Fairy Tales Entitle

Ame: Hi ya! I'm so excited to be doing a second chapter to this insane fic that allows me to do anything random that comes to mind without having to restrain myself to Know Your Stars formatting (or something or other.). And Kudos (me no own) to the two people that reviewed! Yeah! Ariana Miyuki and R-K-M!

Mr. Disclaimer-Dude: Ame doesn't own anything but her insane ideas. And this cookie that she made on Wednesday.


Botan: ((Steals cookie))

Ame: HEY! You're supposed to do that during the fic!

Botan: Sorry…

Bucket: Shut up all of you. And now may I have a drum roll……

Drum: ((Rolls down a hill))

Bucket: Not quite what I had expected but anyway! May I present…. CHAPTER 2! 'In a Cookie Jar, Far, Far, Away…'

--Chapter 2: In a Cookie Jar, Far, Far, Away…--

Bucket: Hey! I just said that! Meanie...

Ame: ((Laughs)) Hey wait a minute… THE FIC STARTED ALLREADY! Whoops.

R-K-M and Botan: ((Mutters)) Stupid.

Ame: Yeah thanks. I feel loved.

My mom: ((Looking at pictures of her when she was a baby)) Can I just say what a cute little dickens I was when I was little?

Ame: No, you can't.

My mom: Dang, I was cute.

Ame: I told you not to say it!

My mom: As if I would listen to you. Your friends lick plates.

Ame: Yeah, great. (My mom has pics of my friends at one of my b-day's licking their plates clean.)

R-K-M: Ok… Answer me this. What on earth does this have to do with a cookie jar?

Ame: Don't ask me! I just write the stuff!

Kurama, Hiei, R-K-M and Riku: ((Sweatdrop))

Ame: What?

R-K-M: ((Bigger sweatdrop))

Ame: Ok ok so… I had to go to the doctor yesterday because I needed a sports physical so I could play Volleyball and driving home and I was being insanely hyper ((Is interrupted))

R-K-M: ((Mutters)) Stupid.

Ame: ((Glares)) And so my mom… Yeah she though I was being VERY weird and so so so so she said "Ame, calm down. Your getting a little loopey." Yeah she seems to tell me this a lot and and yeah. She…. Umm… Yeah! I said "I'm Fruit Loopey!" (Me no own Fruit Loops either… Aww… I call them Doggy Biscuit O's…) And I'm insanely hyper while writing this!

Everyone but Ame: Yeah. We kind of figured.

Ame: Hey! You're doing it again! GOSH! MEANIE BUTT'S!

Hawaii: I give up.

Ame: No! You mustn't loose hope!

Chidodo: I have a blister on my toe.

Jin: Whew. Yourkindofweird.

Ame: Ok ok so one time… Before the 8th of January… My mom took me shopping…

My mom: ((Muttering)) So that's where I went wrong. That was my first mistake.

R-K-M: Yeah. No kidding.

Ame: And I had this cheese! And my mom wanted me to take it back because she found the kind that she originally wanted… Hey! Did anyone notice that Originally looks like Origami? And Origami looks like Onigiri?

Everyone but Ame: ((Huge sweatdrop)) Stay on topic, AME!

Ame: Jeez you guys are pushy. Anyway… I decided to balance the cheese on my head while I was walking and I dropped it after walking a while and I said "Oh yeah! 2 points for me! And ZIP for the cheese!" And then I said… Do you want to know what I said next? I said "Okay I'm gunna stop talking to the cheese now." ((Bursts out laughing)) Oh and just now… Um yeah. I was eating Tokyo Joe's for dinner and You know what I just thought of? Joe has a lot of resturaunts named after him! Joe's CrabShack and Tokyo Joe's… And if you know of anymore Joe resturaunts then send them to me in a review! Yays! ((Flies around in a circle))

Jin: Whee! ((Flies around in a circle with me))

Hiei: Do you think they know it's a circle?

Ame: Yes we do! Oh wait… I CAN'T FLY! ((Falls)) YEAH! OH yeah. Well I was eating my noodles…

Everybody but Ame: ((Huge-mongous sweatdrop))

Ame: Yeah-huh. Anyway! I put a noodle on my dogs head and it took my aunt a couple of minutes to notice and then she said "Pam (That's my mom's name), You need to get that noodle off of your dogs head" or something like that and my mom started laughing and me being prone to laughing… Well… I almost had noodles shoot out my nose. It was funny!

Everybody but Ame: Yeah. Smart.

Ame: You all keep leaving me out of stuff! Dang it! I need to go cut up an apple. ((Can't find knife)) Where's my knife! Gimme a sharp object people!

My mom: Yeah, that's smart.

R-K-M: ((Laughing her head off)) Oh boy. It would be so sane to give you a knife, Ame.

Ame: ((Finds M'n'M's (me no own) )) Hey… Bubba… (That's my brother's nickname) Guess what?

Bubba: ((A little scared)) What?

Ame: I'm gunna hit you with an M'n'M! ((Throws M'n'M at Bubba)) ((M'n'M hits Bubba in the face)) Hehe! SCORE! Oh yeah!

Yusuke: Yeah. This chapter has been very random. Not very… Flowing.

Ame: Yeah. I know. I'm sorry about that all of my dear readers.

Hawaii: ((Doing science problems)) ARG! I give up on number one.

Ame: ((Turns away from talking to you guys)) ((Completely forgets about you guys)) NO! YOU MUSN'T LOOSE HOPE!

Chidodo: ((Not really paying attention)) I have a blister on my toe.

Hawaii: Hey! We did this already but anyway! You should be helping Ame and her noble quest to gain knowledge about all of the siencey stuff!

Chidodo: Her? Gain knowledge? Yeah right! You're just trying to get her answers!

Hawaii: ((Stunned)) Wha…? Hoo? Buuhdaah? Me? Me? Me… Copy her answers? Tch. Yeah right.

Chidodo: Yeah right your yeah right! You want to copy her answers!

Kevin: Hello Cincinnati!

Ame: ((Quoting one of the popular idiots)) Is Cincinnati in Colorado?

Chidodo: ((Cracks up)) Cincinnati… Oh boy. That was great. ((Starts laughing again)) Cincinnati…

Ame: Yeah. That was a good time. The stupid people. Man I hate them! ……. Hey Hiei…

Hiei: ((Annoyed)) Hn.

Ame: What do you call a dead parrot?

Hiei: ((Even more annoyed)). HN. What?

Ame: …. A… ((Drum roll)) POLYGON!

Everyone but Ame: ((Smacks foreheads and sweatdrops))

R-K-M: You know, you're pretty stupid sometimes.

Ame: ((Accidentally puts coat on backwards))

Everyone but Ame: ((Smacks foreheads and sweatdrops))

R-K-M: I rest my case. You are NOT all that bright.

Ame: Really? Let's put me in a dark room and see if I GLOW!

Everyone but Ame: ((Smacks foreheads and sweatdrops))

Chidodo: Hey Hawaii! What do you want to be when you grow up?

Hawaii: ((Eyes glaze over)) ((Flies to wall, cape magically appearing)) BATMAN! ((Returns to normal)) You?

Chidodo: Ha! Me? Grow up? Don't make me laugh!

Ame: Yeah! ME TOO! I'll NEVER grow up!

Peter Pan: (me no own) YEAH! NEVER GROW UP!


Ame: Yeah. So… I'm ending it there because otherwise… This chap will go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. And on.

R-K-M: You mean kinda like that?

Ame: And kinda like something you do with Riku?

R-K-M: Yeah. Point taken. Bye! ((Runs off))

Ame: Yeah. Well read and push that little button that sends me messages! When you read this it will most likely not be until after school on the 21st because the computer decided to be stupid and shut down the Comcast internet. So I'm real happy. Enjoy! I want 5 or more reviews before I update next! I know R-K-M will review and I'm pretty sure Ariana will too. So that means… Just one person. PWEASE! Well I'm off to go find something sugar related. Bye!