over Yugi's narrow shoulders and was pretending to give his friend a noogie.

"I remember this day," Yugi muttered, passing a finger over the picture. "Anzu brought her camera, and she took the picture…"

Suddenly, the boy brought the photo close to his amethyst eyes and looked at it intently, his whole body numb as he tried to understand what he was seeing. He could make it out clearly, even through the plastic film. Undeniably, there in the hazy background, leaning casually against a tree with eyes closed, was…Yami.

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